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8. The Desiccator
Freedom Guard


1) Destroy the Imperium base

2) Prevent any evacuation of the Dessicator from the area



A) The Dessicator transport will go to the Southwest corner of the map.

B) Remember, the Dessicator can hover over water.


a) Rather then try to destroy an elusive transport once it starts moving, kill it first (then take your time destroying the base). Here is a way to do this: Transport 5 morphed scouts somewhere along the right edge of the map near the horizontal position of the facility. You should be able to see where the transport is (just south). Then use 2 or more phase transports and simultaneously surround the transport with Tank Hunters and Rail Hover Tanks. Be sure to select and target the transport as the units tend to attack stuff at random when first emerging from the phase transports.

b) Use morphed saboteurs as "camera towers" ... the computer will not destroy them (it WILL destroy camera towers you put up). Put a few in the Phase Runner adn take them to the right. Hold CONTROL to unload one at a time. Make sure to set their INDEPENDENCE to LOW so they won't move.

c) Once you find the transport, morph 5 Snipers and send them off in the Phase Runner. Unload them in firing range of the transport. They'll each get at least one shot, maybe two... but it should be enough to destroy the transport.

d) After destroying the plasma turret and other defenses to the south of the Imperium base, sneak in a R.A.T. with some Construction Rigs on board and a few Triple Rail Tanks following. As long as the defenses have been destroyed, you won't be attacked by the artillery. If the AI hapens to send some scouts, kill them quickly. Build an Assembly Plant and Repair Facility with 3 Rail Turrets on the north side. When the Dessicator convoy decides to head south, blast it with your three turrets.

e) There is an enemy turret on the east ... destroy it and you get a Water Spring! There is one more Water Spring further east. And just past that is the backdoor to the Imperium base.

f) You need solid Air Cover to preven SCARAB assaults on your base.

g) Build at least 3 heavy rail guns on the coast to the east of your base. Back them up with Skirmish Tanks. This should hold off enemy infantry waves. Repair damaged tanks (repairs are free).

h) Try to control the area just south of the enemy base in the northeast corner ... that is where the Dessicator transport will come from.

i) Enemy artillery will rain on you if you try to come up from the south towards their base in the northeast corner. Take about 15 Triple Rail Tanks up the coastline and kill off their artillery.

j) Morph scouts into rocks then move them into a blocking position on an assembly plant or training facility. This halts production of opposing forces (except shredders). They can also be used to block choke points. Use them to surround the dessicator transport then sent in martyrs via phase transport to destroy it. Also use scouts as rocks to block water launch pads.

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Credits: BlueDEvil, C.D., Osirus, Speedo, Bill Switzer, UnHoly Ram, Viper RT

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