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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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13. Mission With No Name


1) Protect the orbital defense matrix

2) Destroy all Imperium and Freedom Guard forces


A) Then enemy owns all the water springs on the map, however, you do start with 500,000.

B) After a while you will run short on cash if you aren't careful. The top water source is poorly defended. Better uet, after you have secured it it is hardly ever attacked.


a) Your base is going to get SLAMMED, so build up your defense early.

b) When you attack, remember time is critical. The best form to use is an advance troop of either air or armour. The idea is not for them to fully enage but run past (a few times should do it) and allow the artillery to pound the buildings. DONT BE GREEDY. One or two buildings only. Then fall back and repair (have at least two repair stations) as it costs ZERO to repair. This is the big advantage.

c) First of all, build POWER stations and a mixture of Towers (Both F.G and Imperium) with Imperium anti-air directly behind. The best defence is two lines of towers on the north and west of your base. To complete your defence HELLSTORM Artillery. About 20 is perfect. Every time an attack comes one or two volleys will destroy everything before you lose any towers.

d) Attack the bottom of the Imperium base and work through it. After the bottom left corner is yours, this is an ideal position to sit the artillery, as they then have access to all buildings. Remember DONT BE GREEDY, time is now on your side.

e) Once the Imperium is destroyed, its a piece of cake. Now you have 2 more water sources. Defend them with the same amount of defence you have your base as the F.G attacks will be quite strong. Now the same attacks will work on the F.G (attack from the N.W) however have fun as the hard part is over.

f) Build about 20-30 Sky Fortress's and send them over to just below the island with the monolith. Send a few Construction Rigs to the top left corner of the map. Then let the Imperium attack your base, then attack theirs with your sky fortress's till it is destroyed. Now build up a new camp and then attack the Freedom Guard forces.

g) Make a large perimeter surrounding Togra's lab just south of the FG. Shell the middle and avenues of approach with Artillery (kills of Imperium going north to the FG). Take 15 Sky Fortress's and 10 mobile AA and go northwest taking out the FG water depot. Follow the water down to the Imperiums base. Do hit and runs with your Sky Fortress's so they can recharge. Take out both of their HQ and a few of their Assembly Plants. Then let the FG do the rest. While they are busy with that, build up a strike force and attack the FG from the NW water hole going east.

h) Build up your defenses first. A two-deep line of neutron accelerators or triple rail towers and air defense towers will help offset the rush of Imperium forces.

i) After you have GOOD defenses set up, attack the Imperium's HQs! Take them out with Sky Fortresses or Rifts. Once they are gone they cannot build new buildings. Then take over the water springs from each side to keep them from building units and increase your cash flow.

j) I noticed today that one of the Tips listed for this mission mentions using Rifts. You are not allowed to build Rifts or Shock waves in this mission. This is strictly a mano y mano fight, no distortions in the fabric of time, no artificial earthquakes. One of the first attempts I made at playing this mission was to build the superweapons - no dice. Doesn't make sense as they were available in the historical missions and so they did exist at the time of Togra's destruction. I guess it would have upset game play too much to have them available. Fine with me.

k) use your temporal gate to place about 5 phase tanks around each building. Put the game on slow and keep them phased. tell them to attack the building and then tell them to phase again. If you do this right they should shoot and phase before they get shot. There independence must be on low for this to work.

l) To get LOS of a building use the temporal gate to place phase tanks right next to the building that you want LOS and phase them.

m) Don't worry that the defence matrix will be destroyed by the imperial side. This isn't true, freedom guard is on the ropes but they comeback everytime.

n) You should destroy the initial buildings because they are placed in bad positions.

o) Some tips here are basicly correct and will work but its not the easiest. Phase tanks work much better. In single player mode these tanks can phase and unphase before enemy turrets can swing into view and shoot them. They have a fast recharge rate so they can phase/unphase fairly fast. The only problem is that you have to let them choose what to shoot, and they cann't be moved. (use temporal or phase transport to get them into position) Then its simply a matter of selecting a squad and phasing and unphasing. (note: make sure no phase tank has an unit above it, or it will get outa sync, and cause some horrific results).

p) Nice walkthrough. One variant I used was to leave the outer Imperium defensive perimeter alone and take out everything else (except Imperium generators). Then I didn't have to defend myself when I started mining the Imperium water sources...I let the Imp NAs do it for me.

[Step-by-Step Mission Walk Through]

Credits: Barren, Davin, Ender, The Fox, Rob Hannah, John Heinecke, James McCoy, Sam Salada, Brett Sinclair

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