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3. Prison Break
Freedom Guard


1) Free all prisoners

2) Build up an assault force and liberate Commander Radec

3) Destroy the Imperium prison compound


A) All the prisoners are inside fenced in sections which are in turn inside the Imperium Prison Compound perimeter.

B) Commander Radec is inside one of the Prison's fenced in sections with the other prisoners.

C) You must destroy all the buildings in the compound, but do not have to destory the perimeter walls.

D) You need a Construction Rig to build your buildings. Only the Headquarters (HQ) can create a Construction Rig for you. Howevever, you also can SELL any building and when it is demolished, a Construction Rig will be standing where the building used to be (plus, of course, you receive half the construction cost in credits back).


a) Build your base at the top of the map

b) Build many Laser Turrets across the bottom of your base to protect it

c) Build many Skirmish Tanks

d) Make sure you keep repairing the Laser Turrets as they are damaged by enemy fire

e) While building up your forces, keep your Tanks behind the line of Laser Turrets to let many of the enemy units walk into the fire of your Laser Turrets and be killed or damaged before they get to your Tanks.

f) Start the mission by marching your troops up the left side of the map on the path. Half way up, watch for a fenced in area on your right. Walk one of your units into the fenced in area to rescue the units inside. They then are yours to command. Note that two of them are Medics and can heal your human units that have taken damage. Up in the top left of the map is another fenced in area. Walk a unit into that area to rescue them. Included in this area are two Mechanics that can repair damaged tanks and freighters (non-human units). Your final group of units to resue are in the top right of the map. This includes two Construction Rigs and a Freighter.

g) One of your first two buildings you make in your base must be your Headquarters (HQ). The other should be a Water Launchpad built right next to the water spring in the top right of the map next to the fenced in area.

h) When you start morph your scout into a tree. Then move her up. When you've recoverd all your troops build up a good base and then build one more training facility. Then produce as many troops as possible (mecenaries). About 30 or 40. Send them all at once to thier base. They cannot destroy all the troops at once so attack their ground units. Then take out the buildings. When you have rescueded Commander Rabec use him to take out some buildings. He shoots Rail guns only very fast and he also has long range. When you run out of buildings to destroy use orders and click search & destroy. They will then destroy all the Plasma Turrets.

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Credits: CaptComal, Corey, darkmaster, John Heinecke, Walter Lu, Nax, Upsilon, ZeroCool

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