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4. Teron Occupation
Freedom Guard


1) Secure all bridges to control attack routes into the city

2) Protect the civilian population

3) Destroy the Imperium's base in the city



A) There are two bridges. One at the Southwest and one at the Northeast. A bridge is "secured" when you have destroyed the four plasma turrets at each corner of the bridge.

B) Don't shoot at any of the neutral civilians who are walking around the map. When there are only a couple Imperium buildings left to destroy, the civilians will help you by shooting at those buildings (not very effective, but very funny to watch).

C) Destroy every enemy building. Do not destroy or shoot at the civilian buildings!


a) If you maneuver them carefully two Skirmish Tanks will take out a plasma turret fairly quickly (even one will do it but it takes a LONG time because the enemy is constantly repairing it as you shoot it).

b) There is a Water Spring in the Southwest with one plasma turret in front of it. Two Skirmish Tanks can take out that turret.

c) There is an unguarded Water Springs just a bit north from where you start.

d) There is a Taelon deposit on the far right side of the map near the top.

e) If you come into the enemy island from the top right bridge, go straight ahead and find a Water Spring with only one plasma turret protecting it. Just below that is one of two enemy Assembly Plants.

f) Once you cross the main outer path on the island, you gain the Line Of Sight (LOS) of all the civilian units and buildings. It helps you to see where things are.

g) Right at the start get your infantry together to prepare for 3 enemy infantry attacking. The computer will be sending over several Shredders, so I saved my Skirmish Tanks and sacrificed a few infantry in the initial battles since the Shredder usually got them anyway.

h) Can build your base just up a bit from where you start, around the Water Spring. Make a HQ, Water Launchpad, Power Generator and several Laser Turrents along the west side of your base (enemy sends over Hover Tanks). Build the turrets pretty close together and keep repairing them when they are attacked.

i) Build a Repair Facility and have the EXIT point just a little behind the turrets guarding your base. Set the damage tolerance of your Skirmish Tanks to LOW so they automatically go and repair themselves when damaged. The EXIT point is where the tanks will go when they are built or repaired. Remember, there is NO cost involved to repair a tank, thus it is better to repair existing tanks than build new ones.

j) Make sure to destroy all enemy plasma turrets before you wipe out too many major enemy buildings. Once the civilians start helping you by shooting at enemy buildings, they will get killed by any remaining enemy turrets and cause you to fail that mission!

k) Most likely you will end up with two bases, one at the Southwest and one on the East (just above where you started). Build an Assembly Plant at each location. Set the EXIT point for each Assembly Plant to be just behind the turrets guarding its base. TIP: If you are having a battle at one of the bases, just DOUBLE CLICK on the Assembly plant there and all tanks will exit from that building!

l) Blow out one of the two bridges to prevent enemy infantry from crossing it. You can Attack or Attack without moving and target the bridge itself. Or just shooting at enemy units on the bridge will also cause damage to the bridge. If you have long battles, eventually the bridge will be destroyed without you even attacking it once, due to the splash damage. NOTE: since securing the bridges is an objective, it might only mean destroying the 4 enemy turrets, and the bridge itself can also be destroyed. When I played, a little while later, near the end of the game, I used a Construction Rig to rebuild the bridge where it used to be.

m) Make TONS of Skirmish Tanks and use them in huge groups to take out enemy turrets, then enemy buildings.

n) Set a Waypoint Path between your two bases, then it is easy to move units from one base to the other by clicking on the units, then Paths, select that path, then GO.

o) Make several Mechanics to keep your Tanks repaired.

p) Have some Skirmish Tanks patrol (using a Waypoint Path) along the coastline to pick off enemy units hiding outside the range of your turrets.


[Step-by-Step Mission Walk Through]

Credits: Berserker, BlueDEvil, CaptComal, DP, dwayne, kev, Ramsfan, UnHoly Ram, Upsilon, WarGecko

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