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2. Poison Sky
Freedom Guard


1) Establish a Base

2) Destroy the Imperium Power Generator to the north

3) Assemble a strike force and demolish the Imperium base



A) There is a Water Spring on the map when you start. Build a Water Launchpad just above it (diagonally above its top left corner). Then build a Headquarters (HQ) just below the Water Launchpad. Build a Power Generator below the HQ. Finish establishing your base with an Assembly Plant and a couple Laser Turrets for protection.

B) There is an unguarded Water Spring in the upper left corner of the map. There is a Taelon Deposit just above the enemy Power Generator (which you must destroy).

C) There is a Water Spring at the bottom center of the map.

D) There is a Water Spring and an enemy Water Launchpad on the west shore of the lake in the upper middle of the map. Destroy the freighter there to cut of the supply of water to the enemy.

E) It is not required that you build both an Assembly Plant and Training Center (to meet the "establish a base" criteria. Just one Assembly Plant is sufficient (and all that is really necessary to win ... though building a Training Center too is helpful so that you can be making TWO units at one time, one infantry and one tank).


a) Take the Freighter that comes with your Power Generator and use it to collect water. You don't need the extra power at the start of this mission to power the one Assembly Plant, a HQ, Water Launchpad, Power Generator and 3 Laser Turrets.

b) Build Skirmish Tanks ... you can take out the enemy Plasma Turrets with two of them if you are careful in their placement.

c) Go north with 3 Skirmish Tanks and take out the Plasma Turret. One enemy infantry will come to attack you, you can kill it with one (or two) of your tanks while the other one (or two) continues the attack on the turret. Once the turret is destroyed, attack the power generator (ignore the freighter). Now they will send a couple tanks and infantry at you, so you will need to bring up more Skirmish Tanks (you should keep building tanks).

d) Build your second Water Launchpad in the upper left corner of the map by the Water Spring that is there or at the bottom center.

e) Build your second Power Generator where the enemy one was (you destroyed it near the start of this mission).

f) Keep the enemy from using the Water Spring near the center of the map by destroying the freighters he has there (he does not seem to make more freighters!) Don't bother destroying the Water Launchpad, it is of no use without the freighter.

g) The enemy main base is on the left side of the map, about in the middle of that side.

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Credits: CaptComal

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