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12. Death Blow


1) Eliminate all Freedom Guard units and buildings



A) The FG will attack in waves. Plan for a balanced air/ground defense.

B) Build at least 2 Assembly Plants early in the mission.


a) Don't build a rift generator early -- the resource drain is too much.

b) Build Cyclones early and use them to patrol just outside your defense for Shockwaves. If you get 'waved' early, you might as well restart the mission.

c) Until you've taken out FG air platforms, cover any Tachion advances with your Cyclones (FG Outrider/Sky Bike swarms).

d) To the left of your base there is a water spring. It is guarded by 1 Heavy rail plattform and 1 Air defense site. Destroy these and build a bridge over the water or use hover transports.

e) Do not attack an enemy Shockwave from your base or from in front of it. Instead, take any fast ground unit, run around it and attack it from the back. This is important because the wavetank will shoot at its attacker, and the wave will continue to your base if you atack from the your base. If you can get the ennemys base, your attacking unit and the wavetank in a line, the wave may destroy the enemys base.

f) A shockwave controlled by the computer will attack units based on position rather than value. That means that you can place cheap units (Guardians, Bions) out on the edges as pickets to attract the waves. A good place is just under the cliffs on the western side of your base. Keep replacing the ones that die, and the wave will move north to hit them instead of into your base.

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Credits: CyberZombie, Klingberg, Colin McRoberts

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