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3. Prison Break


1) Repair the damaged compound and hold off any diversionary counter-attacks

2) Track down and kill the escaped prisoners

3) Scout out potential escape routes for the convoy carrying Commander Radec

4) Destroy the convoy



A) Don't forget to build a water launch pad for the water spring in the lower right hand corner of your base.

B) Controlling and harvesting two water springs REALLY helps.

C) Scout out all entrances into the enemy base

D) There is another water spring just above the northeast corner of your base perimeter.


a) Don't bother chasing the prisoners from the start, let them go. Fortify yourself first.

b) In the upper-left hand corner of the map are quite a few things that the FG has built convieniently close together: a FG water launch pad and 3 (yes count them) 3 power plants! Send in some infantry (about 5) in a transport and they wont notice your attack which is destorying their life (most of the time)

c) Place a sizable force to the left of the enemy base. Invade with another force from the left. The convoy will plow right into your other force!

d) When you are building up your force for the final attack send some runners and plasma tanks to the right of your base secure it and then build some plasma turrets across the path incase the convoy gets past your attacking units on your final assualt. Same for the left side except have your construction rigs in a Invader Troop Transport. Have your attacking units cross the river and take out the prisoners, then build the Plasma Turrets.

e) Build Plasma Turrets in the SE and SW corners as they'll kill all the prisoners when they try to run.

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Credits: CaptComal, Chronomancer, Gen. Ken, PLLCoolA, Ron Rochester

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