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7. Subterfuge


1) Use your infiltrators to steal plans for Freedom Guard units and structures, then form a Freedom Guard attack force

2) Sabotage the treaty conference by destroying the city before time runs out

(Tip Provided) Morph your infiltrator into an enemy infantry unit so that you can enter his base without detection. With the Infiltrator out of the enemy's Line Of Sight (LOS), select the Infiltrator and press "I" to get the morph cursor. Click on the enemy infantry to morph into it. Enter the enemy's Headquarters (HQ), Training Facility or Assembly Plant to steal plans for buildings and units. Once you've obtained the plans, eject the Infiltrator from the building, and return him to your own HQ so that you can build the new technology.



A) Your Infiltrator himself does NOT need Line Of Sight (LOS) to the enemy unit in order to morph into them. Actually, it is safer (essential?) to be sure that the enemy cannot see your Infiltrator when it mophs (that it is not within the LOS of the enemy). There is no restriction on the range between your Infiltrator and the unit it is morphing into.

B) With hint A in mind, put your infiltrators in the middle of the forest where the wreck is.

C) Group your Infiltrator units so you can morph them all at once.

D) You do NOT have to steal the plans for any enemy units; Only for structures!

E) Water is to the west of your base.

F) If ALL your Infiltrators are inside something (such as your Transport) the mission will end in failure. [Appears to be a BUG in the game]

G) If you pose as an enemy unit too long (in a morphed state), they will figure out that you are their enemy and will fiercely attack you.

H) It may take awhile to figure out how to use the Infiltrator (save your game frequently while you are figuring this out).

I) To be safe from being detected, only steal one plan at a time, return to your HQ then repeat as necessary.

J) Steal the plans to the Assembly Plant by infiltrating the enemy HQ building. Once you have those plans you can build the FG Assembly Plant and create FG units! [Need verification on this please!!]


a) Use your Invader to spot an enemy infantry unit, and morph the Infiltrators into it. Make the Invader run away quickly before it gets damaged.

b) If you eject your own Infiltrator he will not morph back into himself. If he gets ejected by the enemy detection system, then he will unmorph!

c) Keep one of your Infiltrators back at your base while you send 3 with the transport.

d) Grab the Assembly Plant, Repair Station and Training Facility first. If you can, snaffle the Heavy Rail Platform too.

e) Keep your Invader near by while you infiltrate their base. Once you have the enemy plans and eject your Infiltrator(s) from the building, load them into the Invader and run back to your base.

f) You can still go back for more if you "remorph" your infiltrators (the enemy detection "timer" is reset when you start the new morph. I recommend getting a Hospital, and (if available) a Phasing Facility.

g) Once you're all done, just send an army of Triple Rails and Skirmishers and whale on the enemy!

h) I found that this level was easier to beat if you built a number of phase runners. I built 3. Start by using them as support for the attack on the fg water site then when that is secured send them to the south edge of town. once that is clear you can send them into the setting but make sure that the units have low independence because some will be attacked by turrets and then run into the line of fire.

i) You can take out the city without having to take out one turret.

j) As to morphing in the first place I found it easier to use cameras especially hidden in forest. Inevitably teh rig gets attacked but well away from base and you then have units to morph into.

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Credits: DarkKow, Darryl, Sparrowhawk, zukov

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