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5. Kendrick Water Assault
Freedom Guard


1) Hold off the Imperium assault long enough to save 30,000 credits



A) You do not have to have any buildings left in order to win. You only need to have 30,000 credits available (in the display at the center top of your game screen).

B) Consolidate your forces at the start of the mission.


a) Sell buildings to get extra Credits! Once you break 25,000 credits just sell off everything (save a power generator till last) to get the extra money you need.

b) Immediately send all your units up to the top right corner of the map. You start with them spread out all over and you cannot defend well when spread so thin.

c) Sell a laser turret up inside your base to get the money AND a free Construction Rig. Take the CR over to the Water Spring and build a Water Launchpad. Then sell the Water Launchpad that is too far away and take the CR you get over to the other Water Spring (there are two of them in the top right corner of the map) and build another Water Launchpad. Then sell the final Water Launchpad that is too far away and use the CR to make a turret at the choke point just below & left of your new Water Launchpad.

d) Make lots of Tank Hunters!!! The enemy attacks mainly with tanks, and the Tank Hunters in groups of 3-5 take out an enemy tank quickly!

e) Make a repair center and set your Tanks and Tank Hunters damage tolerance to LOW. Have the EXIT point of your repair center down just above the choke point coming into your area so as tanks are repaired they immediately go back to where you likely will need them most.

f) Build two laser turrets by each new Water Launchpad.

g) Repair the turrets as they are attacked

h) Build 6 Laser Turrets at the choke point coming into your area and keep the repaired as they are attacked. They will keep out most enemy tanks.

i) Take the freighters that are mining Taelon and have them carry water instead. You don't need the Taelon as much as you need the water (the whole goal of this map is credits, ie, water).

j) After building two extra Water Launchpad (so they can be right next to the Water Springs) you end up with 2 too many freighters! (two freighters per Water Spring is all it can handle when it is so close to your Launchpad). Take the two extra freighters and park them in front of your Laser Turrets. This way they will be fired upon first, and will run away behind the turrets pulling in the enemy units with them, right into your line of fire from the turrets!

k) Build a Hospital and some Medics with Behavior set to HIGH so that they run around healing the infantry.

l) Phase a group of Mercenaries in front of your laser turrets. When enemy units stop there to attack, Unphase them and blow away the enemy units.

m) Don't let the Tank Hunters act on their own (they go bonkers sometimes and get wiped out). Make them a tactical group and order the group to attack one enemy tank at a time. They will take out the enemy very quickly in this manner.

n) Enemy Tachion Tanks are not stopped by your Laser Turrets since they have a greater firing range. A group of Spider Bikes can be used to attack the Tachion Tanks, or use a few Tank Hunters.

o) Just build Medics to heal your Mercenaries. Put them into formation (a row of Mercs in front and a row of Medics behind) and set their Independence to LOW so they do not break formation. When the tanks come they'll be torn to bits. The Mercs are awfully powerful against armor for their cost.

p) Take to the hills! Freedom Guard does well for this with their tracked vehicles. Use lots of Camera Towers to see enemy units in the ravines.

q) Build no new buildings or units ( except for Water Launchpads to grab water and a few infantry to bolster your defence). Buying things like turrets and tanks just makes you stay longer and forces you to deal with more Imp Armor. You're the FG, avoid pitched battles, thats for imps.

r) Items a, b, & c contain good advice, sell the buildings you don't need including the two Water Launchpads and use the first three CR's to build new Water Launchpads near the three northern most springs to get the quickest cash flow going. Defend them with the infantry/spiderbikes you have grouped.

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Credits: BlueDEvil, BootyQuake, CaptComal, Cray XMP1, G. Cuff, CyberZombie, DarkKow, EBOLA, Geo, Joost2, JR, David Khoo, Liquidated, Mark, Osirus, Rik, David Runyon, Sgt. Shaggy, Shmootill, UnHoly Ram, Upsilon

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