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Multiplayer Strategies

Several of the Activision Staff that were on the Dark Reign Development Team have shared some of their Tactics and Strategies with us. Check them out!

Activision Staff Strategies

Single Player Missions Strategies
(The heavenly stars mark missions with hints or tips (on left) or walk throughs (on right))

[Important Notice]

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FG Overall Hints and Tips IMP
1. Raid on Alcine
2. Poison Sky
3. Prison Break
4. Teron Occupation
5. Kendrick Water Assault
6. Infiltration on Malik
7. Subterfuge
8. The Desiccator
9. The Cure
10. Siege of Indra
11. Last Stand
12. Death Blow
FG 13. Mission With No Name IMP

Important Notice

I realize that many people want to "beat" each mission on their own. However, they may get "stuck" and need a simple "hint" on the mission in general that might spark a new idea for a strategy they have not tried yet. With this in mind, we have a separate Strategy Page for each Mission.

Each page is formatted in the same manner, with the most general presented FIRST and the more detailed LAST (so if you only want a quick hint, just stop reading once you have read enough to get you going again). At the top (after our site header) is the Mission Number and Mission Name as well as "Freedom Guard" or "Imperium" specifying which side this page is for. (Another way to tell is that I use BLUE for Freedom Guard and RED for Imperium when listing the Objectives).

Which leads me to the next thing on the page ... the Objectives! These are the stated objectives in the game. Perhaps just reading these carefully will help get you on the right track for the Mission. Remember, don't try to do too much! For example, if the only goal is to save up credits, then you don't have to have a single building standing to win the level ... merely enough available credits!

After the Mission Objectives come general HINTS. These might be enough to clarify things about the game or the specific mission in order to give you new ideas. Try playing again and if you still can't beat the Mission, come back and continue reading on the page.

After the HINTS come the TIPS. These are more specific to the Mission. They might tell you where the Water Springs are located or where the best place for your base might be. You might want to read one at a time, only reading enough to give you a new idea so you can try playing again with a better chance of winning.

Finally, there will be a Step by Step Mission Walk Through to help those who are still stuck. I am counting on the better players to submit these Step by Step instructions. If you have proudly finished a Mission and do not see a Step by Step posted on this site yet, please take a few minutes to send me (Dark Web Angel) the details on how you beat the Mission!

Thanks ... and Good Luck! I look forward to getting an EMail from you with your HINTS, TIPS and maybe even a Step by Step Walk Through!

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If you would like to share your HINTS and TIPS about Single Player Missions, please EMail them to the address below. Be sure to state both what Mission and what Side they are for!

EMail Note: I try to read all EMail every day, often twice a day.

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