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9. The Cure
Freedom Guard


1) Penetrate the Imperium defenses and capture Karoch

2) Destroy the Genetic Research Facility

3) Move Karoch to the Off-World Transport Platform



A) Type 'A' to get an Attack Cursor ... then click on the place you want to Attack. (this may work even with out Line Of Sight?) Use Shift+A for Attack without moving!

B) Stand next to the neutral person to "get control" of him.

C) A Phase Runner or two can be very helpful in capturing Karoch.


a) Send in some Snipers with the Phase Runner. Click on the Phase Runner at anytime to unload the units. If you set your sniper to "guard", they will get rid of the guardians. Get your Sniper to shoot the fence using "A" (this gives you the Attack Cursor ... then click on the fence). Move your unit next to Karoch. Send the Phase Runner to the centre and this time load Karoch. [another player has suggested that this tip may be inaccurate]

b) Take a scout to the north of the mountain ring as close as you can get her. You'll get LOS on the norther barricade. Use artillary to take the barricade out. The scout can then enter the compound and retrieve "Mr. Green" (you might want to use artillary and spotting to take out all enemies inside the ring first).

c) There are two Water Springs near your location. One is to the north of Karoch while the other, west of Karoch. Karoch is right in the center of the map where you can see it. You need these two Water Springs to survive. There are LOTS of SCARAB hidden around the map. There are powerful turrets guarding the Water Springs, so use the given units to destroy them. Once your credits are coming in, build Snipers to take out the infantry. Triple Rail Hover Tanks will handle the armor.

d) The AI uses the flying scout to get LOS for the SCARAB. You can either build a solid Air Defense or sniff out the SCARABs.

e) Enemy main base is in the southeast quadrant of the map. There is very little opposition from the Imperium there.

f) First use your artillery to take out the lab, then the group around the water hold. Use your Phase Runner to get the transporter to the hole without being killed (it will make it back OK). Once you have an income, make a Phase Runner inside the crater where the lab was and then transport your guy to the off planet point! Make sure you take some anti-aircraft Protection in when you build your Phaser in the crater!

g) First you need to secure the building in the bottom right of the map (don't destroy them!!) THen get some artillery near the stone keep and destory the first barricade from the top, it will make it possible to get inside, get some Spider Bikes and kill the thing guarding the little guy and get the guy to the bottom right corner of the map (try to enter the rock keep before you destory the first barricade, your units (no tank, infantry or Spider Bike only) should go near the barricade and stop there, you found the hidden path, destroy the barricade and you will be able to enter the rock keep).

h) Make sure you type A or Shift+A to get the Attack Target Cursor ... then click on the barricade to destroy it. I then sent a Construction Rig in and built a Phase Generator, upgraded and used the Phase Transport to get the guy out. (note: you also can click on the Attack or Attack without moving icons in the top icon bar)

i) Take some scouts and try to make them see inside the rock circle. To target the fence select your infantry and press A on the keyboard ... the cursor will change into an attack cursor, now destroy that fence, send in infantry to destroy the bad guy and to secure the guy.

j) Use artillery to blow away the northern-most barricade (use a Scout to spot the fence). Then take an infantry unit (or Scout) and move through the mountains in the area you just blew away. You might want to first remotely kill all enemy in the area using your artillery and a Scout to spot.

k) After I cleared the space in there with martyrs and Mercenaries, I just blew up a piece of the wall, walked next to the guy, and I could control him. After that, I had to put a Construction Rig in the Phase Runner and build another Phase Plant inside the clearing to get another Phase Runner for him to hop into. After that, you just have to move him down to the lower left corner (in a Phase Runner, unless you've cleared the entire level).

l) Build Anti-Aircraft Buildings to protect your Artillery.

m) Use a Sniper to "spot" for your artillery. Move the Sniper slowly until you can see any enemy building or unit. Usually, the AI can't see you, so blast them with your group of artillery units. Keep doing that to eventually clear the map.

n) There are two rearming decks on the map, one in the northeast quadrant and the other in the southweset quadrant. Destroy them and you do not have any more air threats.

o) Upgrade your phasing station to get a transport. Clear out the opposition then load the next phase transport with 2 construction rigs, and a medic. Build one air defence and a phase station in the prison compound while keeping the medic by the prisoner. Upgrade the new phasing station asap and move directly to the off world platform. Move quickly and you're done.


[Step-by-Step Mission Walk Through]

Credits: Aeronut, BlueDEvil, CyberZombie, Dmnted1, Rik Hamilton, Meatball, Osirus, Snoido

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