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8. The Desiccator


1) Move the Dessicator to the rendezvous point

2) Rebuild a base and eliminate the Freedom Guard presence



A) The FG base is located in the upper east corner of the map.


a) Take out the water plants first. There are three FG water plants. Take over the one below your base and use it. (Be sure to guard it well) Tachion tanks work best for assualts but gaurdians and exterminators are good to also strong artillary support is helpful.

b) Build at least two assembly plants after base defense is good. The FG has three.

c) In the beginning pause the game and give all these orders and then continue. 1. Start selling all buildings. 2. Get as many men as possible into your transports. 3. Move all your units except one transport out in the water. 4. Set the freighters to scout. THEN... 5. When the construction rigs comes out of the sold buildings move them into the transport that is left (make place for them if you have to). 6. Get down to the rendezvous point and get the new troops. 7. Pack the new soliders into the new transports. 8. Move it all back to where your base was before. (All the invaders will be gone) 9. Build up your base here. 10. Use hover freighters to get the water on the islant to the left of your base.

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Credits: Dark Lord, Klingberg

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