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7. Subterfuge
Freedom Guard


1) Protect the civilian city for 30 minutes, after which the treaty will be signed

2) Destroy the enemy HQ which houses the stolen plans


A) Make sure that nothing happens to the civilians.

B) After holding off the imps for 30 mins, you need only take out the HQ in the enemy base to win.

C) You don't HAVE to hold off the enemy for 30minutes. If you can destroy every enemy building and unit in less than 30minutes it is a successful mission.

D) There is a lightly defended base to the NW. This is not the HQ you are to destroy in order to complete the mission.

E) There are only 3 Water Springs. One just a short distance from your starting base to the NE. Ather (unguarded) Water Spring is in the top right corner of the map. The third is guarded by the enemy inside their base.


a) The imps send a group of Mercs/Raiders in the beginning of the mission which your starting forces can't take out all alone. Send 3 Construction Rigs to the north edge of the civilian town immediately and build 3 Heavy Rail Platforms to stop the attack.

b) To stem the first attack on the town, send all the infantry you are started with up to the top of the civilian town to hold off the attack until your Heavy Rail Platforms (or turrets) are finished building.

c) Heavy Rail Platforms are your friends. With their long range and heavy armor they can take a beating as well as dish it out, but are ineffective against massed infantry. Compliment HRP's by placing adjacent laser turrets whose quick rate of fire will devastate any infantry who close in on their big brothers.

d) Wall off the northern end of town with alternating HRP's and laser turrets to weather the 30 minutes demanded by the mission objectives.

e) Make sure to leave money available in order to repair your turrets.

f) Hold off on making too many units until you are satisfied your defensive line has enough turrets to repel any enemy attacks on its own. ***OR*** Keep building Skirmish Tanks and Mercenaries and sending them to the north edge of the civilian town to backup your turrets/platforms.

g) Triple Rail Hover Tanks are fun to play with but are cost effective only against enemy Armor. Save your money and build Turrets for defense instead.

h) There is a spring located in the marshland between the town and your base. Stick a HRP/laser turret combo north of the swamp to protect your water supply from any imp incursion.

i) There is a spring in the NE corner of the map guarded only by a camera tower. Send two Construction Rigs and a few Skirmish Tanks there. Destroy the camera tower and then build a Water Launchpad near the spring. Build a Laser Turret to protect your freighters path.

j) There is a hospital in town where you can heal your infantry though it doesn't allow you to build medics. Just click on a damaged infantry and type "R" and it will go repair/heal itself at the hospital. Or set the damage tolerance of your infantry units to LOW (or MEDIUM) and they will automatically go for repairs on their own as needed.

k) Use Hover Transports to collect water, wheeled freighters are very slow on the marshy ground and have to detour around all of the puddles.

l) The enemy base uses HRP's (Heavy Rail Platforms) to defend itself. In order to get past them to get to the HQ, massed Mercs work best against these long range turrets as any armor you send will be chewed up almost instantly.

m) There are two enemy infiltrators running around your base at the start of the mission. For kicks, you can have your infantry chase them by selecting a group of your troops, pressing A to attack and then by clicking on the infiltrator. Its great fun to watch but doesn't accomplish anything special as far as I can tell.

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Credits: CaptComal, Liquidated

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