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11. Last Stand
Freedom Guard


1) Relocate your base to a safer location

2) Protect Commander Radec

3) Regroup and destroy all Imperium forces



A) The computer AI appears not to rebuild a Headquarters if it's only HQ is destroyed.

B) There is a water spring in the north, and another in the east of the map.


a) Destroy the enemy HQ as soon as possible.

b) The key to the mission is "lots of credits"!

c) Note Commander Radec at the start of the mission. Never use him in battle. Once he dies the mission is a failure.

d) Relocate your base to the northeast corner around the taelon deposit. Make two Water Launchpads. Send 2 Freighters to the water spring to the west of your base. Send 2 Freighters to the water spring south of your base.

e) Build your Heavy Rail Platforms away from other structures because the computer will be using its Rift Generator (which is in the southwest corner of the map).

f) Clear away trees from your base (attack them using the "A" key attack cursor).

g) Get an advanced phasing facility as soon as you can. Load multiple phase tanks and phase them inside the Imperium base (as close to the Rift Generator as you can get). Repeat until you have a decent amount of phase tanks on-site. Unphase them all and attack the Rift Generator and/or Power Plants.

h) Shockwave is a good weapon against a mass of infantry.

i) Upgrade your buildings soon.

j) Make 6 scouts and morph them at various spots on the map

k) Build a laser turret near but not too close to the north water spring. One of these will take the first Rift attack. Rebuild it after it is destroyed, the computer seems to rift the closest building everytime.

l) Build a Reaming Deck and Repair Facility then create Outriders and set their orders all to LOW then click HARASS! This keeps the Imperium ground units from building up. The computer will start building Air Defense units, but it does keep him from building a lot of ground assault forces.

m) A fun way to kill both rift generators is to phase run morphed scouts next to each rift generator ASAP. Then unmorph them at the same time. The buildings should rift each other apart.

n) In level 11 the rift can target morphed infiltrators. A good trick is to run them into the enemy base around the HQ and the training and assembly plants. The rift will destroy them. Take the rifts out last so you can continue using the trick.

o) Set Commander Radec's settings to: Persuit Range: Low ... Damage Tolerance: Low ... Independance: Low ... This will get him to heal himself (if you have a hospital) if he gets damaged to yellow, and stop him wondering off and chasing units (you don't want this).

p) The Rift Creator attacks a unit placed within the base by the phase transport. Build an upgraded phase facility and then transport in a freighter or any reasonably armored unit right next to the headquarters and training facility. If the timing is right, the Rift Creator will attack that unit and thereby destroying their own headquarters and training facility. Repeat the procedure for the assembly plant which is right next to one of the rift creator buildings. Repeat it again for the remaining rift creator building. Make sure you time it to be about 30 sec before their first rift attack, or it wont be ready after their attack on the laser turrent in the middle. It seems to me that it rearms every 5 mins or so, depending on the speed of the game.

q) Since the Computer will fire at the biggest threat (Closest Enemy Building or Unit) Load mercenaries in Phase Runner, and When You Unload Hit CTRL to Unload one at a time. Unload by The HQ, and in between the Assembly Plant and one of the Rifts. This will cause the computer to fire two rifts, and if placed right will take out The HQ, One Rift, and Assembly Plant. Next give it time to Reload the Rift, and unload a guy next to the Training Facility. Then Let it reload and unload next to the final Rift. Thus the computer will be w/o a HQ, Assembly Plant, Training Facility, or Rift Creators. Now all that's left to do, is destroy what was already created.

[Step-by-Step Mission Walk Through]

Credits: Aeronut, CyberZombie, Hiroshi, Sean Jacobs, Freedom Knight, Ng Hui Leon, Rik, Brett Sinclair, David Sorkovsky, Unholy Ram, Wayne

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