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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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8. The Desiccator
Freedom Guard

Step by Step Walk Through

First phase run groups of morphed scouts into various places in the Imperium base to get a view of whats there. I find it much easier and far more cost effective to phase run 5 martyrs to the Dessicator transport. Pop em out right next to the transport and boom... Its gone. The when the phase runner gets back to your base fill it up with 5 more martyrs. Phase run them over to the Imperium base and pop em out directly in the middle of the groups of SCARABs. Boom. Scratch one set of artillary support. Using martyrs to blow up the Tachyon tanks and other mobile ground units it makes it clear to phase run in an advance group of Triple rail tanks at the upper right most corner of the map. They will proceed to destroy the power generators there making room for the next phase run wave of construction rigs. Build an assembly plant, repair station, HQ, heavy rail platform and laser turret in the corner. The rest is cake... you can build your army and march it all over his base destroying everything in your path.

Credits: C.D.

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