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1. Raid on Alcine
Freedom Guard


1) Build a Training Facility and Assembly Plant

2) Destroy all Imperium units defending the water processing facilities

3) Save 8,000 credits


A) Just above you (following the road up) is a bridge. Cross that bridge over to the right and you are on a road going east. At the end of that road is the Enemy Water Processing Facilities (1 Water Launchpad, 4 Freighters and 4 Water Springs).

B) Don't worry if your units are destroyed. All you need to do is have 8,000 credits after destroying the enemy water facilities!

C) You do not need to destroy any enemy buildings in order to be successful in this mission. You do not have to destroy the enemy camera towers either. Actually, you don't even have to destroy the enemy Freighters that are hauling water! You only have to destroy the enemy infantry (Guardians) and Scout vehicles!


a) Build a Laser Turret just above your Power Generator on the road out of your base first ... that will stop the one or two enemy infiltry that come down the road.

b) Build your Assembly Plant and Training Facility in the space between the Water Launchpad and the Power Generator. It is a tight fit, so build the first one leaving room for the second one!

c) Make 5 Spider Bikes and 5 Raiders before you attack. The enemy may send one or two units to attack you in the meantime.

d) You only need 3 Laser Turrets to protect your base! One just above the Power Generator (see tip 1). Another next to your Water Spring just on its right. The third at the bottom right corner of your HQ building (a couple squares over to the right by the incoming path).

e) Destroy the troops guarding the enemy Water Processing Facilities first. Then destroy the Freighters. Finally destroy the Water Launchpad.

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Credits: CaptComal

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