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12. Death Blow
Freedom Guard


1) Destroy all Imperium structures


A) Remember that the Imperium hover units can cross water (watch your southern flank).

B) Prepare a strong defense against enemy Rift attacks.


a) Load morphed scouts into phase runner. Pepper the map with them (when ready to unload a scout, select the phase runner and Ctrl-click to release 1 scout at a time).

b) Expect to be rifted at your outer perimiter. Keep construction rigs in backup to rebuild.

c) As you uncover the landscape via your scout peppering, you'll find a few choke points the Imp sends units through -- begin a saturation artilliary attack on those points (but not too close to nearby scouts).

d) Concentrate primarily on defense until you have LOS to the majority of the map.

e) You might want to consider a shock for the protected water to the north, though hellstorm can also do the job (and IMO are better as they aren't 'use once' weapons).

f) Build two Assembly Plants early in the mission.

g) Phase run a lot of flack jacks and hellstorm artillery to the very corner of there base behind the cliffs. You wont get attacked by anything but cyclones. Phase run a scout into the enemy base and blow them away with the hellstorms.

h) Build lots of anti air sites early in the game to keep out impreium Sky fortresses and recon drones. Every time a recon drone flys over you get pelted with artillery. The next thing you need to do is get some outriders built and take out the artillary to the east. Once this is done it is much easier to defend your base.

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Credits: CyberZombie, Joryman, Brett Sinclair

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