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10. Siege of Indra
Freedom Guard


1) Protect all HQs to assure the security of the Synod commanders

2) Create an aerial assault force and eliminate all Imperium Rearming Decks within the hour





a) Build a Heavy Rail Platform back from the pass and a laser turret on either side. (This is where the majority of the attack happens). Build a few other laser turrets and air defense sites around other areas of the base.

b) With a good defence set up at the start, your base should be able to survive what he throws at you even though you haven't made any units! (make sure you keep repairing the buildings though)

c) Build Outriders and take small groups out to pick off the S.C.A.R.A.B.S. (this should be done as soon as possible as it will reduce the damage of his attacks)

d) Keep building Outriders (and a few Sky Bikes for their protection) until you have enough of a force to go for his base.

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Credits: David Sorkovsky

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