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6. Infiltration on Malik


1) Protect the Hover Research Facility

2) Destroy the stolen technology by eliminating all Freedom Guard forces



A) There is a Water Spring in the top right corner of the map.

B) There is a Water Spring on a small island to the southeast.

C) Your Hover Research Facility that you must protect as your first objective is on an island with 3 connecting bridges.


a) Upgrade your HQ and Assembly Plant ASAP so you can build Tachion Tanks.

b) Destroy all 3 bridges going to the hover facility with Plasma Tanks. This should be a primary task at the start of the mission. Once all three bridges are gone, the FG cannot get to your island as they are not using hover technology in this mission. Take out one bridge at a time. Take your three Bions and three Plasma Tanks you start with on the island and move them north to that bridge. You may encounter a FG infantry unit (which you will destroy of course). Then select your group of units and then hit "A" for attack (gives you an attack cursor) then click on the bridge. Your units will fire upon the bridge. Keep this up until the bridge is gone. Then move them back down to the bridge at the bottom of your island and do the same thing. Finally destroy the bridge on the west side of your island. When destroying the last bridge, move your infantry off the island and have them attack the bridge from the mainland (so they are not trapped on the island when the bridge is gone). Once all three bridges are gone, you don't have to worry about that island any more (while you are doing this, you should of course be building more Bions and Plasma Tanks to send to help ... you need to quickly destroy the bridges before the FG launches their first attack ... they do send some units in spurts, but you can just divert all your units away from the bridge to the attacking units until they are destroyed, then back to attacking the bridge again).

c) You start with one Freighter hauling water and two hauling Taelon. You have a pressing need for water, but not for Taelon, so take one of the Taelon Freighters and switch it to haul water.

d) Keep Plasma Turrets near the facility fully repaired.

e) Build defenses (Plasma Turrets) around your base to the east and west.

f) Build lots of Tachion Tanks and attack the FG base to the east of your base.

g) Secure the top of the island with the Hover Station using 2 or 3 Plasma Turrets. Keep a couple units near them to fire at those out of range.

h) Secure the eastern side of your southern base with 2 Plasma Turrets and a couple units.

i) Secure the northwest of your base with 4 Plasma Tanks and some other units.

j) Destroy the two Laser Turrets on the eastern side of your base (they are blocking the bridge). Then send a Hover Freighter down through the opening by the bridge to the south of the map and set a path for him around the fringes of the screen all the way to the east and then up to the north (to the Water Spring in the NE quadrant).

k) Once you have good cash flow build up a small force and take over the FG base in the SE corner and destroy the bridge at the top.

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Credits: Arok, CaptComal, John Heinecke, T.L.Sowers

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