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6. Infiltration on Malik
Freedom Guard


1) Use your Infiltrator to steal the plans for the Hover Freighter

2) Destroy the Hover Research Facility

(Tip Provided) Morph your infiltrator into an enemy infantry unit so that you can enter his base without detection. With the Infiltrator out of the enemy's Line Of Sight (LOS), select the Infiltrator and press "I" to get the morph cursor. Click on the enemy infantry to morph into it. Enter the enemy's Headquarters (HQ), Training Facility or Assembly Plant to steal plans for buildings and units. Once you've obtained the plans, eject the Infiltrator from the building, and return him to your own HQ so that you can build the new technology.



A) Make sure that your Infiltrator is not in the Enemy's Line Of Site when you morph him! The computer will know he is a fake if it sees him morph!

B) Make sure the unit that you use as his "model" does not die until you morphed unit has accomplished his mission. If the "original" dies, your unit unmorphs.

C) Don't stay in the enemy building too long. There is a time limit before the internal security finds you and you are forced out of the building.

D) Don't enter just "any" building. Enter the one specified.

E) Enter the enemy building, then click on the BUILD list to see units that THAT building can produce. Pick the unit plans that you want to steal. Once he is finished stealing the plans he will get ejected. Then you must get him back into YOUR HQ building.

F) The R.A.T. (Rapid Armored Transport) you start the mission with can move across the water and can carry up to 5 infantry or Construction Rigs at a time.


a) You need to find a unit to morph into, but not using the Infiltrator. If you build a bridge across the river to the left and down from your base, you can find the hover facility and some Bions guarding it (use them as models to morph your Infiltrator (who is safely stashed elsewhere) into).

b) Use Spies as your "spotter" to get LOS on an enemy unit to morph into.

c) By building a bridge, you can access the north end of the island holding the hover facility with skirmish tanks, Allowing you to attack the building without hover tech.

d) At the start of the game take a Construction Rig and Sniper across the river to the top right corner of the map where there is a water spring. You can build your Water Launchpad north of the water spring (yes, it does fit inside the forest), or shoot away some trees with the Sniper to fit it in closer (select Sniper, then type "A", then with attack cursor, click on the tree you want the Sniper to take out).

e) Fight through his base at the batom left of the map and steal the plans for the exterminator (they are very good at destroying the hover research plant).

f) Stealing the tachion tank and shredder plans help a bunch. Once you attack the facility it is impossible to steal anymore plans.

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Credits: BlueDEvil, David B, CaptComal, CyberZombie, Ethan, John Fitzpatrick, Derek Johnstone, Landshark, Liquidated, Meatball, Scrap O' Cat, Shadow Slay, Jimmy Smith

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