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7. Subterfuge
Freedom Guard

Step by Step Walk Through

Example #1

At the start of the mission you are given a base complex in the south west and LOS from the town you are to protect, east of your position. Your base is well equipped with a training facility, a WLP, several powerplants, an assembly plant, and HQ (the last two being already upgraded). The only troops you possess are a dozen or so raiders strewn about your base in pairs and 4 CR's. The first few minutes are a frenzy of clicking and dragging so pause the game to look around and get your bearings. Time is _very_ important here so *if you want*, either pause the game (you can still scroll the map and send orders to your troops while paused so take advantage of this while not playing multi player missions :-) or slow the game to a crawl in order to send everybody to their positions.

Okay, first off send 3 of the CR's to the north of the town you are to protect (use a few way points so that your CR's don't go wild and take the outside path - better safe than sorry), collect all of the infantry and head them towards the same area as the CR's. send the remaining CR to the pass directly north of the base proper. At this time, build 3 or 4 CR's and a couple of hover trucks. How many CR's you build is up to you as you start off with quite a few credits though most of that money should be placed towards building turrets to defend both the base and town. Send all your wheeled trucks to the marsh area and when you see the spring have them all start collecting water until the hover trucks are built (have them exit the assembly plant to a spot near the spring so you know when they are ready). When the hover trucks come online have them collect the water as they are much quicker crossing the marsh and ignore the puddles. If you want, have a few infantry hang out near your base (near the bridge works well) to chase the two infiltrators that run into your view. The infiltrators look like raiders except they are running in the wrong direction and passing the cursor over them results in a red frame.. Get 'em by selecting your troops stationed nearby, pressing A and clicking on the spies. Its a lot of fun watch them get chased down :-)

Un-pause the game (if needed) and wait for the CR's to reach their destinations. Build a laser turret guarding the pass above your base with room to build a HRP or two later when the credits present themselves and focus your attention to the north of town. When the CR's approach, have them build 2 HRP with a laser turret between them. When I played, I just built two HRP's with space enough for a laser turret between them though 2 laser turrets flanking a single HRP might work too, play with the possibilities :-). The important thing is to always alternate HRP's/laser turrets as the HRP can't handle massed infantry attacks that the laser turret takes on with ease: the two compliment each other very well. Just north of the town there is a ridge with a rock on it, so as to have an uninterrupted string of turrets, I built north of this though I'm not sure if building *on the ridge* has any benefits. Regardless, the ridge only goes so far and there is that rock in the way so I built north of it. Take care to place the three turrets right next to each other for support (centered above the town) and interpolate where the future ones will appear so that the final structure to the west will lie flush with the river (to make the imps go around you). If you hustled, the HRP's should come online just after a pack of imp raiders/mercs show up with the laser turret ready to roll. If its going to be a while to finish the turrets, use those handy raiders you have bunched up as a screen to protect the defense s until they are complete. You should beat off this first onslaught with ease and the game starts to settle down. If not... start over works :-)

Before the first attack though, the two hover trucks will have been built so send them to collect water and start to divert the wheeled trucks to collect taelon for the powerplants. When the CR's are built send them off so that _eventually_ the pass above the base and the flat ground above the marsh with the spring both have 3 turrets and the remaining CR's go to the north of the town to provide the main defensive line. At this point though, keep your eye on the money, leaving enough to repair those all important turrets who will be beating off repeated attacks.

For the rest of the mission keep building CR's to build turrets and the occasional Powerplant to keep your power up - you do not want to let your energy to dip low as you are depending on those turrets to pull you through. At some point you will find that you have enough turrets (I finally ended up with 4 HRP's and 4 laser turrets north of the town just above the rock with the left flank being the river and the right having a laser turret, though I could have used another pair I guess and spent less on repairs). Note: I think the computer noticed that I had massive numbers of HRP's as I saw very few armor units (maybe 2 triple rails?). What also is interesting is that I never had any of the turrets west of the river attacked by anything. Dunno :-)

It's here that you wait out the rest of the game. Here's a checklist of things to do until 30 mins are up:

1. Make a couple of scouts and send them to spot north of town to check out the imp build up and outline his base. Is it just me or are scouts just a barrel of fun? you could play with snipers but I haven't quite figured them out yet so don't ask me :-).

2. Build a pack of skirmish tanks and head them to the north east where another spring is located. Take out the imp camera tower then send 4 or 5 CR's and 2 hover trucks over, taking care to use waypoints (ok, ok, you know :-). Build a WLP near the spring, use the hover trucks to collect water and send the wheeled truck somewhere to make itself useful as the spring is completely surrounded by water. Use the remaining CR's to build turrets to defend the setup from the occasional triple rails and infantry the imps send.

3. At the main base, build another WLP closer to the spring and after the original sends off a shipment of water, sell it.

4. Build another pack of skirmish tanks and send them north of the base (west of the river) where there is a mini base with a training facility. Take care and you wont lose a single unit be sloppy like me and have 3 or 4 wasted by the turrets :-). As far as I know, this is optional but it kills some time and eliminates an imp node of production. There is a taelon source in the north west corner of the map freed up when you take out the base (woohoo:-).

5. Take out all the Camera towers you can without running into opposition. the camera north of town is nice to get rid of so that you can station scouts right next to the lane most heavily traveled

6. Stockpile troops! My advice is to ignore vehicles and concentrate on mercs/raiders. The imps have HRP's as defense and boy do they eat armor :-). I'd imagine you could play with Martyrs but I ignored them and sent 80(?) or so mercs in several full control groups and headed straight for the HQ with one group (ie low independence: a different form of martyrs, hehe) and the others hunted everything else. It was a sight to behold :-).


After the 30 mins are over take out the enemy HQ with the hoard you built. I went north of the town through the jungle/forest and let them fill the gully south of the base. Evidently the turrets stationed at the perimeter couldn't see into this area as it was a long while before any shots were fired. As it turned out, I sent the lead groups after the turrets I saw with the numerous scouts I had wisely placed beforehand and slopped the rest in the direction of the center of the base. I must have gotten a bit overzealous as I noticed streaming into the breach was a large shrubbery (one of my scouts :-) who was happily still in the green (pun intended) when the imp HQ fell :-)

Example #2

Pretty straight forward. Rail turrets to defend town (3), water (2) and small pass above base (2). Keep money in the kitty to keep turrets repaired. Build forces - whatever you think can (a) help in defence, (b) be used in assaulting the enemy HQ. Use your scouts to find where everything is located. Eventually you will find another spring. Build a force to defend it and work it: Rigs for WLP and turrets. Also you should be using Hover Freighters for water deliveries - the local terrain really slows down the ordinary Freighters.

When you go for the primary assault - you may have already taken out a smaller base to the north of your base - try and identify an acess route that won't let your troops get wedged in a bottleneck. I went east, then north, then west and took out three main turrets to settle down on his HQ - I used three large ctrl # groups; Skirmishers and Hunters, Raiders and Merc's, Triple Rails and some light additional support.

Basically it all ticks over pretty easily - just make SURE you have the force you need to take over any real-estate you attack, another 'be patient and save' sort of game. The Rail Turrets and the extra water end up being the keys in this. It works if you have been doing your scouting - there's no rush to knock out the HQ so just hold tight and make sure you defend the town properly - a fourth Turret may be of use near the town later.

Chew up his troops while building your own. Also there's a spot just above the town and near the river on the right where a turret is particularly effective as it covers the enemy's frequent advances down the left side of the river towards your main spring. The enemy troops often become 'undecided' as to whether to advance or not - or so it seems.

Basically this was a straightforward tactics game. Important point is keeping money on hand to do 'spanner' repairs - so stop all production whenever you get to the 600-800 credit mark.

Credits: Liquidated, Pete Kelly

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