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6. Infiltration on Malik
Freedom Guard

Step by Step Walk Through

Example #1

Run through... no need to make a bridge or build any tanks !!

* land a sniper and construction rig in the NE corner and establish a water launch.
* build a Training facility.
* use the RAT to land either one or both the snipers on the island (morped of course)
* move snipers so they can keep spot any enemy infantryman
* build about 40 mercenaries and RATs to carry them
* load an infiltrator into a RAT
* land the RATS on the N end of the island
* disembark the infiltrator, morph as the infantryman and go steal the secrets
* move infiltrator back to the RAT and take him back to base
* slow the run speed!
* order infiltrator to report to HQ
* just before he gets into the HQ to return the secrets... order all remaining RATS to the Research LAB
* when they get somewhere near the middle start unloading em like mad
* mass select all mercenaries and FIRE at the Lab
* the secrets will be returned and the mercenaries will level the lab before the imperium tanks can arrive !! (and there's a hell of a lot of em on the NW corner)

Example #2

At the start, build a construction rig and send him and the two provided snipers into the RAT. Go to the spring at the north-eastern corner and sell the tower. Unload the RAT's cargo and get rid of some overlays (trees). Build a launchpad. Send the snipers and RAT back to the main base. Build another construction rig and send it into the RAT. Send the snipers and infiltraters to the northern end (avoid the turret). Go south and there will be a small strait there. Cross it and you have entered the reasearch island. Using the construction rig, build bridges to connect the two lands together (use only the north end). Start building a sizable army (made up of many tank hunters and many skirmish tanks). While doing this, send your sniper south, slowly, until you find a bion to morph your infiltrater into. Do not attack. Using your construction rig again, build a HQ near the bridges (about just north of them is a good place.) Send your army to the reasearch island. Call them team one. Call the infiltrater team two using the ctrl number keyboard shortcut. Send your infiltrater into the reasearch facility and click on the building, click build, click on the hover frieghter. Send your army to stamp out the two turrets to the north of the facility and kill all units. Keep them away from the building and get your infiltrater out once he has the plans and send him to the nearby HQ. Destroy the hover facility with your army!

Example #3

Stealth wins the day, plus a bit of commonsense. I enjoyed sneaking about to find the location of the hover facility - its the one place where its fairly easy and safe to sneak a look with the morphed scouts. Not only do you see the facility but if you scout both ends of the island you also find a couple of infantry (bions?) for the infiltrators to morph into.

But before you do all that, take a Rig and a Scout over to the island north of you using a RAT. Get the scout to shoot out a few trees for the Rig to build a Water LP. Return the Scout back to base. Start constructing infantry (if you like) or Skirmish Tanks, you'll need them later for moderate defence of your base. The infantry can be sent by a squad of RATs (6-9) to attack the northern side of the island and take out the first waves of resistance before your second wave of attack units go in for the kill - your second wave will not be infantry!

Using the scout and RAT go sneak around and find the island you need to attack. Tip: advance your scouts one at a time, have your finger sitting over the 'S' key to stop them as soon as they see an enemy installation etc. they have the best range so you can skirt past them easily. There's no need to take major risks - it's actually laid out very conveniently for you to reconoitre. Use a RAT to get your Infiltrators on the southern end of the island. The scout at the northern end should have spotted a couple of infantry for you to morph into - incidentally, as a precaution, set your scouts to low pursuit and independence.

Now infiltrate the Hover Facility and steal the Hover Freighter plans - for the mission - and steal the Tachion Tank plans for the easy win!

Get your Infiltrators back to your HQ, send them inside and start producing Tachion Tanks - a dozen should do. They take awhile to produce so you may want to save up some credits and/or build a second Assembly plant. Definitely build a repair facility and have all your tanks set to low or medium damage - if you prefer - except your Tachions, don't want them leaving for repairs just as the killing blow is falling! By now the enemy know your around and start building a defensive force around their Hover Facility.

It's kind of fiddly but send your RATs loaded with troops to the north end of the island and unload - its a log-jam but the boys seem to pull it together and start shooting okay. Expect them to get wiped out but not before they have cleared away a lot of trouble. If you didn't bother with infantry then just make a few more Tachions. Send in your Tachions (second wave attack) - they are the only tank unit you have that can cross the water to attack. Set them up as a ctrl # group so you can selct them easily and tell them to retreat if you see they are not going to get through this time round - it happened to me. Naturally, in anticipation of this possibility, you will have continued to build more Tachions - unlike me. Anyway, if you have to come back for the coup de grace there won't be much to stop you. You only need to clear a path to attack the Hover Facility, don't bother with the nearby turrets that can't shoot you. The Hover Facility will spit out Plasma tanks occasionally - shoot them - then train your guns back on the building, it takes a while to destroy though. Nonetheless, the Tachion is one of the best units for destroying buildings, so it all comes together pretty well. Once the building is destroyed the curtain comes down - just make sure you have the Hover Freighter appearing on your unit build menu.

This was basically a fun, sneaky mission, not really hard at all - but like all the others to this point it was very satisfying to win. Oddly enough using the Scout to clear the trees felt like the best move of the game - it meant I was in production for a long time before the opposition decided to build up, at least as far as I could tell.

Example #4

The key to this mission is to get a source of water so you can build up your base and units. The first thing you should do is create a Construction Rig and 4 units of infantry (be sure to include a mercenary or two) and put them in a RAT transport. Then move the transport across the river to the water spring by your camera in the NE. When you first get there, you can't build a Water Launchpad because of the trees. So pick a spot close to the sprin=g on level ground and have your infantry tak out all the trees (just tell them to attack using the A key and click on the tree you want blasted). You should have enough initial money to build another 5 infantry to send over there to speed up the deforesting process. Once the area is clear just build your Water Launchpad and you are all set. Be sure to save enough money to be able to build it though!

Once the water starts rolling in you can start building up your base and army. Another good thing to do is send a spider bike and a detachment of infantry around the northern edge of the map to set an ambush at the NW water spring. This will allow you to blast all the Imperium's Freighters and keep them from draining the water. By now you should have scouted out the whole map and producing a good sized force to take out the guys each, 6 spider bikes, and about 6 skirmish tanks to secure the water spring.

Once you have both water springs it is just a matter of building your forces up enough to take ou the enemies bases. While I was building I also sent 2 infantry laden RATS down to the enemy base in the south by way of the water along the western and southern edge. This allowed me to sneak into the middle of his base and take out his two training facilities, two power generators and a Water Launchpad without losing a guy! Just keep clear of the turrets!

When you think you are strong enough, build a bridge to the middle island and roll your army in to take out the defenses around the hover craft facility. Bring your infiltrator along and morph him into an enemy unit. BTW, if you do this earlier in the game he makes a great scout as no enemy will fire on him. Once all the enemy are cleared from around the hovercraft base, infiltrate it and steal the plans. Once you do this, Imperium units will show up from everywhere to try and wipe you out, but you should be strong enough by now (remember, keep building units!) to easily escort your infiltrator back to your HQ and destroy the Imperium's Hover Research Facility. Remember, to succeed you don't have to wipe out his whole base, just that one facility.

One last tip. If you have a RAT waiting to pick up your infiltrator after he gets the plans, no need to worry about getting caught later, as you can safely speed him home.

Example #5

I used the Snipers to go near the enemy base in the middle of the river ... to the left and below your base. Then I used the Snipers (as trees) to snipe at one of the turrets from the small boot like island to the left of its base ... and that brought out the infantry. While doing that, I sent my infiltrators just on the left side of the boot, out of LOS of the enemy, and everytime an enemy infantry unit came close, I morphed him, then used the sniper to pick him off [editors note: perhaps killing him will cause your infiltrator to Unmorph?]. Needless to say, that once I got the hover center I stole the plans for the hover Freighter and the Tachion Tank. Then I found his main base to the south and infiltrated his Training Center and stole all his infantry units. Then I made an army of Tachion Tanks, Bions and Flying Dudes and smashed the enemy to shreds. It takes some practice using the Infiltrator, but when you do it is fun!

Example #6

Load a Sniper and an Infiltrator into the Transport and go to the middle island.

Use the Snipers range to find one of the Bion troops that are walking around.

Morph your infiltrator into the Bion and steal the plans to the Hover Freighter adn to the Tachion Tank.

Build a Water Launchpad near your HQ and use the Hover Freighter to collect the water from the top right water hole.

Build about ten Tachion Tanks and take out the three Plasma Turrets on the upper left hand of the map. Now you will have access to two water holes. use regular Freighters to collect water from this one.

Money will be coming in quickly now. Once you have about 20 Tachion Tanks you will be able to take out the Hover Facility with ease. I destroyed everything on the board for kicks.

Example #7

You guys sure take your sweet time. I found a quick way using only a few units. Load up your RAT with the Infiltrators and Snipers and send it to the northern portion of the island in the middle. In the meantime, create an Assembly Plant. Send a Construction Rig to build a bridge at the northern end of the island in the middle. THen unload your units from the RAT. Get your Snipers close to the base without getting shot. When the Snipers are in range you should be able to see some of the enemy units which will allow you to morph your Infiltrators. About this time you should crank out about four tanks. Sen dthem over to the island. Once the tanks arrive, send in one of your Infiltrators to steal the plans (don't forget to select the type of unit you want to steal plans on). Once the Infiltrator is inside, roll your tanks in to take out the cannons guarding the base. That way the cannons are gone when your Infiltrator exits the building. Run the Infiltrator back to your base ASAP. In the meantime, finish destroying the Hover Research Center.

Credits: Ethan, John Fitzpatrick, Gabriel, Peter Kelly, Landshark, Jimmy Smith, Jim Whurr

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