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10. Siege of Indra
Freedom Guard

Step by Step Walk Through

Build a Water Launchpad the a couple Power Generators (the one they start you with is going to be attacked, and you may not be able to save it). Set up 2 or 3 smaller Laser Turrets to the right of your base in the opening there. Put them far enough apart to leave yourself building room. Put more to the north and along the ridge if you think you need it. Keep an eye on these so they don't get destroyed (keep repairing them).

At the same time as making the Laser Turrets build a Training Facility and make some Mercenaries for defense. Also try to put up a couple Air Defense Sites.

Then build and Assembly Plant and make Hellstorm Artillery and Triple Rail Tanks if you want .. for your strike team to take out the enemy reloading decks (they have two). Once you have a nice sized strike force, make a scout or sniper to look ahead of you. Go to the right carefully and eliminate all enemy on the way (with the Hellstorm) and destroy the enemy artillery that has been bothering you all game (in the center of the map). Their base is in the upper right corner of the map.

Credits: Tom

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