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Current Patch 1.31
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Sorry ... but the Heavens are still THUNDERING! Can you hear the thunder?

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Current MAX2 Patch Version: 1.3
(new patch due 7/22 - yes, it is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY LATE!!!!) (note: yes, I know the latest patch is 1.4, but this is the news arechives and that was what it said back then! Let us remember it for a day or two.)

If you see MAX2 reviewed or even mentioned on the web, send the URL to so it can be posted here for others to see as well!

Send your NEWS TIPS to (even though it is a HOTMAIL address, I really do read my mail every day).


MAX2 News Archives: April 98, May 98, June 98, July 98, August 98, September 98, October 98


aangelr.gif (2897 bytes)And how do *YOU* spell MILLIONS?

Mon, August 3: Read the Interplay Press Release titled "Interplay Announces Initial Public Offering". It says that Interplay sold 5 million shares of stock for $5.50 EACH! You know math ... what is 5000000 times $5.50?  Stay tuned for the answer tomorrow!  - CaptComal

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