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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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August News

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aangelr.gif (2897 bytes)Best MAX2 Website Contest is over, BUT...

Mon, August 3: Yes, its true! The Best MAX2 Website contest sponsored by Interplay has a winner.  Surprised?   While I keep you in suspense about the winner ... here is how Interplay announced in the contest in their June 8 Press release:


"              "


Um, the press release is gone. It is not on the Interplay Press Release Page! What could have been in that release to cause it to be removed?

Aha ... maybe you like mysteries ... solving puzzles? Well then take a crack at it because I saved the entire press release back when it came out and am reprinting it in full (since it IS a Press Release, it was MEANT to be printed in full anyway).

Seriously ... just what is in it that would need to be removed? If you figure it out ...or just want to take a guess at it... send an EMail to - CaptComal

Oh, here is the full press release that Interplay doesn't want you to see:

June 8, 1998


Irvine, California - PCs around the globe will be ablaze this summer with the fast-action, real-time strategy game, M.A.X.2: Mechanized Assault & Exploration(tm), the highly anticipated sequel to M.A.X.(tm) from Flat Cat, a division of Interplay Productions. When the M.A.X.2 web site launched in November 1997, responses flooded in from all over the globe including every major country and every state in the U.S. - over 10,000 interested applicants responded to Flat Cat's open invitation to beta-test M.A.X.2. With the help of a select group of beta-testers, the M.A.X.2 development team has been hard at work implementing unique features to make this the ultimate strategy game for their discerning audience.

One of the most exciting additions to M.A.X.2 is the free Internet matching service option. M.A.X.2 will be the first Flat Cat title to incorporate this feature for gamers interested in battling it out with their friends via the Internet. With the click of a button, gamers will be able to log on to, a dedicated Internet server. Players from around the world will be able to chat, view opponent records/ping times as well as play the game. Game statistics will also be kept on the server, allowing players to match themselves against others of equal skill.

"We originally received the suggestion of Internet play after the release of M.A.X.," said Flat Cat producer, Paul Kellner. "For real-time strategy games, this is a must-have feature and we're excited to be the first Flat Cat title to have this option."

Other suggestions that are being added include, but are not limited to, spy cams, an isometric view, terrain modifiers, and customizable interfaces for both the human and alien players. The M.A.X.2 team is also giving gamers a chance to enhance their gaming experience by launching two contests that can be found on the M.A.X.2 web site. One contest asks the gamer to name one of the human robot units. The best name (as voted on by the M.A.X.2 development team) will be incorporated into the game, along with the name of the contest winner. The "design your own M.A.X.2 web site" contest has dedicated fans competing against each other to create the best M.A.X.2 web site (again, decided on by the M.A.X.2 team) to win a library of popular Interplay titles, as well as getting their name posted on the M.A.X.2 web site. All submitted sites will also be connected to each other and the M.A.X.2 web site to form the M.A.X.2 web ring.

Additional information about M.A.X.2 can be found on the M.A.X.2 web site at

M.A.X.2 will be available on CD-ROM in summer 1998 for Windows(r) 95 based PCs and 100% compatibles.

Flat Cat, a division of Interplay Productions, is devoted to developing leading edge strategy games. Flat Cat strives to push the envelope of the strategy genre with solid gameplay within new and extreme environments as well as in familiar ones such as the Star Trek universe. More comprehensive information on Flat Cat and its products is available through its worldwide web site at

# # #

Note: All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners..

aangelr.gif (2897 bytes)And how do *YOU* spell MILLIONS?

Mon, August 3: Read the Interplay Press Release titled "Interplay Announces Initial Public Offering". It says that Interplay sold 5 million shares of stock for $5.50 EACH! You know math ... what is 5000000 times $5.50?  - CaptComal

aangelr.gif (2897 bytes) Heavenly Quote Makes the Big Time!

Mon, August 3: Yes, sir, we made the big time. A well written review of MAX2 has included a quote right from this page as an indicator of the real status of MAX2 (skip to the middle of that web page for the quote)! Yes, they referred to my line that I have used for so long, that it is stuck in my Windows Clipboard! And what is that quote?  What else, but this ... As usual, I will keep watch and let you know when it is "safe to try to play MAX2" again. - CaptComal

aangelr.gif (2897 bytes)Flat Cat Press Release for its FIRST game release (MAX2)

Sun, August 2: Read the Full Press Release including the part when Ali Atabek, head of Flat Cat, says this:

"No one else in the industry is devoted to developing strategy titles at this level of focus and commitment."

He continued:

"Flat Cat strives to deliver the best strategy games for the discerning consumer as well as push the envelope for future games to come."

We might need to ask him about his "focus" and "commitment" (you do remember MAX2, don't you Mr. Atabek... the game with the 1.3.1 patch that never came?)   And just what is a "discerning consumer" supposed to do with a strategy game that pushed the envelope so far that it crashes over 80% of the time?

You do remember how to send EMail to Interplay staff, don't you?  See the RESOURCES part of the CONTEST page for help if you forgot. - CaptComal

aangelr.gif (2897 bytes)MAX2 Patch 1.3.1 or 1.4 still not released!

Sun, August 2: The new patch is still not available. However, have no fear ... StratoSoft has nearly uncovered the REAL truth behind the delay! Read his daily status reports in the ONLINE FORUM. As usual, I will keep watch and let you know when it is safe to try to play MAX2 again. - CaptComal

aangelr.gif (2897 bytes) Interesting Interplay Press Release - Read All About It!

Sat, August 1: Read it and weep! It speaks of Interplay's becoming a publicly traded company on June 19, 1998 and of the 98.6% increase in revenues for that quarter (ending June 30). It also includes this quote:

"We are very pleased with the Company's strong growth in revenues and continued profitability," said Brian Fargo, chairman and chief executive officer of Interplay. "The results demonstrate the success of the product strategy we put in place over the last several years..."

Now we know that the NEW product strategy they put in place has given them great financial profits. We can look forward to more of the same (great profits) with this new product strategy. Here is another quote from the Press Release:

... Fargo noted. "Our improved financial performance reflects a strong management focus on core products, enhanced product quality and the value of Interplay's brand-driven portfolio of sequel, franchise and licensed titles..."

Don't you think it time to write to Mr. Fargo (and the other "Principals" of Interplay) to ask them about this "enhanced product quality"?  The Contest page includes a section titled "Who Are The Bosses..." as well as "Customer/Consumer Contact Information". This provides you with information about the names and how to send them EMail (EMail is nice ... you don't even have to spend 32 cents for a stamp).   Oh ... almost forgot ... why not read the Full Press Release! - CaptComal

PS: You may wish to send a CC: of your EMail to the editors of the Gaming Magazines, for example: (they are planning a Review of MAX2 so do it now!)



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