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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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Find MAX2 Players

Until MAX2 is patched to stop multiplayer games from crashing so much, it will be hard to find people to play multiplayer games with.  This page provides a few ways that you can find MAX2 players.

1) Use the Reliable MAX2 Players site

This special members only site helps you in four ways in your search for a MAX2 game! For more information about this special site, see our info page.

A) Announce Games

Use the Announce Games category in the Messages Section.   You can post a message stating when you will be on KALI or MAX2.NET along with other details such as if you like to play Real Time, Turn Based or Simultaneous Turn Based.  Or, read the current messages already posted in the Announce Games category to see if anyone else is hosting a game you would like to join.

B) ICQ List

Use the ICQ LIST category to post your ICQ number if you want others to message you with requests for a game. Or you can do the messaging to those who have posted their ICQ numbers already!

C) Member List

If you are a member yourself, just click on the MEMBER LOG button at the top of your screen while in the Message section. This will give you a list of members who promise not to cheat, disconnect or be disrespectful. While it does NOT give you their EMail address, it does give you a way to send them a message directly from inside the Reliable MAX2 Players site!

2) Hangout on IRC Channel #INTERPLAY or #MAX2

Use mIRC to get onto the IRC to wait for or meet other MAX2 gamers.


3) Use ICQ to keep track of your favorite opponents!

ICQ is a neat program that runs in the background and alerts you when your buddies are online (and much more). Find out more about it here:

NOTE: If you are using ICQ, you also should check out the ICQ LIST in the Reliable MAX2 Players site! See our special info page.

4) Check for MAX2 games on Kali

Just sign on to any KALI server and type the following command to see a list of all MAX2 games in progress and the clickable name of the server they are on:

/process max2

To play games on Kali simply add a game icon for MAX2 and launch the game with that icon (and choose LAN game not Internet).

Read our KALI INFO page for about Kali.

5) Use a Kali #CHAT room to find players

A good KALI SERVER to hang out waiting for MAX2 games is 289 Kali Oklahoma. Other recommended KALI servers are listed on the KALI INFO page (including both USA and Worldwide servers).

Issue this command to help others find YOU while you wait:

/away msg me for MAX2 game

When someone comes in and wants to join you for a game they will enter this command:

/msg YourName ready for a MAX2 game?

Make sure you have SOUNDS set for private messages so you will get an AUDIBLE alert that someone is asking to play a game.  Read our KALI INFO page for instructions on this.

Hopefully serious MAX2 players will have set their RealName (in Kali Files/Settings/General Settings) to be MAX2 GAMES. You can quickly scan the RealNames of everyone in the CHAT room by widening the right Nickname panel (just slide the left border of that panel over to the right ... you will see player info in this order: Nickname, Ping, Version, Realname) or just use the slider bar at the bottom of the Nickname panel.

6) Check if any games are waiting for players on MAX2.NET

a) Make sure you are connected to the internet

b) Run MAX2

c) Select Multiplayer, Internet and sign on to the MAX2 server

d) Select JOIN NETWORK GAME and see if there are any games open

e) To join a game just click on its name in the LIST then click on the COLOR BOX that you want to be.

7) Use the free MAX2.NET Chat Room

Interplay has provided a free chat room on their free MAX2.NET server.  It is there so that games can be arranged and discussed.  Stop by the MAX2 chat room to see if anyone is available to play.  This is a Catch 22 situation while there are not many people playing MAX2 yet.  Don't just look at the room list and see if the MAX2 room has anyone listed as being in it.  If everyone did that, even with hundreds of people looking for a game, nobody would ever see any of the others.  You need to actually go into the room and WAIT FOR AT LEAST 5 or 10 minutes (read over the manual while you are waiting).

a) Make sure you are connected to the internet

b) Run MAX2

c) Select Multiplayer, Internet and sign on to the MAX2 server

d) Select JOIN CHAT

e) Click on the MAX2 room in the listing in the panel on the right

f) Then click JOIN CHAT button

8) Use the official Interplay MAX2 ONLINE FORUM

Interplay has given the go-ahead for us to use their message forum to schedule MAX2 games.  To make it easy to use, include all the information about the game you are scheduling in the SUBJECT of the message (no message inside is even required). Include the mode of play (RT, SIM, TB), place you will be, day and time (not more than a week ahead of time, so just day of the week is fine), and if in CHAT ROOM or the GAME SETUP ROOM. Example:

SUBJECT: SIM on MAX2.NET, Fri 9pm US Pacific, Chat room

Please use the Interplay time zone (USA Pacific time).


If you find any errors please report them to so they can be corrected. Thanks.
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