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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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Bugs & Crashes
(Customers' Reports)

Please report 1.4 Bugs & Crashes to our Patch 1.4 BUGS forum in the Reliable MAX2 Players site. You also can review bugs that others report there as well! Thanks. (Info on Reliable MAX2 Players site)

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Oct 18 - MT notes that with patch 1.4 his games crash 100% of the time now. (100% Failure)

Oct 5 - CaptComal notes that 100% of games attempted have failed. (100% Failure).

Oct 5 - MT installed the 1.4 patch and says, "It made the game crash every single time!!!" (100% Failure)

Oct 4 - Warmonger tried 10 games and 9 of them crashed with a Page Fault error. No word on if he ever did get to successfully complete the ONE game that did not completely crash ... so chalk this up as 100% FAILURE. This frequent Page Fault crash is also noted by Stephen on Oct 4, JJ on Oct 4 and MT on Oct 5.

Oct 3 - Lancelot has given up on MAX2. He tried two Real Time games and both times his computer FROZE UP. (100% FAILURE)

Oct 2 - Pathless1 is so fed up with MAX2 that he things it is a shoe in for the "Worst Game of 1998" award.

Oct 2 - Duck tried playing multiplayer via modem and MAX2.NET and had this to say: "We were able to load a game once out of seven times combined on modem and using the MAX2 Server. I guess that's it for trying to play it multiplayer." He didn't say if the one game he got loaded actually played to successful completion ... so this is yet another 100% FAILURE.

Oct 1 - Jasper said that once again the game he played (or "tried to play") would not let him move his units. (FAILURE)

Oct 1 - Jasper said that the game he just finished ended with a disconnect. Then he posted a reply to my posting saying that all his games, RT, TB or SIM have failed with disconnects or crashes. (100% failure)

Oct 1 - CaptComal found that in the game setup screen, when the other player set Victory condition to Capture the Flag ... both his and another player's screens said Victory condition was Kill All Mining Stations. Interplay claimed to have fixed the Game Setup displays to show all FOUR Capture The Flag settings for a CTF game. It appears that not only did they NOT fix that ... they also removed the indication that the game was even set to Capture the Flag! (Patch Failure)

Oct 1 - CaptComal tried another multiplayer game ... host had a CABLE MODEM ... after about 25 turns was disconnected from the game and ended up in the GAME SETUP screen. (100% failure)

Oct 1 - Lancelot tried 2 multiplayer games and both crashed. (100% failure)

Oct 1 - knyce can't play multiplayer games because nobody else is ever on the MAX2.NET server. (seems like full failure) (note that single player for him only crashes once in a while with page fault errors and has phantom constructors all around the map...even this does not sound like a finished, stable game)

Oct 1 - Lancelot tried 3 custom games (with 2 AI opponents) and all 3 crashed. (100% failure)

Sept 30 - WmMcFadden reports single player games always crashing as well as not being able to sign on to MAX2.NET. (100% failure)

Sept 30 - CaptComal shows how to recreate the disappearing waypoints BUG.

Sept 30 - Lancelot tried to uninstall MAX2 and reinstall it per Interplay Chris's recommendation but the install went into an infinte loop.

Sept 30 - WmMcFadden can't sign on to MAX2.NET ... keeps getting errors.

Sept 29 - CaptComal attempted to play 4 multiplayer games on MAX2.NET ... none of them completed successfully. (100% failure)

Sept 29 - CraigH listed how to recreate one Transport problem.

Sept 29 - CraigH completely reinstalled MAX2 from scratch and still gets Page Fault Crashes. (100% failure)

Sept 29 - GamesMan tried playing 3 multiplayer games with 3 different people - all failed. (100% failure)

Sept 28 - BsG gets ILLEGAL OPERATIONS trying to play 1.4 MAX2 games. (100% failure)

Sept 28 - wardog reports that 1.4 is worse than 1.31. (seems like full failure)

Sept 28 - Doug Hahn reports that his first 1.4 try at playing a modem game crashed. (100% failure)

Sept 28 - Lancelot reports that 4 out of 4 games crashed. (100% failure)

Sept 27 - Jasper reports problems with APCs not unloading their units properly.

The dark clouds and thunder are signs that the Heavens are not happy.

Playing THUNDER sound

MAX2 has been out for nearly FOUR months and even with 4 patches, it still crashes and has fundamental game play problems.  Here are some of the reports from customers (from Message Forums, Newsgroups or EMail to )...

Prior to Sept 26, when Patch 1.4 was released:

Sept 2 - CaptComal tried playing 3 multiplayer games on MAX2.NET ... all failed.

Aug 24 - Gnu t Elch keeps having problems with invisible Tanks, Ground Attack Planes, etc.

Aug 22 - lestat says that he can't finish a game without it crashing.

Aug 21 - ChromaTick says that even direct LAN games (not via Kali) crash 20% of the time including hard crashes requiring rebooting. Also reports that Single Player mode games are also crashing more than with 1.3.

Prior to AUG 4, when Patch 1.31 was released:

July 22 - HK agrees that the MAX2 bug problems could not possibly be due to Beta Testers being sloppy, saying, " if they had been allowed to play the full campaigns they would have had to be blind and probably dead not to catch the most glaring problem i.e CRASHES!" He notes that the game crashes at least once every 10 minutes for him.

July 22 - CaptComal presents a news release from Interplay that claims MAX2 was extensively tested by Beta Testers. This "blame-shifting" / spin on the MAX2 bug problems as the fault of the Beta Testers seems a bit like a low blow. Read the full message posted for the gory details.

July 22 - HK is a software engineer himself and had the game crash on him more than 30 times in just the past few days! He tried 4 different PC configurations on 3 different PCs with no success. He is 99% sure that the problems are all internal to the game and independent of installation size, PC configuration or hardware types.

July 22 - Relkin thinks the type of install should not matter. He adds this: "The kind of errors that I see point to something called a "bad pointer", which any C/C++ programmer can tell you is bad news."

July 22 - CaptComal adds another type of bug that would relate to Relkins suggestion below.

July 22 - Relkin questions the "memory leak" theory.  Instead he suggests that the MAX2 UNITS LIST is getting corrupted and the program is trying to do something with a unit that no longer exists. (long message worth reading Interplay).

July 22 - CaptComal wonders if the type of install (Small, Medium, Large) might be related to game crashes, especially "memory leak" as noted below by Nadar.

July 22 - Nadar reports that MAX2 programming has a "memory leak". This means the crashes are due to the programming code, not your computer configurations. The MAX2 Development team should be able to 'fix' this problem (Heavenly note: which should have been uncovered with testing before release!)

July 21 - Mentat reports that he cannot get past mission 4 without a page fault crash.

July 21 - CaptComal announces that he won't play MAX2 any more until the next patch is out.

July 21 - io HISS said it was "Sheer Luck" that Vulture was able to finish a game.

July 20 - Ender reports that he has not been able to complete a single game, not Internet, not LAN, no nothing.

July 20 - Vulture was thrilled that he was able to finish a game ... said it was good news.

July 20 - Key reports that the scouts in his first try at a multiplayer game were invisible and could detect mines and not set them off.

July 20 - Wm McFadden reported that he managed 4 out of 8 modem games to complete (with the comment "WOW"). He also stated that First Aid said the crashes they had were an Access Violation.

July 19 - CaptComal congratulates Mike for his confirming that MAX2 has problems in the GAME itself ... and provides a quick history of how MAX2 was released too early.

July 18 - Mike (who owns a Computer Store and an ISP) reports that MAX2 consistently crashes on every computer configuration he tried (thus the bugs are in the GAME and not related to your computer configuration).

July 18 - David Brake wondered why Campaign 2 Mission 3 was theoretically impossible to win in Turn Based mode. Pathless agreed with him and has stopped playing MAX2 because of it.

July 18 - KoRpZe reports that he STILL had not been able to complete a single multiplayer game after two weeks of trying.

July 18 - John says he only could play a couple missions because it keeps on crashing.

July 17 - Wm McFadden and 5 friends all bought MAX2 and attempts to play crash over and over again. They each have different computer setups. They are playing on a LAN ... and play many other multiplayer games on that same LAN with no problems what-so-ever.

July 15 - LECurtis reports that he cannot play multiplayer because he always gets an Invalid Page fault.

July 13 - Brad Stark says that it crashes EVERY time he tries to play multiplayer.

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