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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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First, some good KALI servers:

Central USA (good for central location):
Colois #238 (Denver)
FullNet Inc #269 (Jasper Indiana)
Interlog's Kali #683 (Toronto)
Kali Oklahoma #289
MSEN #35 (Troy Michigan)

East Coast:
HyperWorx #522 (NE USA)
IOC #339 (Piedmont, North Carolina)
Road Runner Alb #409 (Albany NewYork)

West Coast:
Casagrande #347 (Arizona)
IslandNet #3 (Victoria)

HiNet #217 (Taiwan)
Kali Brazil #176 (Brasilia)
Kali HKSupernet #260 (Hong Kong)
Kali Swiss #243 (Zurich)
OGN's Kali Serv #583 (Australia)
PING E.V. #559 (Germany)


KALI is a stable gaming system that has been around for years. It costs just $20 for a lifetime (no other fees ever) and lets you play virtually any multiplayer game over the internet using the games built in LAN (Local Area Network) game option. KALI tricks the computer into thinking that the internet connection is really just a big LAN.   I have had TWO Kali accounts (one for each of my PCs) for nearly two years and am satisfied with how they are continually trying to improve their service.  But now for what you wanted to hear:

MAX2 runs great on KALI.

Yes, with no special configurations ... using all the default Kali settings, MAX2 appears to work fine. If you play a MAX2 game on KALI, can you please send and EMail to with a status report (did MAX2 play well, game end OK, etc).

Some Fundamental Info on KALI:

For those who like to just figure it out yourselves, playing MAX2 on Kali is simple.

  1. Just sign onto the Internet your usual way.
  2. Run Kali
  3. Connect the Kali server of your choice
  4. Once someone else is on that server who wants to play MAX2 simply click on the MAX2 icon in your Kali bottom game bar (see procedure below that puts it there) ... remember you must chose Multiplayer Game then Local Area Network (LAN) ... then you know the rest!

That is all there is to it ... except for this easy setup to put MAX2 on your Kali Game bar (you only need to do the following steps ONCE ... to get the icon mentioned in step 4 of the process mentioned above):

  1. While Kali is running click on Games in the top menu bar.
  2. Click on Configure Menu
  3. Find an open game slot and click on it's index tab (should be easy if you just installed it!)
  4. Type MAX2 in the MENU TITLE box.
  5. Click on the BROWSE button under the PROGRAM box and select the MAX2.EXE file where you installed it on your computer (mine is C:\Games\max2\max2.exe)
  6. Leave the Arguments box blank
  7. Notice that the Directory box is filled in for you
  8. Leave the Built in Icon box set at <None>
  9. Leave the next two check boxes empty (do NOT check them)
  10. Notice that the ICON submenu area is fully completed for you already and the MAX2 icon should be visible there.
  11. Click OK at the bottom of the dialog box and MAX2 is now in your Kali Game Icon bar.

Nitty Gritty Info about Kali

You can change your settings at any time from Kali by clicking on FILE in the menu bar then click on SETTINGS (see an example of Kali Settings).

You can adjust the many "window panes" in the KALI main window by holding your mouse over one of the dividing line "bars" and clicking/dragging it the way you want it. NOTE: there is a quick way to shrink both the LEFT and RIGHT side panes with the small arrow button in the top left corner of that window pane. Click on the button again to restore the window pane to the way it used to be. Nice!

To get a list of commands you can use, just type:


Example, to start up a new chat channel (not many use this in my experience) named #MAX2 type:

/join #max2

If you are just hanging out waiting for someone to come to play MAX2, issue this command:

/away MSG me if you want to play MAX2

You also can left click on a players name to highlight their nickname ... then right click on that players nickname to get a pop up menu of commands for that person (make sure to left click once first). Use the OPEN PRIVATE WINDOW to send them a private message. Or type this command:

/msg NickName ready for a MAX2 game?

Make sure you have SOUNDS set for Private Message so that you get an AUDIBLE ALERT when someone DOES send you a private messge!

1) In KALI, click on FILES in the menu bar
2) Click on
3) Click on the
4) In the SOUND HOOKS list highlight
5) Click on
CHANGE button
6) Navigate the directory listings to find a SOUND.WAV file that you want to use for your notification. If you don't have sounds you can use a sound file in your
Windows\Media subdirectory (such as Tada.wav).  Double click the file you want to use.
7) Click
PLAY button to see if you like the sound.
8) Click
OK button to accept all your changes.

How do I find where MAX2 games are on KALI?

Once you click on the MAX2 game icon in Kali's bottom game bar, MAX2 will be running. However, Kali still keeps track of you. To see a list of what everyone on the current server is doing, type the command:


# Nickname  Serial Process Time Ping Loss
- --------  ------ ------- ---- ---- ----
1 captcomal 094888
max2     0     235  0

In the sample display above, you can see that captcomal is playing MAX2 on the current server.

If you want a list of every Kali Server that has a MAX2 game either being played or open for new players, type this command:

/process max2

Servers that have players running max2...
Qty# Server Name     Server#        Description
---- -----------     -------        -----------
2 Flashnet Centra Server://#564 Flashnet's Kalid Server!

The sample display above shows that MAX2 is being played only on one server (Flashnet) and there are two people playing MAX2 on that server.

How do I find someone I know on KALI?

This is easy ... and best shown with an example. If you want to find where "Tagar" is, type:

/whois tagar

Kali will display information about Tagar including where he currently is (or where he was last seen). For example:

Nickname : Tagar
serial# : 114298
Realname : Zorro
email :
other :
lastseen : Server://#683 Interlog's Kali (Tue Aug 11 00:41:33 1998)
process : Kali95

Where can I get Kali?

You can download it and try it out for FREE!  The only restriction (and it is a major one) is that it will disconnect you after 15 minutes. You can relogon to Kali again as much as you want, but you won't like this as a permanent playing method!  However ... it is an excellent way to try it to see if it works for you. Once you know it works, pay them the $20 ... it is a one time only fee ... and you are a lifetime Kali player! Use the following button to connect to the download page on

kalibutton.gif (1735 bytes) 

Read the Kali Getting Started FAQ.

Try the common Kali questions regarding Windows 95 FAQ.

Questions about Kali go to

Look at the Kali Support web page.

What do I do on Kali?

I have found Several Good Kali Servers (IgLou seems to have been dropped as a server) and have listed them at the TOP of this page! To connect to a server, just find it in the Servers list in the top left window pane and double click on it.  To make it easy to do this automatically for you in the future, change your server settings like this:

  1. With Kali running, connect to the server of your choice by single or double clicking on it in the top left window pane
  2. Click on SERVERS in the menu bar
  4. Click on SET AS DEFAULT

If you have several servers that you frequent use the same procedure listed above after connecting to each one, but in step 4 click on ADD AS PREFERRED.


If you find any errors please report them to so they can be corrected. Thanks.
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