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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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Resources Provided For You

Customer / Consumer Contact Information

Interplay provides us with this information (broken down to phone, fax, mail and EMail):

  1. Contact interplay staff by phone using phone numbers supplied on this webpage:
  2. Contact interplay staff by FAX using the FAX numbers supplied on that same webpage.
  3. Contact interplay staff by mail using the addresses supplied on that same webpage.
  4. Contact interplay staff by EMail properly referencing the persons name (see below). We can see from the various example EMail addresses provided by Interplay that the address ends with

Once you know one persons EMail address at a company, you then likely know how to figure out the EMail address for everyone else at that company. You can find the EMail address for the Interplay Webmaster on their ONLINE message forum page: where you find this information:

"Message board and web suggestions should go to"

From this information, you can see that Interplay appears to use the first letter of the persons first name (R for Rachael, Ralph, Rebecca, Richard, or ??) followed by their last name for their EMail address: (example for John Doe is: So use this format:

where f is the first letter of their first name followed by thier full lastname followed by

Example: John Greenhorn is (in all lower case):

NOTE: Interplay has several "generic" EMail addresses listed on their contact page that they prefer people to use for normal support issues.

REMEMBER: add a CC: to the GAME MAGAZINES in any EMail you send to Interplay.  They are interested in your feelings about the game too ... and might be able to accomplish something while you alone may not.

Who Is MAX2 QA?

QA is an Interplay abbreviation for Quality Assurance. There are at least four places you can start to get this information:

  1. provides the name of the Lead Tester.
  2. The readme.txt file in your MAX2 subdirectory includes the names of the Director of Quality Assurance, QA Manager, QA Project Supervisors, Testers, QA IS Manager and QA Technicians.
  3. Pages 84 and 85 of the MAX2 Manual includes a similar list.
  4. When you start MAX2, click on CREDITS on the MAIN MENU page to get a list similar to those above.

Who Approves The Game & Patches For Release?

MAX2 QA appears to be the ones who give final approval for the release of the game and for each patch. You might wish to ask Interplay if this is correct, but this message ( from Meghan seems to confirm this (she is listed as the On-line Manager - MAX 2 on this Interplay webpage:

Who Are The Bosses Who Set The Policy For Releasing A Game?

I believe that the "bosses" of the company may be the ones to set the policy for when a game should be approved for release and bear the responsibility for company actions (if my understanding of big business is correct ... you may wish to confirm this yourself). What criteria is set that must be met before something is released? There are several places you can start, but these two Interplay pages should be good:

  1. - This page includes this Recent Interplay Milestone: "Interplay Entertainment Corp., Inc. goes public (NASDAQ:IPLY)". From this we know that Interplay is a public company and not privately owned. We also know that it's stock is traded on the NASDAQ with ticker symbol IPLY. As a public company, customers should be allowed to contact the "bosses" referred to as "Principals" on this page (a few screens down from the top). You are provided with the names of 12 "Principals" at Interplay (CEO, President, etc).
  2. - This page gives the biographies of many of the "Principals" at Interplay. See previous page for a similar list.


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If you find any errors please report them to so they can be corrected. Thanks.
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