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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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Now, through the magic of internet technologies, we are able to provide you with a musical (with a BEAT all's there!) bus tour of the MAX2 strategy game.

You are late!  Bus's A, B, C and D have left already ... jump on board Bus E.

OK ... all aboard.  The Magical MAX2E Tour is underway ... enjoy the midi music in the background as you see the sites (I couldn't resist the pun)!   The tour is just forming now ... come back again in a few days to see the expanded version! (Fellow webmasters, please send me URL links that can be included in this tour! Tourists ... please remember this is a work in progress!)

After you veer off to see the various sites, remember to use your browsers BACK button to come back to the tour to continue where you left off!

About MAX2

If you are not familiar with what MAX2 is or what the computer requirements are in order to run the game, stop off at these sites:

About MAX2
(MAX2 Heaven)
The computer requirements as needed to run MAX2. Also explains some of the fundamental aspects of the game.
MAX2 Needs
The computer requirements as needed to run MAX2.
MAX2 Report
The history of MAX1 followed by an introduction to MAX2



What does MAX2 look like?  There are some screen shots available for you to check out here:

(MAX2 Heaven)
Twelve screenshots of the game.
MAX2 Lens
Twelve screenshots of the game.
Two screenshots showing the Sheevat interface.



Take a peek at some of the maps MAX2 games are played on:

(MAX2 Heaven)
24 maps for the game as screenshots.



When you play MAX2 you choose to associate yourself with one of 8 clans (or with the Sheevat). Find out about the Clans here:

(MAX2 Heaven)
Gives the clan benefits using the heavenly standard unit stats chart. Includes artwork.
MAX2 Enemy
Clans Descriptions
(MAX2 Madness)
Gives the clan benefits, symbol and artwork
Gives the clan benefits, symbol and artwork


Unit Info

Since MAX2 is a strategy game, it would be wise for you to review which units are available to you and what their "stats" are!   Checkout the Sheevat alien units here:

Sheevat Starting Units (MAX2 Heaven)
MAX2 Brush (Interplay)
Sheevat Stats (MAX2 Alliance)
Sheevat Units (MAX2 Madness)
Sheevat Units (MAX2 HQ)

Likewise, look over the Human units here:

Human Starting Units (MAX2 Heaven)
MAX2 Brush (Interplay)
Human Units (MAX2 HQ)
Human Units (MAX2 Madness)


Get a handle on how to do battle with some ancient wisdom:

Art of War by Sun Tzu (MAX2 Heaven)

Some beginning strategy tips from Chris Taylor himself are also available for your review here:

MAX2 Online (Interplay)

Once MAX2 has been out for awhile, watch for more strategy hints and tips to appear on most MAX2 sites.


Fighting multiplayer battles all alone can be lonely ... check out the MAX2 leagues as they become available:

NetSquads (NetSquads)


If you are serious about MAX2, then you need to keep abreast of the latest news.  This is important, since most games require patches shortly after release, and these news pages will advise you when they are available!

MAX2 Headline News (MAX2 Heaven)
Full News (MAX2 Heaven)
News (MAX2 HQ)
News (MAX2 Alliance)


If you are interested in how MAX2 developed, you will find some very interesting reading in the Chat Logs and News Archives:

ChatLogs (MAX2 Heaven)
ChatLogs (MAX2 Alliance)
ChatLogs (MAX2 HQ)

June News (MAX2 Heaven)
May News (MAX2 Heaven)
April News (MAX2 Heaven)

IRC Chats

If you would like to talk to the Interplay MAX2 team, their are weekly IRC Chats. Some info about them is included at the beginning of the ChatLog page:

ChatLogs (MAX2 Heaven)


That was a long tour ... time for LUNCH!  Let's do lunch in the mall and see if we can spot MAX2 on any store shelves!

MAX2 Watch (MAX2 Heaven)




Magical Mystery Tour song

If you find any errors please report them to so they can be corrected. Thanks.
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