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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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Click on any of the thumbnail maps for a full sized one (not all maps have a full sized version available). Two of the maps were used in the Beta releases. There are 5 extra maps included with MAX2 that are not normally available to you until you complete certain missions. The bottom of this page tells how to make them available to you without having to play the missions first.

Adam's World
1) Adam's World

This map is usable in a multiplayer game by any number of players. Sea units will obviously work, but land units can use bridges to cross the narrow gaps between the islands.

Alshand Island
2) Alshand Island

This map supports two or three players. Sea battles will be commonplace.

Alshand Lake
3) Alshand Lake

This map works well for small two player games. A third or fourth player is a possibility.

Alshand Pit
4) Alshand Pit

This is a good map for two to four players, but careful thought must be used when placing starting locations. One or two friendly players can start at the bottom of the pit and defend it against numerous opponents. Air units will nullify many of the terrain features of this map.

Alshand Plateau
5) Alshand Plateau

This works best with three teams. Defensive control near the points connecting the plateau regions will guarantee victory.

Alshand River
6) Alshand River

Good for two players or team play. The two natural barriers will provide a barricade for land units. The player that can defend the mountain pass will have the advantage.

Azrael Coast
7) Azrael Coast

Up to four players can comfortably play on this map. The player in the Northwest corner can build sea units to protect their base. The Northeast player can defend the high ground. The two Southern players are divided by a plateau.

Azrael Hills
8) Azrael Hills

This map works best with two players. Unless most of the units can cross the rough terrain, any battles will be fought at close distances.

Azrael Island
9) Azrael Island

This is a good two player map, but it also will support up to four players easily. Most of the action will be fought with sea or air units.

Azrael Valley
10) Azrael Valley

For a normal game up to four players is the suggested maximum. Up to six can play, but the good starting locations will be a bit crowded.

11) Frigidia

This map is good for any number of players. The limited line of sight and difficult terrain make this a god map for infantry and air units.

12) Ganya

This makes a good four player map.

Hercules Lava
13) Hercules Lava

This is a good map for two players or team games. Additional players will make a more chaotic game.

Map 7
14) Hercules River

This map works best with a limited number of players.

Hercules Valley
15) Hercules Valley

This map works best with a limited number of players. No more than two players should use this map in a serious game.

16) Icemoon

This is a good multiplayer map if you want to play without sea units. It supports up to four players easily, and more can play if you don't mind being crowded. Fast land units or air units combined with a careful selection of your starting location are the keys to victory.

Lupus III
17) Lupus III

This map works best for two or three players. All types of units will be useful.

18) Nagrus

This map is good for three player games, or team games. The wide open space allows for building and is far enough inland that sea units will not overwhelm the game.

19) Napier

This map will work well with two or three players. More players can be added if you want a quicker game. Most of the land is usable in the Southwest block. That player will probably have an advantage.

Novya Tachya Chasm
20) Novya Tachya Chasm

This map will easily support up to six players. A three against three team game can be very interesting due to the central chasm. The terrain will define your tactics.

Novya Tachya River
21) Novya Tachya River

This works best as a two player map, but it could support a third player. Sea units will become a vital part of any serious attack. Don't build too close to shore, or the extended range of gunboats and missile cruisers will quickly destroy your base.

22) Penxotica

This map works well for any number of players. Building area is open. Line of sight is barely blocked. This makes for a fast and furious conflict.

Shandalus City
23) Shandalus City

The alien city makes a good map for up to four players. Long range weapons will be very important.

Shandalus Islands
24) Shandalus Islands

The Sisters will support any number of players. It works best with sea or air based units. If an enemy fleet gets close enough to bombard your island, it is probably going to cripple you.

Shandalus Peninsula
25) Shandalus Peninsula

This is a good multiplayer map. For longer games use only two or three players. For quicker, more intense games, use five or six players. Sea units can dominate.

26) Taiga

This makes a good map for multiple players but it does not have a lot of room to build. Be very aware of the different types of terrain used on this map.

Snow Rock
27) Snow Rock

This map makes a good multiplayer map for up to six players. The central water area can prove userful.


The following maps are only available to you after you have completed the mission in Campaign 3 that uses that map. If you want access to these maps without having to play the missions, see the instructions on how to make them all available at the end of this page!

ss-map-losangeles-sm.gif (6036 bytes)
28) Los Angeles

This map works best for two or four players. Building area should not be a problem. [Note: this map is available after you have completed Campaign 3 Mission 8]

ss-map-london-sm.gif (6384 bytes)
29) London

This map can be used for any number of players. The lack of choke-points will require good all around defenses. Any base on the East side of the Thames will have limited room to grow, but can use the river defensively. [Note: this map is available after you have completed Campaign 3 Mission 6]

ss-map-berlin-sm.gif (5811 bytes)
30) Berlin

This map works best for three or six players. Remember that sea units can patrol the rivers. [Note: this map is available after you have completed Campaign 3 Mission 5]

ss-map-paris-sm.gif (5285 bytes)
31) Paris

The Paris map is good for any number of players. The difficult terrain will make it much harder to build and move freely. [Note: this map is available after you have completed Campaign 3 Mission 4]

ss-map-englishchannel-sm.gif (5357 bytes)
English Channel

Any number of players can use this map, but it is only available in the Scenario Editor. Obviously sea battles will be the primary focus of this map. [NOTE: the entire map is water] [Note: this map is available after you have completed Campaign 3 Mission 7]

Make ALL Maps Available

To make all maps (including the five extra maps) available, you can change two numbers in your MAX2.INI file. The first section in the file is titled [SETUP]. Change the number in the following two lines to be 49 (means campaign 4 mission 9):


Do not change the text in front of the = though! Only change the number at the end of these two lines! It should not be necessary, but you may need to change the skipped numbers to be 0 as well, as noted below:


With these changes the five extra maps should be available to you. Thanks io HISS!


If you find any errors please report them to so they can be corrected. Thanks.
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