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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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Example Kali Settings

Here is how my Kali Settings are set up (you do yours the way you want it):

General Settings

RealName:    MAX2 Games
Nickname:    captcomal
Location:     USA
Serial Num:  never give this info out
S Key:         never give this info out either
T Key:         never give this info out as well

TIP: set your RealName to be MAX2 Games so people can tell what game you are looking to play!


IP Address and port is blank
Proxy:         <None>
Hostname:   this is blank
I checked all the boxes on the left side except Old style launch button
I did not check the box on the right side
I set maximum downloads at one time to 5


I keep the default #CHAT for startup
I checked only the following options:
Open New Window on Private Messages
Close chat when you run a game
Users ask permission to join hosted channels
Beep on private message
Show message when files are offered
I also checked all three user boxes at the bottom


I checked the first four options and left the last one blank.
I set double click on player to Show information about player


Winsock Buffer size is 0
Number of Packet Buffers is 10
Chat Priority is Normal
IPX Send Priority is High
IPX Receive Priority is High


Parents can set this to have some control over Kali for their kids


This is the fun settings. You can add nicknames to the list (with the ADD button of course) and set a special color for their name ... plus set sound effects to play when they enter chat (or several other events).


If you want AUDIBLE ALERTS make sure to check out this options page! Here is a way to get started with it:

1) In the SOUND HOOKS list highlight PRIVATE MSG

2) Click on CHANGE button

3) Navigate the directory listings to find a SOUND.WAV file that you want to use for your notification. If you don't have sounds you can use a sound file in your Windows\Media subdirectory (such as Tada.wav).  Double click the file you want to use.

4) Click PLAY button to see if you like the sound.

5) Click OK button to accept all your changes.

NOTE: You probably also should do this for the SOUND HOOK named CHAT TIMEOUT. If you do not "talk" in the chat room for 15 minutes or so, KALI will pop up a box giving you 30 seconds to click OK or it will disconnect you from the CHAT room!  If you are not watching your KALI window, you may miss this and get signed off!  The AUDIBLE ALERT will advise you of your 30 second warning!


This is newly added to Kali. It might prove very useful ... send an EMail to if you have suggestions on its use!

If you find any errors please report them to so they can be corrected. Thanks.
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