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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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CHAT LOG for July 2

[20:02] *** MAX2Chris ( has joined #interplay

[20:02] <MAX2Chris> Sorry for being late.

[20:02] <Sir_Adam> Finally!

[20:02] <Lancelot> Hi chris

<CaptComal> Hi Chris

[20:02] <MAX2Chris> Hi, all!

[20:02] <Sir_Adam> hey dude

[20:02] <Duffy> Hi Chris !

[20:02] <Meghan> Hi Chris :)

[20:03] <MAX2Chris> Schew! Didn't keep my eye on the clock like I should have.

[20:03] <Lancelot> tsk tsk

[20:03] * Meghan scolds Chris.

[20:03] <Sir_Adam> i got one eyeball on my screen, one on the clock :)

[20:04] <Lancelot> must be hard on the eyes Sir Adam

[20:04] <Sir_Adam> actually, theyre both on the screen

[20:04] <Sir_Adam> ones just in the corner :)

[20:04] <MAX2Chris> Anyways, any questions/comments?

[20:04] <Sir_Adam> tooo many crashes

[20:04] <Lancelot> ditto

[20:04] <Sir_Adam> my computer locked up just double clicking something

[20:04] <Quell> I agree

[20:05] <MAX2Chris> We did catch a stupid error as soon as we shipped the final.

[20:05] <MAX2Chris> It is fixed in the patch.

[20:05] <MAX2Chris> (I wish it wasn't like that, but at least we have the patch.)

[20:05] <Sir_Adam> patch...

[20:05] <Lancelot> I have left the chat room and ever so often the game crashes just as I click the exit button

[20:05] <Duffy> SirAdam: v1.2

<CaptComal> Is FORMATION MOVE the default for a group making a move. It looks like it is. This causes my group of 3 guys to stop 2-3 moves too early most of the time

[20:05] <Sir_Adam> no offense, but i wish u guys would have let us make the first game ever that never needed a patch

[20:06] <Sir_Adam> i think we could have

[20:06] <MAX2Chris> We changed the movement code just before we shipped. It tries to keep in formation as much as possible, but it does it in small steps, in order to avoid problems with the terrain or enemy units.

[20:06] <Duffy> SirAdam ... I don't think that there's ever going to be such thing ...

<CaptComal> Units in a group still say NO PATH when there is a path.

[20:07] <MAX2Chris> Really? I haven't seen that happen in a long time. Can you get that to occur regularly? If so, we can fix it. Gus swears that problem should have been squashed.

<CaptComal> And when asked to move too far for one turn (say, 3 turns worth of moving), they stop too soon. I have to move each one individually 2 or 3 more grids.

[20:08] <Sir_Adam> how many ppl have bought max2 so far?

<CaptComal> Get it every now and then

[20:08] <Lancelot> What are you doing to make easier to find ppl and indicate wether that person has lag or not by putting a bar on top of the name?

<CaptComal> Tell Gus it is not squashed.

[20:08] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, hmmm. Is this in turn-based, simul or real time?

[20:08] <MAX2Chris> Sir Adam, I don't know.

<CaptComal> TB and SIM

[20:09] <Lancelot> I haven't bought it yet, no money.

<CaptComal> Got it last nite playing Retail game on Kali

[20:09] <LeJohn> unmoderated?

[20:09] <MAX2Chris> We should be adding a lag/ping time counter to and we are working on a way to get more people into the server.

<CaptComal> (never have been able to complete a game on MAX2.NET yet)

[20:09] <Sir_Adam> cause there's like.... nobody on the servers

[20:09] <Meghan> Yes

[20:09] <Sir_Adam> i completed one, but that's because i rushed

[20:10] <Lancelot> I'll play even with the crashes, just want to find ppl.

[20:10] <MAX2Chris> We have a lot of people logging on, but they are on for just brief moments. The numbers are picking up, however, as the game gets wider distribution in the retail channel.

[20:10] <Sir_Adam> and i got flamed for it :(

[20:10] <LeJohn> capt have any of the units used up theor movement points?

<CaptComal> Completed 3 games without a hitch with Kebler last night on Kali though

<CaptComal> LeJohn ... no

<CaptComal> all had movement left

[20:10] <MAX2Chris> Pause when enemy sighted?

<CaptComal> at least 2 grids, usually all had 3 moves left

<CaptComal> no enemy around ...

<CaptComal> but that is a good point

[20:11] <MAX2Chris> Hmmm. I'll ask Gus about it.

[20:11] <kebler> Hello everybody

[20:11] <Lancelot> Hi

<CaptComal> what you need is a video tape of games

<CaptComal> so you can see the problems

[20:11] <Lancelot> very hard to do CC

<CaptComal> Hi Kebler.

[20:11] <Sir_Adam> i can arrange that

[20:11] <LeJohn> hi kebler

[20:12] <Duffy> hey kebler

[20:12] <MAX2Chris> Hi, Kebler.

[20:12] <Sir_Adam> hi

[20:12] <MAX2Chris> "CC"?

[20:12] <Sir_Adam> carbon copy, i think

[20:12] <Lancelot> CaptComal = CC

<CaptComal> Chris ... you could send some of us the ATI All-In-Wonder video card .. it has video out to a VCR

[20:12] <Sir_Adam> lol

[20:12] <Lancelot> hehe

[20:12] <Sir_Adam> ok

[20:12] <LeJohn> =)

[20:12] <kebler> How's the development with the R.A.T.S.?

[20:12] <Duffy> Capt: Or a Matrox G200 ...

[20:12] <MAX2Chris> Heheheheh. (You're joking, right? Right?)

[20:13] <Lancelot> We never joke.:-)

<CaptComal> I think the ATI board is under $300

<CaptComal> no joke

[20:13] <Lancelot> And ATI is Canadian also, :-)

[20:13] <Duffy> <Capt' means it ...>

<CaptComal> would make great video tapes of games since the output goes direct to the VCR

[20:13] <MAX2Chris> Hmmm. We did video taping for debug purposes on Stonekeep and it didn't help as much as we thought it would.

<CaptComal> yes, but that was inhouse

[20:14] <MAX2Chris> The programmers really need a system for recreating the bug, so they can make it happen on their debugging stations with special software running in the background.

[20:14] <Lancelot> Better give in to his demands, he might blow.

<CaptComal> you need to see some dumb users doing things you never would do! :) (me included .. I can break it!)

[20:14] <Duffy> Capt, would you send video tapes to Interplay every few days ?

[20:14] <LeJohn> need a record feature

[20:14] <kebler> Rodent Assault Troopers in Space

[20:14] <kebler> R.A.T.S.

[20:14] <Lancelot> record a demo like in Descent

<CaptComal> Duffy ... sure, in the prepaid mailers they give me

[20:14] <Sir_Adam> now that's a game i want to play :)

[20:14] <kebler> and there is meghan's rats

<CaptComal> Chris ... the 9 button toggles in lower left .. .don't stay put

<CaptComal> Everytime I play I have to turn them on again

[20:16] <Sir_Adam> minny rodent: cost: 2 cheese "fast and cheap, but weak vunerabel to mouse traps" :)

<CaptComal> Aren't they supposed to stay the way I set them?

[20:16] <kebler> exept for the fog

[20:16] <MAX2Chris> Check to see if your max2.ini file is being made read only after you exit.

<CaptComal> yes, cept for fog

[20:16] <MAX2Chris> I have to set a batch file that does the following:

[20:16] <Lancelot> It's still hard to see the scouts in the hills.

[20:16] <MAX2Chris> max2run.bat

[20:16] <MAX2Chris> attrib -r max2.ini

[20:17] <MAX2Chris> max2.exe

[20:17] <Meghan> :)

<CaptComal> Couldn't MAX2.EXE do that too?

<CaptComal> How does it remember other stuff then?

<CaptComal> It remembered my map and my clan

[20:17] <MAX2Chris> I could be completely mistaken, then.

[20:17] * MAX2Chris taps toes for a moment.

<CaptComal> Wish they would just default to ALL ON... easier

[20:18] <Meghan> I think we should do R.A.T.S.

[20:18] <Sir_Adam> me too

[20:18] <kebler> rats rats and more RATS

[20:18] <MAX2Chris> I don't think it is saving that info in the .ini file, now that you mention it. (That's what I get for answering before reading all the message.)

[20:18] <Duffy> Interplay team: on the MAX2 site people can apply for future Interplay beta tests... my question is : are the MAX2 beta testers on that list ?

[20:19] <Duffy> [Some of us would like to test Starfleet Academy] ... right, Lance ?

[20:19] <MAX2Chris> Yes, I believe so. We have all the names of the beta-testers, and their e-mail addresses, unless they wanted to be removed.

<CaptComal> Chris ... can you have your crack programmers find a way for Patch#2 that will keep those 9 button toggles the way we last set them? Please?

[20:19] <MAX2Chris> I don't know of any future beta tests happening.

[20:19] <Lancelot> Chris, have you fixed the LOG ON when you leave the server to switch to the MAX2 one but it tells you are already on?

[20:19] <MAX2Chris> (At this time.)

[20:19] <Lancelot> Yes Duffy

[20:19] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, I will ask.

[20:19] <Sir_Adam> chris, what is your e-mail address?

[20:19] <Sir_Adam> my address has changed

[20:19] <MAX2Chris> Lancelot, that should automatically take place, but it does take up to 1 minute to cycle.

[20:20] <Lancelot> Starfleet Command isn't it Duffy

[20:20] <Lancelot> ok

[20:20] <MAX2Chris> Sir Adam, my e-mail address is:, but any beta test list e-mails should go directly to Paul Kellner at:

[20:20] <MAX2Chris> Duffy, we may do a beta test for SFC, but we don't know at this time.

[20:20] <Sir_Adam> so i can e-mail my new address to him and he will change it?

[20:20] <MAX2Chris> Sir Adam, you sure can.

[20:21] <Sir_Adam> thanx

[20:21] <Duffy> That game sounds very promising ... hope htat it won't become another action game, like Starfleet Academy

<CaptComal> Is there any message or error or something when a ver 1.1 trys to play a ver 1.2?

<CaptComal> (or demo)

[20:22] <MAX2Chris> Duffy, this isn't really the place or time to talk about SFC, but I can assure you -- it will not be an action game like SFA.

[20:22] <Lancelot> Chris, what about being able to see ppl when they join your game but have not selceted a spot yet? In the multiplayer setup window?

[20:22] <Duffy> Sorry for being off-topic ...

[20:22] <kebler> <Chris> Is there any way to get the server,Chat room,chat board to wrap all the seems to loose some or maybe we can't see them

[20:22] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, I don't know, sorry. I do know that you cannot see a real game if you are using the demo, or vice-versa.

[20:22] <MAX2Chris> Duffy, no problem.

<CaptComal> ok

[20:22] <MAX2Chris> Kebler, that is known bug that will be shortly fixed.

[20:23] <MAX2Chris> Lancelot, I'll ask the network programmer.

[20:23] <Duffy> Oh, did you change the lost character bug in the chat window on ?

[20:23] <kebler> ok cool

[20:23] <Lancelot> tye commands don't work either

[20:23] <Duffy> i mean, fix the bug ...

[20:23] <Lancelot> the

[20:23] <MAX2Chris> Duffy, that bug is on the current list, it should be fixed shortly.

[20:23] <MAX2Chris> Some of the commands are still not functional, like /chatcolor, but I think everything else is working, right? Right?

[20:23] <MAX2Chris> :)

<CaptComal> no

[20:23] <Lancelot> Right

<CaptComal> the set limit seemed to fail

[20:24] <Lancelot> I want o be a different colour

<CaptComal> like beige?

[20:24] <Lancelot> pink :-)

[20:24] <Lancelot> hehe

[20:24] <MAX2Chris> Lancelot, yep, so do I! Purple, man, purple!

[20:24] <Lancelot> LOL

[20:24] <kebler> purple haze man

<CaptComal> Chris ... did you know that the computer voice calls the magenta team GREEN

[20:24] <MAX2Chris> I do know that he has been working on more serious bugs, like crashes and lag, but it is on his list and should go live shortly.

[20:25] <Duffy> You could let us defing the colors ourselves (RGB) ...

[20:25] <Lancelot> That's how it works Duffy

[20:25] <Duffy> input a value for a color ... like HTML color definition ...

[20:25] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, that was because the programmer and the artists had a serious disagreement about what color should be used AFTER we went into the studio and recorded the voices.

[20:25] <Lancelot> Read the FAQ on th ONLINE site

[20:25] <Sir_Adam> "we won't die for lack of effort!" I love that one :)

[20:25] <MAX2Chris> Duffy, it does RGB values. /set chatcolor 255 255 255 is the proper command.

[20:25] <Duffy> it does ? I thought we get to pick one of predefined colors ... sorry ...

[20:26] <MAX2Chris> No problem, I was confused the first time I read the help file, myself.

[20:26] <Lancelot> LOL

[20:26] * Duffy hates being misinformed ...

[20:26] <MAX2Chris> Some of the voices came out pretty good, others I was less happy with.

<CaptComal> Chris ... but it causes a problem if you listen to the voice saying GREEN has finished his turn when really it was MAGENTA that did.

[20:27] <Duffy> What is the max. number of players a 33.6 connection should be able to support in RT ?

[20:27] <MAX2Chris> The audio department was working on a fix, but it looks like it slipped through the cracks. I'll see if the green/magenta bug is on the list.

[20:27] <Duffy> We had a game with 4 players running for 10 min.

[20:27] <Duffy> on a 33.6

[20:27] <Meghan> Hey folks.. we're going to hold another chat two weeks from now so I'm only going to give one shirt away tonight.

[20:27] <MAX2Chris> Duffy, hmmm. It's probably about 2, maybe 3. 4 would be stretching it, I would think.

[20:27] <kebler> Capt, thought there were more than one opponent there for a moment

[20:27] <Meghan> I can't give away more, there aren't enough people :(

[20:27] <LeJohn> shirt?

[20:27] <Duffy> shirt :)

<CaptComal> Meghan sure you can

<CaptComal> you have the power

[20:28] <Lancelot> Give us all one Meghan

<CaptComal> Lance has it right.

[20:28] <Meghan> No, I can't :P

[20:28] <Lancelot> Meghan the all poerrfull

<CaptComal> Cost is minor.

[20:28] <Lancelot> Powerfull

[20:28] <Lancelot> We showed up, that counts

[20:28] <Meghan> But, send me an email ( that says "I want a shirt!" in the email and we'll let the winner know on Monday.

[20:28] <kebler> but the shipping adds up

[20:28] <Meghan> It's not the cost, I only have a few of them and I can't get any more.

<CaptComal> I used to give away shirts for my company, and I only had a dozen staff ...we were tiny!

[20:29] <Lancelot> send me the artwork, I'll make my own

[20:29] <Meghan> Hehe

[20:29] <Sir_Adam> anybody own die by the sword?

<CaptComal> They can make more ... the company that makes them saves the "negative"

[20:29] <Sir_Adam> ???

[20:30] <Lancelot> Send me the electronic artword.

[20:30] <Sir_Adam> ??

[20:30] <kebler> I want a tee shirt with the max2 on the front, on the back Max2 eating R.A.T.S

[20:30] <Lancelot> artwork

[20:30] <Sir_Adam> ?

[20:30] <Lancelot> LOL

[20:30] <MAX2Chris> :)

[20:30] <LeJohn> thats sick keb

[20:30] <Lancelot> Sir Adam, whats the ?? for?

[20:30] <Sir_Adam> asked if anyone had die by sword

[20:30] <Lancelot> sorry, not me

[20:31] <Sir_Adam> naibody?

[20:31] <kebler> Look at the box to the Max2 game that's pretty mutacious

[20:31] <LeJohn> not me, thats not a strategy game =)

[20:31] <Duffy> SirAdam: not me ...

[20:31] <Sir_Adam> just wanted to know if someone wanted to have a game of it after chat

[20:31] <Lancelot> Chris, we had a game once with 5 ppl, everytime the last person choose a spot, one other would get bumbed off. Ever had this happen?

[20:32] <MAX2Chris> Hmmm. Weird.

[20:32] <Lancelot> Had to start with 4

[20:32] <Sir_Adam> anybody got max2 beta ?? :)

[20:32] <MAX2Chris> Is this through the server or the LAN?

[20:32] <MAX2Chris> Sir Adam, :)

[20:32] <Lancelot> On

[20:32] <LeJohn> that happen in max1 too

[20:32] <Meghan> afk

[20:32] <Duffy> Sir_Adam: ummm .... no :)

[20:32] <Lancelot> Sir Adam I do :-)

[20:32] <MAX2Chris> I'll let Zach now, and he can keep an eye out for it.

[20:32] <Duffy> why are you asking ...

[20:33] <Sir_Adam> anyone want to have a game of that????????

[20:33] <Lancelot> Most of us were on 33.6 if it helps

[20:33] <Sir_Adam> hopefully which will last 10 mins

[20:33] <MAX2Chris> Thanks, yeah, that was probably it, but it could have been something else.

[20:33] <Lancelot> TB lasts longer

[20:33] * Duffy thinks SirAdam wants to try his rush tactics on us ... :)

[20:34] <MAX2Chris> Heh-heh. Sir Adam was going to cream me in that one game... :)

[20:34] <Lancelot> LOL

[20:34] <Sir_Adam> hey.... dont be dissin' my tactics :)

[20:34] <Lancelot> but Chris made the game crash right?

[20:34] <MAX2Chris> I used my Secret Crash Other Computer command. :)

[20:34] <Sir_Adam> i had 20-something gaps waiting for chris

[20:35] <LeJohn> thats not a screcrte 8p

[20:35] <Sir_Adam> u did did u?

[20:35] <Sir_Adam> +)

[20:35] <Lancelot> Have you fixed the points when the game crashes. Like noone gets them if the game crashes?

[20:35] <Duffy> LAnce, the server can't determine if the game has crashed or the other person has disconnected

[20:36] <MAX2Chris> I think it has to assign points, otherwise people might cheat and crash their machine on purpose in order to not award points to other players.

[20:36] <Sir_Adam> that's not really cheating

<CaptComal> Chris ... not what they told me

[20:36] <Lancelot> How about the game sending a signal to the server telling it that the person hit the exit button or something?

<CaptComal> They said all people LOOSE points on a crashed game

[20:36] <Sir_Adam> the crasher doesnt get points either

<CaptComal> Has that changed?

[20:36] <Lancelot> I actually got points once.

[20:36] <Lancelot> lots of them to

[20:37] <Lancelot> :-)

[20:37] <Sir_Adam> lanc, disconnect is when the player gets cut from the game

<CaptComal> I am down to 333 and never finished a game yet ... server kept disconnecting the game on us

[20:37] <Sir_Adam> not when he exits properly

[20:37] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, really? I may have misundestood what they said. Only the person who's game crashed gets docked, and that's just because the system can't tell if you crashed or if you ALT-TABed and shut down the MAX2 process.

[20:37] <Lancelot> I'm up to 2000+ and haven't finished a game yet

[20:37] <MAX2Chris> It's just plain wacky, and I hope they get it fixed -- soon.

<CaptComal> Chris ... really ... I told them that was a rotten policy! Makes you feel really good to have the server disconnecct you then deduct 500 points from your ranking

[20:38] <Duffy> Lance, I think that it depends which computer crashes - client or server ...

<CaptComal> (it did that to me once)

[20:38] <Sir_Adam> maybe u should shut down the server, and stick a giant "under construction" sign on it

[20:38] <Lancelot> How about a ranking system like in Descent?

[20:39] <Duffy> If the client disconnects, the server understands it as "disconnect" and the client loses points ...

[20:39] <Lancelot> Duffy, one game we both had the server tell us that the othewr person crashed

[20:39] <MAX2Chris> I just don't know what they can do without having people jack up the scores. Perhaps not award any points to anyone from a crashed game, but not deduct, either. But then, if some loser decides to be a pain he could quit and force everyone in the game to not score points.

[20:39] <Duffy> <That is at least how I understand it ...>

<CaptComal> Duffy, I never ever have disconnected myself ... it always has been done TO me.

[20:39] <MAX2Chris> If a player quits, the server understands what happens, but if the player just shuts off their machine or ends the MAX2 task, I don't know what it does...

[20:39] <Lancelot> Chris, but if he quits the others go one and finish?

[20:40] <Meghan> Hi Fryed

[20:40] <MAX2Chris> If a person doesn't exit the game gracefully, I don't think the game can continue. We're really talking about jerks who screw with other people, but we may have gone too far trying to protect players from any jerk like activity... :)

<CaptComal> Chris ... it is not appropriate to deduct points from everyone.. that way you are punishing everyone for a fault of your server or someone who disconnects when he is losing.

[20:40] <Duffy> IMO everybody who ends the game inproperly (either crashing or disconnecting) should be deducted points ...

[20:41] <MAX2Chris> I don't think it deducts points from everyone, only people who are disconnected...

[20:41] <Duffy> It might seem unfair, but it's the only way to stop lamers from disconnecting

[20:41] <MAX2Chris> But that does screw people who have a crash.

[20:41] <MAX2Chris> I don't know of a very good solution, unfortunately, but we are willing to make changes if we can come up with something better.

[20:41] <Duffy> Yes, but in the long run it's the only sollution ... have you seen what happened to and Starcraft ?

[20:41] <Lancelot> How about not having any point system that way we all stop complaining about it? ;-)

<CaptComal> Duffy ... punishing the innocent is not "the only way".

[20:42] <Sir_Adam> i think points should be given for total kills vs losses, not games won and lost

[20:42] <MAX2Chris> Lancelot, then people would complain we don't have a point system... :)

[20:42] <Lancelot> touché

[20:42] <MAX2Chris> Sir Adam, that's interesting, but then what is to stop two people working together from racking up a bunch of points.

[20:42] <LeJohn> all this is based on the fact that there are ppl that wont play fair, simple dont play with them agan

[20:42] <kebler> cant we all just get along and play nice...

[20:42] <MAX2Chris> Yep, it sucks. (To use the vernacular.)

<CaptComal> I agree with LeJohn

[20:43] <Duffy> CaptComal: I don't know about you, but I'd rather loose points for being disconnected or crashing than some lamer disconnecting when I'm wnning ...

<CaptComal> His method does not penalize the innocent

[20:43] <Lancelot> How about a BAN feature that bans that person's name or ip address or somehting?

<CaptComal> Let the lamers rack up huge scores ... who cares ... just don't knock mine down due to them!@

[20:43] <MAX2Chris> There is a ban command that works for the game host.

[20:43] <LeJohn> also I find it hard to bleave that someone will spend the money to buy a game and not play it right

[20:43] <Sir_Adam> the innocent would be ppl with bad connection

[20:43] <Duffy> Capt: Many ppl addopt the lame tactics ... we cannot assume that we know everybody we play

[20:43] <MAX2Chris> It works off the account information, but it does not ban by ip address.

[20:44] <LeJohn> yes, and the word spreads fast on trators

[20:44] <Lancelot> Lejohn , it happens allthe time

[20:44] <MAX2Chris> LeJohn, unfortunately, it happens all the time. Look at UO, Starcraft, Diablo... :)

[20:44] <Lancelot> Descent 2 also has major cheaters

[20:44] <Sir_Adam> word spreads fast on a server

[20:44] <LeJohn> in the demos yes, but not on real (full) games

[20:44] <Sir_Adam> but not between them

[20:45] <Sir_Adam> people will go to a server and stick with it

[20:45] <Sir_Adam> little "clans"

[20:45] <Duffy> And we can't assume that tehe game will be crashing very often (after a few patches :) )

[20:45] <Lancelot> I quit playing Diablo online cause of all the PK'ers

[20:45] <Duffy> Lance: me too ...

[20:45] <Lancelot> No fun if you have to cheat just toplay

[20:45] <LeJohn> thats what clans are for, fair games

[20:45] <Sir_Adam> what is so fun about diablo online?

[20:46] <Duffy> We have to think of a good solution ...

[20:46] <Sir_Adam> you beat the game with other ppl, big deal

[20:46] <kebler> slice and dice..

[20:46] <Lancelot> playing with other ppl Sir Adam

[20:46] <MAX2Chris> I'll be right back...

[20:46] <Sir_Adam> k

[20:46] <LeJohn> is always funner than playing with your self =)

[20:46] <Duffy> SirAdam: nothing ... it could have been fun, but with all teh item duplicators, PKers etc ...

<CaptComal> If less than 1% of the players are jerks/lamers ... the solution should not be detrimental to the over 99%

[20:46] <Lancelot> sir Adam seems to be moody tonight :-)

[20:46] <kebler> What's new Meghan?

[20:46] <Sir_Adam> bored

[20:47] <Meghan> Not much Kebler!

[20:47] <kebler> board=woody

[20:47] <Sir_Adam> told ya, no new good strategy games

[20:47] <Meghan> Making the rat's dinner.

[20:47] <Lancelot> Meghan, ever had RAT soup? I hear it's good when your starving.

[20:47] <Sir_Adam> (no pun intended)

[20:47] <Meghan> Hehe no, but we're thinking the babies are just about the right size to saute'.

[20:47] <Lancelot> send me some

[20:47] <kebler> Ohh yes

[20:47] <Meghan> They're the perfect size for breading and deep-frying, too.

[20:47] <Lancelot> Damn time zones

[20:48] <Meghan> Although they have a little too much fur now, should have gotten them when they were still naked.

[20:48] <Lancelot> bread coating plz

[20:48] <kebler> Le`creamed rat

[20:48] <Lancelot> hehe

[20:48] <Meghan> This rat (mom) eats better than I do :P

[20:48] <MAX2Chris> I'm back.

[20:48] <Lancelot> RAT flambé

[20:48] <kebler> hehe

[20:48] <Meghan> WB Chris

[20:49] <Lancelot> Chris is back and your gonna be sorry, hey now hey now Chris is back .

[20:49] <MAX2Chris> :)

<CaptComal> However ... regarding the ranking issue ... LAN games are not ranked ... thus games on KALI do not have this issue (the pros nor the cons)

[20:49] <Loudman> may I suggest some kind of way that points are only registered when two players agree to end a game?

<CaptComal> Same with games on HEAT (which I am told MAX2 runs on )

[20:49] <MAX2Chris> Then it's not really a rating system.

[20:49] <Lancelot> Loudman, tha problems is that when the games crashes or someone leaves.

[20:50] <Loudman> perhaps...but its fair competition between interested parties.

[20:50] <Loudman> it steps around crashes.

[20:50] <Sir_Adam> has it been LAN tested much yet?

[20:50] <Meghan> It seems like it would be too easy to throw games that way.

[20:50] <Lancelot> If the game didn`t crash we would have a fair ranking system.

[20:50] <MAX2Chris> LAN is probably the best tested of all multiplayer modes.

[20:50] <Lancelot> Damn french keyboard layout

[20:50] <Sir_Adam> ok, i wont bother with it then

<CaptComal> do a rating system that lets the lamers rack up huge rankings ... who cares!? the other 99% will have a good ranking system (we just ignore the people at the very top)

[20:51] <Lancelot> That's one way CaptComal

[20:51] <Loudman> it could be balanced by factoring in say..number of turns played and unit kills/losses.

[20:51] <Sir_Adam> capt, what if someone is just really good

[20:51] <Sir_Adam> u can still get moren points by playing non-lamers

<CaptComal> what of it?

[20:51] <LeJohn> yes

[20:51] <MAX2Chris> The current rating system ignores games that are less than 5 minutes.

<CaptComal> They get a top ranking then.

[20:51] <kebler> capt and I LAN teasted max2 lastnight,well this morning 3 games no problem on kali

[20:52] <Duffy> Capt: yes, but if we show that lamers are tolerated, a lot of people would start using disconnects ...

[20:52] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, a non-competetive ranking system won't work for all players (especially the competitive ones.) who will yell and scream at any potential abuses...

<CaptComal> Duffy ... they would do that to get high scores ... don't play the high score people if that is your concern

[20:52] <LeJohn> no cause you wont play them agan'

[20:52] <Loudman> shouldn't award any points on a disconnect.

[20:52] <Sir_Adam> ppl wont "aspire" to be the best, because then noone would play them

<CaptComal> Loudman ... correct

[20:53] <Lancelot> Loudman is correct

<CaptComal> we could create a BLACKLIST

<CaptComal> Heaven would be a nice place for it, eh?

[20:53] <Lancelot> CaptComal, all they have to do is create another account

[20:53] <Loudman> who would police such a list?

[20:53] <MAX2Chris> :)

[20:53] <Duffy> Well ... if the complete ranking system is disorted by lamers, that's not the best sollution ...

[20:53] <Sir_Adam> maybe u could put a #/# games finsished out of games played

[20:53] <LeJohn> I think your all woring about a small problem instead of the bigger one

[20:53] <Duffy> you wouldn't know who is approx. your skill level ...

<CaptComal> The game is for FUN ... the ranking is to GUIDE you to gamers or your caliber.

[20:54] <Duffy> LeJohn: that would be ...

[20:54] <Lancelot> Sir Adam has a point

[20:54] <MAX2Chris> That should be up there, Sir Adam. It was in the design docs... :) It is shown for the game host (use the Chart method for selecing a game.)

<CaptComal> It is not a tournament, so who cares what lamers do to get to the top.

[20:54] <Sir_Adam> for example, joe finished 7 out of 10 games (7/10)

[20:54] <Duffy> Sir_Adam ... nice idea !

[20:54] <Sir_Adam> thanx

[20:54] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, we have to support all types of gamers.

[20:55] <Loudman> exactly

[20:55] <LeJohn> if the serverproblem doesnt get fixed then max2 will not, or may even turn some ppl off of max)universe)

[20:55] <Duffy> Capt: if the lamers disort the rank, you wouldn't be able to play people with your skill level ...

[20:55] <MAX2Chris> Is the 1.2 patch available?

<CaptComal> Chris ... I did not suggest you not support them all

[20:55] <LeJohn> then we wont get to do Max Classic =)

[20:55] <Lancelot> Yes Chris

[20:55] <Sir_Adam> so joe would show up like this: 2500 (points) 7/10 (games finished out of games played)

<CaptComal> Just don't penalize the innocent.

<CaptComal> Our society does not like that

[20:55] <MAX2Chris> Sir Adam, that is the intention.

[20:55] <Loudman> why would you even score games not finished?

<CaptComal> NetStorm had that games completed out of games played feature too

[20:56] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, oh, it's a social discussion now? :)

<CaptComal> Was very nice

[20:56] <kebler> yes chris I downloaded it earlier.

[20:56] <Lancelot> I agree with loudman, don't score games that don't finish

[20:56] <Duffy> Loudman: because some people would intenrionally disconnect if you are winning to avoid losing points

[20:56] <LeJohn> i agree also

[20:56] <MAX2Chris> Loudman, because you could be winning and your opponent could disconnect intentionally to deny you your justly deserved points.

[20:56] <Loudman> then thats the way it is.

[20:56] <Duffy> Hey, what about letting the player rejoin after a disconnect ?

[20:56] <MAX2Chris> (Yeah, what Duffy said! :)

[20:57] <MAX2Chris> Duffy, the game wouldn't know what to do. It would be out of synch.

[20:57] <Loudman> No points for lamers.

[20:57] <LeJohn> so, dont play them agan and tell two frends ect... run them off the servers

[20:57] <Duffy> The AI would take over his units during the disconnect / downtime

<CaptComal> Agree with LeJohn

[20:57] <Duffy> he could join within a few minutes ...

[20:57] <Sir_Adam> chris: the AI could replace the player

[20:57] <Sir_Adam> until he comes

[20:57] <MAX2Chris> Self-policing doesn't seem to work in online games. Look at UO, Diablo, Starcraft, etc...

[20:57] <Sir_Adam> back

[20:57] <Dug> Hi

[20:57] <MAX2Chris> It really sucks for brandnew players.

[20:57] <Lancelot> Duffy, what if the computer ended up being better than the human

[20:57] <MAX2Chris> Who don't know who the badguys are.

<CaptComal> Disconnect means no points, and lamers can hang up to prevent you from gaining points, but could not cause you to actually LOSE any points

[20:57] <MAX2Chris> Sir_Adam, nope, same synch problem.

[20:58] <kebler> hello <dug>

[20:58] <LeJohn> yes it does, look on heat, jedi, starseige, duke

[20:58] <Sir_Adam> really?

[20:58] <Dug> Quick question

[20:58] <Duffy> Lance: if the computer wins, than the game goes unranked ... if the guy who disconnected doesn't join within 5 min, the other guy gets a win

[20:58] <LeJohn> rember this is not a shooter or easy kill game

[20:58] <MAX2Chris> LeJohn, to be honest, I'm not familiar with those places.

[20:58] <MAX2Chris> Dug, go ahead.

<CaptComal> Duffy ... that would be good

[20:59] <Loudman> the only benefit of scoring games not finished would be to allow you to see those players who have a habit of 'Not finishing'. That would be helpful to identify troublesome opponents.

[20:59] <Duffy> but I highly doubt that the AI would be able to defeat someone in such short ammount of time ..

[20:59] <Dug> Anyone else having problems with crashes on the turn based mode?

[20:59] <LeJohn> Thats where I play and I have only had a few problems

[20:59] <MAX2Chris> (I don't think having an AI replace a disconnected player is possible.)

[20:59] <Duffy> No ? ...

[20:59] <Sir_Adam> chris: will units owned by a player who leaves remain when he leaves (like SC)

[20:59] <Sir_Adam> or blow up like BZ

[20:59] <kebler> yes more so than rt

[20:59] <MAX2Chris> Dug, make sure you grab the 1.2 patch, but no, I'm not familiar with any known crash bugs in TB.

[20:59] <LeJohn> If a PC/team killer shows up everyone stops what there doing and nuterlizes the pc

[20:59] <Lancelot> TB is more stable than RT

[20:59] <Dug> Ahh, must be just out

[21:00] <MAX2Chris> Sir Adam, yes, I believe so. They will not do anything, however.

[21:00] <Lancelot> ye Dug, just out today

[21:00] <Dug> how long you guys going to be here?

[21:00] <MAX2Chris> What time is it? :)

[21:00] <Lancelot> Chris, how is the self patching utility coming?

[21:00] <Duffy> Chris: can the units at least keep their AI which is active during the game (automove, autoshoot) ?

<CaptComal> 860K for the patch

[21:00] <Lancelot> 10:09pm here

[21:00] <Dug> 10 EDT

[21:00] <MAX2Chris> (I really need to get a watch... )

[21:00] <LeJohn> 9:13

[21:00] <Loudman> you need to go home..

<CaptComal> my computer is my watch

[21:00] <MAX2Chris> Another 45 minutes or so...

[21:00] <Sir_Adam> i can just see it now: capturing a whole neutral base with some infiltrators

[21:00] <Duffy> So the disconnected player could at least defend his position ...

[21:01] * Meghan is away, bbl [log:ON] [page:ON] [email:not-set-yet]

[21:01] <kebler> The 1.2 patch your refering too is thatfor the full ver.. or the multiplayer beta???

[21:01] <Lancelot> Send me the game and I'll senfd you a watch

[21:01] <MAX2Chris> Lancelot, the self-patching utility is mostly done. It should be up in the next rev. They are testing it now.

[21:01] <LeJohn> lol

<CaptComal> retail game has the patch

[21:01] <Dug> I'll see if it helps have two files that crash every time

[21:01] <MAX2Chris> Duffy, no I don't think so.

[21:01] <Sir_Adam> i got to go

[21:01] <Sir_Adam> cya

[21:01] <MAX2Chris> Kebler, full version.

[21:01] <MAX2Chris> Sir Adam, see you later!

[21:01] <Lancelot> Bye Sir_Adam

[21:01] <Duffy> Cya SirAdam ...

[21:01] <LeJohn> sir when do you want to test?

[21:02] <kebler> wonder what that would to the multiplayer game?

[21:02] <Dug> be back later

[21:02] <Sir_Adam> ill be here probly 5-9 tomorrow

[21:02] <Sir_Adam> pm

[21:02] <LeJohn> chris when are the forst of the server bugs going to be fixed?

[21:02] <Sir_Adam> eastern time

[21:02] <LeJohn> ok

[21:02] <Lancelot> EST?

[21:02] <MAX2Chris> The server has already been upgraded.

[21:02] <Sir_Adam> cya guys later

[21:02] <Lancelot> bye

[21:02] <MAX2Chris> The 1.2 client has some more fixes.

[21:02] <LeJohn> ok, thans

[21:02] <kebler> cya

[21:03] <kebler> cya

[21:03] <MAX2Chris> I do know there is at least one more patch coming, and we will continue to upgrade as necessary.

[21:03] <LeJohn> ok, i off tommarrow so avalible for testing =)

[21:03] <MAX2Chris> Happy 4th!

<CaptComal> Chris did the 1.2 fix the problem that if you play multiplayer and select internet that the game crashes if you did not dial the internet first?

[21:03] <kebler> all day testing???

[21:03] <LeJohn> YES!

[21:03] <Lancelot> Gotta work, no holidy here.

[21:04] <Duffy> Lancelot, happy Canada Day ... (a bit late ...)

[21:04] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, I don't know. Let me see if the programmer is still here and I will ask.

<CaptComal> LeJohn ... count me in for some games then

[21:04] <kebler> icq me asap

[21:04] <Lancelot> Thx Duffy, you to

[21:04] <LeJohn> ok icq me

[21:04] <phishstic> any one know any Freespace dedicated servers???

[21:04] <kebler> test test test

[21:04] <Duffy> We had a F-18 fly-by here in Edmonton ... (I am really going WAY off topic tonight)

[21:04] <kebler> your offline

[21:05] <Loudman> boy...this is really laden with canadians here tonite.

[21:05] <Lancelot> My ICQ is 8507728 to play MAX2 tomorrow night

[21:05] <phishstic> duffy cool, saw one fly over me in quebec once

[21:05] <phishstic> IM canadian tooooo

[21:05] <Loudman> likewise.

[21:05] <Lancelot> I lived next to an airfield in Montreal

[21:05] <phishstic> hey lancelot, you got Freespace????

[21:05] <kebler> ok merlin

[21:05] <LeJohn> ok

[21:05] <phishstic> any one got Freespace?

[21:05] <Lancelot> Not yet Phishstic

[21:05] <MAX2Chris> Okay, it is known, but not fixed in the 1.2 version, it will be fixed shortly. In the mean time, just connect to your ISP first. Windows is putting up a window that you cannot access, and that is causing the problem.

[21:05] <Lancelot> Can't afford it

[21:06] <phishstic> K , been there

[21:06] <Lancelot> Putting wife through school

<CaptComal> Thanks for checking Chris

[21:06] <Lancelot> Computer Programming, very expensive

<CaptComal> That will be a problem for new players.

[21:06] <Loudman> What school?

[21:06] <phishstic> Freespace ANYONE???????

[21:06] <Loudman> sorry..MAX2

[21:06] <MAX2Chris> I just got freespace, but I haven't loaded it yet.

[21:06] <Lancelot> Algonquin College

[21:06] <MAX2Chris> :)

[21:06] <Loudman> In Montreal.

[21:07] <phishstic> max2chris want my ICQ so we can play sometime????

[21:07] <Lancelot> Maybe I'll have her apply to Interplay

[21:07] <MAX2Chris> Don't they have PO (Parallax Online)?

[21:07] <Lancelot> In Ottawa

[21:07] <phishstic> i dont know how to register to PO!!!

[21:07] <Lancelot> I used to live in MTL

[21:07] <MAX2Chris> Sorry, man, I don't have ICQ... :)

[21:07] <phishstic> i went to the PO site and it's useless

[21:07] <MAX2Chris> Ahh, bummer.

[21:07] <Lancelot> freespae online is tough due to lag I hear

[21:08] <MAX2Chris> They did come out with a patch that helps, but they are still working on it.

[21:08] <phishstic> it's tough to even figure out how the hell to get on it

[21:08] <MAX2Chris> They'll get it fixed, I have no doubt. :)

[21:08] <phishstic> i got the V1.02 patch already

[21:08] <Lancelot> I can only buy Freespace and MAX2 in september if lucky

[21:08] <LeJohn> is there an newere beta than 1.1?

[21:08] <Loudman> How much of a problem is lag with MAX2?

[21:08] <phishstic> sooo many patches for sooo many games

[21:08] <MAX2Chris> Lejohn, the last beta was 1.1.

[21:08] <Lancelot> Yes Lejohn, it's 1.2

[21:08] <MAX2Chris> There is a 1.2 patch for the demo.

[21:08] <Lancelot> or the patch is 1.2

[21:08] <phishstic> they're working on 1.3 now

[21:09] <Lancelot> what ever

[21:09] <MAX2Chris> :)

[21:09] <Lancelot> I'm tired

[21:09] <phishstic> it's gonna be like Quake 2 2324242 patches

<CaptComal> Chris ... you mean the DEMO has to have the patch too?

[21:09] <MAX2Chris> That I understand.

[21:09] <Duffy> Lance, isn't the 1.2 patch for the retail version only ?

<CaptComal> Where is that patch?

[21:09] <phishstic> you want the 1.2 patch??

[21:09] <LeJohn> so test with thye demo not the beta???

[21:09] <Lancelot> hehe

[21:09] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, it doesn't have to have it, but we did put a new demo and patched the older beta demo.

[21:10] <Lancelot> Duffy, the patch is also for the demo

<CaptComal> The new demo just appeared today at 27 meg ... that one is OK (no patch needed), right?

[21:10] <MAX2Chris> (I could be wrong, I don't actually cruise the boards, I just overhear people talking about it.)

[21:10] <Lancelot> I think, like I said I'm tired

[21:10] <phishstic> no, shareware doesn't have patch yet, i think

[21:10] <MAX2Chris> That should be correct. If it appeared today, it's 1.2.

[21:10] <LeJohn> #$#@# I finaly got the beta downloaded... =)

[21:10] <Lancelot> It's up on Adrenaline vault ste

<CaptComal> at 27Meg it is one that I will download while I am sleeping!

[21:10] <MAX2Chris> Heh.

[21:10] <phishstic> you could get it in the new PCgamer

<CaptComal> LeJohn ... what is the program name for the EXE file in the DEMO?

[21:11] <kebler> Le john yea but now you need the patch

[21:11] <LeJohn> julys?

<CaptComal> (hope it is not MAX2.EXE)

[21:11] <Lancelot> mex2.exe

[21:11] <Lancelot> max2.exe

[21:11] <phishstic> yep julys

[21:11] <LeJohn> I dont have the demo sorry =(

[21:11] <Lancelot> patch replaces the max2.exe

[21:11] <LeJohn> Ill buy that instead +0

[21:12] <MAX2Chris> Heh.

<CaptComal> Does anyone have the DEMO that was released today?

[21:12] <LeJohn> can I patch the Beta?>

<CaptComal> I am interested in what the program name is for the EXE file

[21:12] <phishstic> so does ANYone have Freespace, full version?!?!

[21:12] <Loudman> no

[21:12] <LeJohn> nopy sorry

[21:12] <Andrew> no

[21:12] <kebler> Chris you want to set this beta ,demo, retail ver...PATCH thing straight...

[21:12] <Andrew> please

[21:12] <Lancelot> Captcomal, I haven't d/l the new demo

[21:13] <MAX2Chris> Kebler, you are correct -- hang on a second.

[21:13] <phishstic> awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

[21:13] <phishstic> well is anyone thinking of getting it sooooooon???

[21:13] <Loudman> no

[21:13] <kebler> yes

[21:13] <Andrew> yes

[21:13] <LeJohn> ywes

[21:13] <kebler> Next month

[21:13] <Lancelot> not till september Phishtic

[21:13] <MAX2Chris> I show the current beta as 1.1a

[21:14] <LeJohn> I just sent off for max2 so I blew my cash for this month =0

[21:14] <LeJohn> thats the beta I have, is there a patch for it?

[21:14] <Lancelot> cash, what's that

[21:14] <kebler> ok chris does 1.1a need a patch?

<CaptComal> (beta 1.1a ... yep) (retail CD is 1.1 ... patch for it is 1.2) (Demo is ?? 1.2 ??)

[21:16] <MAX2Chris> I'm downloading it just to be sure that what is on the server is the most recent version (160k a sec, so it should be another minute or two.)

[21:16] <Meghan> Hi Jonny

<CaptainComal> Hi Jonny (without the H) :)

[21:17] <MAX2Chris> Heh

[21:17] <kebler> Hi jonny

[21:17] <JFinite> boo!

[21:17] <Lancelot> Chris, canI have your connection to the net :-)

[21:17] <kebler> that's all you missed

[21:17] <Xander> Hey Jonny! Still got the jester cap on?

[21:18] <JFinite> no, Xander, not at the moment.

[21:18] <phishstic> hey who's ..Merlin

[21:18] <JFinite> made my head too hot

[21:18] <Lancelot> I am

[21:18] <JFinite> heya Comal

[21:18] <kebler> Merlin is a magician

[21:18] <Xander> Heard there was talk of FreeSpace, so I decided to pop in?

[21:18] <Lancelot> Lancelot is known as ..Merlin

[21:18] <Loudman> nope...MAX2

[21:19] <phishstic> K

[21:19] <Xander> What do you guys think of Max 2?

[21:19] <Lancelot> on kali #682

[21:19] <phishstic> Xander yeah you got freespace???

[21:19] <Lancelot> MAX 2 is very good for me

[21:19] <Loudman> that's a very broad question...

[21:19] <LeJohn> I like everthing but the cursors

[21:19] <phishstic> uh this will sound dumb but what is MAX 2???

[21:19] <Xander> Yes, I'm a veteran of the war... :) Currently suffering from PTSD...

[21:19] <LeJohn> Chris "Cursors??"

[21:19] <Dug> Back

[21:20] <kebler> The magicial misterious merlin...

[21:20] <Lancelot> Cursors are cool

[21:20] <Dug> Patch was no better

[21:20] <Lancelot> Yes kebler, what can I do for you

[21:20] <MAX2Chris> The latest demo is 1.1c.

[21:21] <MAX2Chris> LeJohn, what about the cursors? :)

[21:21] <LeJohn> I HATE the infiltrators cursors, they keep shooting instread of what they are suposed to

[21:21] <Lancelot> 1.1c, where can we get it?

[21:21] <kebler> Magicialy make me some cookies soo I can play Max2 all night Heheheh

[21:21] <Lancelot> I only make defensive and offensive spells, no cookies

[21:21] <LeJohn> Cant thell in a RT game, to abstract in the heat of battle

[21:21] <Loudman> you won't need coffee with those cookies..will you?

[21:21] <Dug> Chris, still have two files that are will always crash.

[21:21] <MAX2Chris> It's at: in the downloads section.

[21:22] <Lancelot> thx chris

[21:22] <Dug> Only two games I've played <sigh>?

<CaptainComal> Demo 1.1c is the 27Meg download put up today I think

[21:22] <LeJohn> Chris I thought the cursors were getting reworked..

[21:22] <JFinite> out of curiosity, has anyone here download the Interplay MAX 2 Plus! theme I tossed together?

<CaptainComal> yes

[21:22] <Lancelot> I did

<CaptainComal> I did

[21:22] <LeJohn> not yet

[21:22] <JFinite> did ya like it at all?

[21:22] <Lancelot> have it installed now

[21:22] <Lancelot> I love the cursors

<CaptainComal> desktop wallpaper too busy looking for me

<CaptainComal> I use the cursors

[21:23] <kebler> How about a tripple `cafe late`

[21:23] <Lancelot> background is cool to, bkgrd should be cover of box

[21:23] <MAX2Chris> LeJohn, the cursors did get reworked from the larger things.

<CaptainComal> would like to get a choice from all the sounds in the game so I can choose my own (picky picky)

[21:23] <Lancelot> Kebler, no food items :-)

[21:23] <JFinite> I don't have a box shot big enough

[21:23] <LeJohn> ewwwuuuu ok then...... sigh lol

[21:23] <phishstic> Xander are you still with me here

[21:23] <Lancelot> resample it to 800x600

[21:23] <kebler> $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

[21:23] <Xander> I'm in both rooms. It's like omnipresence, but without the omni...

[21:23] <Lancelot> That noone can do

<CaptainComal> Jonny ... be careful if you ask this group anything!

[21:24] <JFinite> Comal - if it's too busy, drop the jpg file into a graphics program, change it to a bitmap, then use that as the background

[21:24] <phishstic> Cartman is on my tv

[21:24] * JFinite smacks Lancelot

[21:24] <JFinite> no

[21:24] <Lancelot> I would scan the box if I had a box cover

[21:24] <Lancelot> why you do that JFinite??

[21:24] <JFinite> I made it a .jpg on purpose so that Plus! could scale it

[21:24] <LeJohn> hmmm did you kick him maghan?

[21:24] * JFinite chuckles

[21:24] <MAX2Chris> Heh.

<CaptainComal> Jonny ... cool IDEA ... maybe in my photo impact I can fade it down a bit so I can just barely see it ... that would be nicer

[21:25] * JFinite nods to Comal

[21:25] <Xander> :)

[21:25] <Dug> Chris, did you see my message thast the patch didn't help

[21:25] <JFinite> I'm probably going to make a better background when I have time. Right now I don't have time to do much of anything. Just ask Xander

[21:25] <phishstic> XAner talk to me, you got Freespace

[21:25] <JFinite> brb

[21:25] <Lancelot> I will rework the bkgrd at work in photopaint

[21:25] <JFinite> ah, there we go

[21:25] <MAX2Chris> Dug,

[21:25] <Lancelot> will warp it :-)

[21:25] <Dug> I'm here

[21:26] <Lancelot> So chris, what r the beta testers getting or are we not getting?

[21:26] <MAX2Chris> Dug, hmmm. I'm not sure then. I would contact our tech support department and ask them.

[21:26] * JFinite tosses some PEZ to the crowd...

[21:26] <MAX2Chris> Lancelot, that's a question for Paul... (Ducking the question.)

[21:26] <Lancelot> hehe

[21:26] * JFinite grins at Chris

[21:26] <Dug> Will do

[21:26] <Lancelot> you can run but you can't hide

[21:26] <JFinite> Speaking of which... where -is- Paul?

[21:27] <MAX2Chris> Paul is, um, I don't know. (Geez, I'm losing it -- I didn't even realize he wasn't here. :)

[21:27] * JFinite laughs

[21:27] <Lancelot> LOL@Chris

[21:27] <JFinite> you silly man...

[21:27] <JFinite> wait, but -I'm- the one wearing the jester hat to work...

[21:27] <MAX2Chris> (I blame my parents, them hippies. :)

[21:28] <Lancelot> hehe

[21:28] <JFinite> btw, Lancelot, my smacks are never meant in seriousness. It's my simple way of saying, "Damnit! Cuz I don't want to!" or something along those lines...

[21:28] * JFinite cheers for the hippies

[21:28] <Lancelot> IIknew that JFinite

[21:28] <Lancelot> How do you do those commands anyways?

[21:28] <JFinite> k, just wanted to clear that bit up. Some people are just far too touchy.

[21:29] <JFinite> type /me and then your command

[21:29] * MAX2Chris tries to bum more Pez off of Jfinite.

[21:29] <Lancelot> just like in KALI

[21:29] * JFinite hands Chris some more PEZ ... "Mmmm... suuuugaaaaar...."

[21:29] * Lancelot smacks JFinite back

[21:29] <LeJohn> well fokes I going to the to test, anyone wnat to try look for keblers room

[21:29] * JFinite nods to Lancelot

[21:29] * JFinite grins at Lancelot

<CaptainComal> yay

[21:29] <Duffy> M.A.X. 2 team must LOVE water effects ! On their webpage (the logo), in the game (the ripple effect) ... :)

[21:29] * MAX2Chris shakes Lancelot's hand and grins wildly!

[21:29] <LeJohn> chris, practice and ill see you on the feild next week =p

<CaptainComal> is the meeting over?

[21:30] <Lancelot> Time for bed soon, I can play a fast game

[21:30] <LeJohn> field

[21:30] <MAX2Chris> LeJohn, heh.

<CaptainComal> LeJohn wants to play

[21:30] <JFinite> uh oh... look out guys... Chris is on a sugar rush!

[21:30] <MAX2Chris> CaptComal, I think so... It's degenerating... :)

[21:30] <Loudman> yep...this died a while ago...

[21:30] <MAX2Chris> :)


[21:30] <Loudman> back to Ultimate CIV 2

[21:30] <Lancelot> hmmmmmmm ssugar, still fun chat though

<CaptainComal> CLOSED

[21:30] <phishstic> adrian is that you???

[21:30] <Guest84873> yoyoyoyoy

<CaptainComal> bye all ... going to MAX2.NET myself now.

[21:31] <JFinite> oh ... niiiice name there

[21:31] <phishstic> hey change your name

[21:31] <MAX2Chris> Anything else before I take off?

[21:31] <Guest84873> how?

<CaptainComal> nite

[21:31] <Lancelot> Goodnight Chris, that's all

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