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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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January 15 Chat Log

Highlights from the FIRST MAX2 IRC meeting 1/15/98

(timestamps are USA Central Time)

[20:19] <MAX2_Paul> When will the beta be released??

[20:20] <MAX2_Paul> The beta should be ready for download tomorrow or the next day..

[20:21] <MAX2_Paul> we'll be sending our an e-mail alerting everyone of the URL where it can be downloaded..

[20:19] <heat> well Chris or Paul:are you animators?

[20:20] <MAX2Chris> Heat: No, Paul and myself are not animators.

[20:20] <heat> the terrain will be 3d but the units 2d sprites?

[20:21] <MAX2_Paul> all the sprites were rendered in 3D (lightwave) just like in the original MAX

[20:21] <heat> no 3dStudio MAX used?

[20:22] <MAX2_Paul> nope.. a little Softimage.. but it was eventually converted to lightwave too

[20:22] <heat> no 3d hardware acceleration,huh?

[20:22] <Xander> Please state if you want to ask Chris or Paul. Paul and Chris, why don't' you tell them what you do on the project...

[20:22] <MAX2_Paul> I'm the producer

[20:23] <heat> how many animators worked for MAX2

[20:23] <MAX2_Paul> we have 3 full time artists.. used some out of house artists as well

[20:24] <MAX2Chris> Paul, you want to answer Blood9's question?

[20:24] <Track> will the e download be one big file?

[20:24] <MAX2_Paul> we're only going to release small parts of the game at any one time..

[20:24] <MAX2Chris> Track, there will be three files.

[20:24] <MAX2_Paul> the first files will contain human units and interface.. next will come alien units..s. each download will hopefully be under 20 megs or so..there'll be optional downloads too.. like sound files.. that you won't have to have to test

[20:26] <Blood9> Paul: And the URL for that will come in an e-mail tomorrow or the day after that, right?

[20:26] <MAX2_Paul> yes.. e-mails will probably be sent out tomorrow..

[20:25] <Track> how is the AI implemented?

[20:26] <MAX2_Paul> Technically or gameplay-wise?

[20:26] <Track> gameplay wise

[20:27] <MAX2_Paul> it's pretty tough to beat right now.. we're looking for ways to balance it to make it a little easier to beat on the easier settings..The Ai in MAX1 had some problems with not being aggressive enough.. that has changed.. :)

[20:28] <MAX2Chris> The AI works by goals. It determines what it needs to accomplish and then builds units/buildings that will fulfill those needs.

[20:29] <Andy> To which game that is on the market now, can you compare MAX2 Unit Pathing, Grouping and Unit Awareness to other enemy units. This is for either Chris or Paul

[20:30] <MAX2Chris> It's probably closest to TA. We are really working on the unit grouping however. We have it so you can set the individual final locations for a group. GA.

[20:31] <Andy> Last part - when do you expect to Release To Manufacture

[20:32] <MAX2_Paul> We're hoping to release sometime in March..

[20:37] <Hokum> Will Max 2 be an in-depth RTS game like AOE or just making war like Total annihilation/Red Alert? Also What kind of music will the game have midi or cda tracks?

[20:39] <MAX2Chris> The music will be digital samples (22k stereo 16-bit).

[20:40] <MAX2_Paul> we're going to have different music depending on if you play as the aliens or humans...The music is also adaptive.. that is.. it will change depending on what's happening in the game

[20:39] <MAX2_Paul> In general it's much more in-depth than C&C..There are so many play options though.. you can configure to play in many different ways

[20:40] <MAX2Chris> We are also concentrating on some neat victory conditions.

[20:41] <Hokum> so it will be a sort of cross between c&c and civilization?

[20:42] <MAX2Chris> Hokum, not really. There is researching and upgrading, but nothing like Civ. The player will have the option of playing real time or turn based. But it's not a Civ type game.

[20:43] <kamikaze0> I have done web pages for most games and stuff I have tested, with a lot of support from the developers, who gave me the rights to post beta pics, and I've even gotten several interviews, who would I contact for something like this for M.A.X. 2, this is assuming I get selected to test :)

[20:43] <Meghan_Interplay> That would be the Interplay PR department. :)

[20:43] <MAX2_Paul> you can send e-mail to me at and I'll direct it to PR

[20:45] <Gusten> How will MAX 2 be run? As a DOS application or a win32 with DirectX or any other extension? Will it run under NT4 (5)?

[20:45] <MAX2_Paul> it's win95 using DirectX. not sure about NT.. we haven't tested using NT..

[20:46] <Gusten> ok.. what protocols will be supported for multiplayer games?

[20:46] <MAX2Chris> IPX, TCP-IP, Serial, Modem, Hotseat. These will not be in the first beta. A multiplayer is coming later.

[20:47] <Gusten> Ok, have you done any performance testing, comparing the different protocols?

[20:48] <MAX2_Paul> these things are being tested now.. we're going to rely a lot on our core beta testers to test internet play

[20:48] <Hedgehog> (for either Chris or Paul) Are the clan/alien alliances going to be set up the same way as before, with bonuses to specific stats? Or are they going to have units (abilities) unique to each? My hope is for the latter, but that would be a big break from the original. Also, I'm glad to hear about the hotseat play. Too often overlooked.

[20:48] <MAX2Chris> By core beta testers, we mean the people here who give us good reports. Hedgehog, let me answer this one. Okay, the Concord will be very similar to the Clans. They will have bonuses to specific stats. The Sheevat will have unique abilities and units. And hotseat is a good thing. GA.

[20:50] <Peke> How many can play a network game ? Can people in a network game do alliances or control each other's units ?

[20:50] <MAX2Chris> Six. And no.

[20:50] <MAX2_Paul> no to control units..

[20:51] <Peke> there will be linked missions in single player? like a story line or something ?

[20:51] <MAX2Chris> Peke, you must mean a campaign, right?

[20:51] <Peke> yep

[20:51] <MAX2Chris> Yes, there is a storyline. Four different campaigns, with 9 missions each. They are all connected. There are also 24 non-linked single-player missions.

[20:51] <Peke> kewl... any possibilities for add-ons ?

[20:52] <MAX2_Paul> sure.. we may be adding more missions and maps later on..

[20:52] <Polecat> Paul, How many parts of M.A.X. 2 will we be testing as you mentioned the 20 meg or less downloads and how long do you expect the test to last?

[20:53] <MAX2_Paul> we're hoping to have a new version every week or so.. but this may change.. each version we'll want different areas of the game tested..

[20:54] <MAX2_Paul> the last version or two, we'll be testing the internet play..

[20:53] <Avatar> I think this was asked a little bit ago. Will there be team unit control like it Starcraft? or can you give units to allies like in ta?

[20:54] <MAX2Chris> Avatar, no. No team control.

[20:54] <MAX2_Paul> Only those testers who stick with the program and give us good reports will be allowed the internet versions to test though

[20:55] <Andrew> Q #1. Who do we send the BUG reports too and Ideas too??

[20:55] <MAX2_Paul> There will be a form on the URL that you'll be getting the versions from..

[20:56] <MAX2_Paul> for ideas, please use the suggestions form on the web site..

[20:56] <Saber> do we only have to find errors or will u still accept some suggestions on how to change the game ( other and more features e.g. )?

[20:56] <MAX2_Paul> You can still make suggestions..

[20:57] <Elric> Paul: What language is the game programmed in? And do you want full debug info from those of us who can, if c++, generate it?

[20:57] <MAX2_Paul> C++ sure...

[20:58] <Orko-> What kind of customizability will you offer with MAX2?

[20:58] <MAX2_Paul> what kind do you want? we have it all.. :)

[20:58] <MAX2Chris> The scenario editor will allow you to place units, change their stats, place material and gold

[20:59] <MAX2_Paul> Check the features page on the web site.. that explains all about the customization abilities..

[21:00] <IceDragon> Are you going to publish found bugs for the beta testers to keep from redundant reporting?

[21:00] <MAX2_Paul> yes.. the current buglist will be kept on the web site..

[21:01] <MAX2_Paul> testers should look at this form before submitting their bugs to avoid redundancies... GA

[21:00] <shefron> does the game support the Cyrix chip and 3d cards, Why don't you guys put the files on a special ftp site for faster download. do we get a discount on the finale price

[21:01] <MAX2_Paul> No.. we don't use any 3D support..

[21:02] <MAX2Chris> We have some Cyrix chips in compatibility, but no special support for it.

[21:03] <MAX2Chris> No discount. There will be prizes for the best testers.

[21:03] <cyberfart> Will the unit AI have features such has DR's...i.e. scout, harass, and independence etc and will the be a dedicated server such as ?

[21:04] <MAX2_Paul> we're looking into doing special unit orders like you mention..

[21:04] <MAX2_Paul> and yes.. we're creating a server similar to

[21:04] <Dark_Legacy> Will the resources in the game be Limited like War2 etc. or Unlimited like the metal in Total Annihilation?

[21:04] <MAX2Chris> Unlimited resources.

[21:05] <MAX2_Paul> you can set resources up however you like in the scenario editor...

[21:06] <WinR> This is for who ever answers first! I have a slow modem (I guess that no Internet version for me! =(8^) ), and above I think you said that there will be download missing some parts to it for slower modems or people without the time! Now, how big will the smallest and biggest files be and what will the have/don't have?

[21:07] <MAX2_Paul> that will be a problem.. there are 3 files one is about 8 megs.. one 7 megs and the other is one meg

[21:07] <MAX2_Paul> You'll need all three to play

[21:07] <Jas> Are you planning on having cooperative multiplayer in any way? It'd be nice to go through the campaigns with my roommate. :)

[21:07] <MAX2_Paul> we're hoping to have alliances in in time..

[21:08] <MAX2Chris> There will be no multiplayer campaign, however. That is strictly single-player action. Unless, some players use the scenario editor to make one...

[21:08] <MAX2_Paul> Alliances will depend how our network and internet testing goes..

<CaptComal> (SideBar ... the #interplay_overflow room is also nearly half full and getting mirrored Q & A's)

[21:08] <PRiMoGeN> What will be the biggest difference between M.A.X. 1 & M.A.X.2? Will it be possible to make a dedicated server on a local network (IPX, TCP/IP) for bigger games, like in Quake & Quake2?

[21:09] <MAX2_Paul> The Sheevat.. all new alien units.. all with special abilities... <MAX2_Paul> plus real time.. fully rendered 3D maps.. better AI... Adaptive unit personalities.. Internet play..

[21:10] <Blackhat> You've mentioned good reports to get in as a core tester, could you further define that and what you would like out of us beta testers, and are there any particular trouble spots you'll have us mangle as we can?

[21:10] <MAX2_Paul> Check out the web site.. There are too many new features to mention Well have more information on what will be expected of the testers sent in the next e-mail.. for each version, we'll have specific areas that we'll ask you to test..

[21:15] <Avatar> Will you be releasing the format for maps so people can design custom ones, perhaps custom units like in DR and TA? Also will be be able to test the editor that will come with the game. thanks

[21:16] <MAX2_Paul> yes.. we'll be releasing our map editor.. but it's not going to be too easy for people to make maps I'm afraid.. you'll need at least a little artistic talent to do it..

[21:17] <MAX2_Paul> Yes.. the editor will be in one of the beta releases for testing..

<CaptComal> QUESTION: [21:16] <Pud> Is there an option to impose unit/building limits, this was the single biggest problem with MAX 1

[21:18] <MAX2Chris> We have changed the model slightly. Units and buildings will require a power maintenance. You will be naturally limited by the number of Mining Stations you have. If you want a map with limited units, you can limit the amount of material. We are planning on being able to "ban" units from a game, as well.

[21:19] <ZoOM> I have been upset with recent trends in the gaming market. Duke Nukem3D, Warcraft, and Mechwarrior2 have been the only really popular ORIGINAL games. All the others have used spawned versions of pervious gaming engines. This is a problem, because no amount of redecorating can cover up the errors in the base engine. Will you hold MAX2 to the standard grid that so many previous games have taken? What makes the graphics revolutionary? Wi

[21:19] <MAX2Chris> I'd like to point out that Warcraft was not original (Dune 2, anyone?)

[21:20] <MAX2_Paul> We started out just making some generic improvements.. but it's ended up being a drastically enhanced game..

[21:21] <MAX2_Paul> We've completely rewritten many parts to improve on what max1 was..

[21:21] <stapes> any known problems with memory managers, or virus programs running while the game is running? i.e.: like Lucas arts games!

[21:22] <MAX2Chris> MAX2 is completely, 100% Win95 compatible. It should not have a problem with anything except Girlfriend 1.0 (or the upgraded version Wife 2.1)

[21:22] <MAX2_Paul> you'll have to see the graphics.. we're using 3D terrain with elevations.. parallax scrolling.. plus you can change the angle of view from top-down to a 60 degree angle..

[21:23] <Carlos> Will the beta of MAX2 be available for downloading or will it be shipped like Blizzard's Starcraft beta?

[21:23] <MAX2Chris> It will be downloaded only.

[21:24] <ipweb> from a hidden site and the URL will change regularly.

[21:24] <CaptHook> Formations are a big part of true strategy. Are you going to support group formations...maybe even have a formation editor?

[21:25] <MAX2_Paul> units will stay in the formations you put them in.. if they need to go around obstacles, they'll break formation to do it, but then go back into formation when they can.. we have the single best formation feature you've ever seen.. you'll have to see it though.. explaining it won't be good enough..

[21:25] <Meghan_Interplay> Question from room 2: Will the testers be able to talk about the beta on the newsgroups?

[21:26] <Meghan_Interplay> Paul, Chris? Any word on talking about the beta on Usenet?

[21:27] <MAX2Chris> RE: Talking about the beta testing: Still not decided, but we don't think so. We'll have to answer that RSN.

[21:27] <MAX2_Paul> I think we'd like to keep the talk to our message board..

[21:27] <Lancelot> Will you be able to play multi with one CD or require each person to have a CD?

[21:28] <MAX2_Paul> One CD..

[21:29] <DemonWolf> How big will the maps be in comparison with MAX1 ? Will they be very much larger?

[21:29] <MAX2Chris> Same size exactly.

[21:29] <MAX2_Paul> but unlike max1.. the maps won't be tiled..

[21:30] <Force> how will the files be set up for download

[21:30] <MAX2_Paul> they'll be zipped... 3 of them.. 5 if you want the sound files..

[21:30] <Force> how can you stop others from getting the files and distributing them?

[21:31] <MAX2_Paul> they're going to be placed on a secret URL..

[21:31] <fear101> ok for formations can you make your own or do we have many different one already

[21:32] <MAX2_Paul> you can place your units into any formation you wish and group them.. when you move the group the units will stay in that formation

[21:33] <PRiMoGeN> Will it be possible to make a dedicated server across a local network (IPX , TCP/IP) when playing games with many players?

[21:34] <MAX2_Paul> interplay will have a server that you can play off for free.. other servers will be started if need be.. for IPX, 6 players can play together.. the host sort of act like the server.. does that answer your question??

[21:34] <DrJet> I was invited to this chat but didn't hear about the beta test?? are we to assume if we're here that we're in the test?

[21:34] <Meghan_Interplay> 4We will be holding chats every Thursday night and will be better prepared next time!

[21:35] <MAX2_Paul> Unless people snuck in..

[21:35] <MAX2_Paul> oh.. yes.. if you got the chat e-mail you're part of the beta test

[21:36] <Joe> Would you guys prefer me to beta in 95, or would NT be okay?...

[21:37] <MAX2Chris> I think both would be great. Definitely try NT. We could use some NT reports, but if it doesn't work well, try 95 too.

[21:37] <MAX2_Paul> We're only supporting win95.. you can test in NT to see if it works.. but it's not of primary importance..

<CaptComal> Questions from OVERFLOW:

<CaptComal> [21:34] <MeleKahn> <jhoffman> What resolutions will be supported? How large will the maps be in terms of screen size?

[21:38] <MAX2_Paul> 640x480.. the maps are 112 tiles by 64 pixels per tile..

[21:39] <MAX2_Paul> that's 3800 pixels square I think.. hmm

<CaptComal> [21:36] <MeleKahn> I got one from me to: Will that cool zoom feature from Max1 stay the same?

[21:38] <MAX2Chris> Yes, the cool zoom feature will still be there. And you can now tilt the screen up to 60 degrees.

[21:39] <Zen> Personal question, I received the 1st mail and was one of the first to sign up for beta. I was told that I will receive more mail afterward..but didn't. Was wondering if I'm actually part of beta or not.

[21:40] <MAX2_Paul> yes.. if you receive the mail you're in.. we had a database problem.. so some people didn't get all the messages..

[21:40] <Tie-Fighter> Will a AGP video card help game speed? and have you tested it on Win98?

[21:40] <MAX2_Paul> Don't know.. and no, not yet.. are you running win98?

[21:40] <frenetic> Will two players be able to play as one (a la AOE)? What aspects of gameplay will keep me hooked on the game? Will you employ techniques like client prediction to ensure a lag-free gaming experience? What do guys consider the most 'fun' part of the game? As you know, Diablo was nearly ruined by cheating. How will you ward off 'hacking' and cheating?

[21:41] <MAX2_Paul> we're hoping to have an alliance option in so players can join forces.. construction, all the cool units, overall realism are things that will keep you hooked..

<CaptComal> OVERFLOW question:

<CaptComal> [21:41] <MeleKahn> <JConquer> Here is my question, if it ever gets on. With such a big game, Internet play is always a mystery. Will latency be as bad as games like Quake, Red Alert, and Sole Survivor? Is there any way to combat this? Will MAX2 support a latency meter? And finally, will MAX2 support groupings of people? (ex. Quake Clans, Diablo Guilds, Sole Survivor Squads, etc.)

[21:42] <MAX2_Paul> The other questions are too technical for me.. I'm just the dumb producer..

[21:43] <MAX2_Paul> we think we have a good solution to the internet lag.. you guys will be the first to test it..

<CaptComal> Paul ... does the overflow room win anything for stumping you?

[21:43] <MAX2Chris> Yes, MAX2 will have a latency meter.

[21:44] <MAX2_Paul> sure.. why not.. :)

[21:44] <MAX2Chris> Supporting groupings of people is an external thing, but we would like to see it happen, and we'll do what we can to facilitate it.

[21:45] <MAX2_Paul> I've heard that there are a couple of web sites for internet clans for MAX2 being set up..

[21:44] <Box> When building about 50 units in Max the gameplay was very slow, is this fixed ?

[21:45] <MAX2Chris> Yes, the gameplay is much faster now -- in real time. In turn-based, it is about the same.

[21:45] <MAX2_Paul> we'll continue optimizing the speed issues until we ship.. we've found several ways to speed up the game so far..

[21:45] <Ilmari> Are you going to have an _option_ for Gold production to slowly decrease as it is mined. It would still be unlimited just not yield as much after time?

[21:46] <MAX2Chris> No, no option for reduced gold production.

[21:46] <MAX2Chris> The editor will allow you to place as much or as little gold as you want. ga.

[21:47] <Eraser^-^^^> There is a lot of good RTS out right now and more on there way(Starcraft) what makes you believe Max2 will be better what does Max2 have that they don't have =)......Will you guys set up a Ladder ranking (like C&C did in Westwood Chat and Starcraft did on am a Co-Webmaster will we be able to reveal everything as units special abilities etc on our sites?....and How many people are going to Beta Max2

[21:48] <MAX2_Paul> MAX2 is built on an award winning engine.. we've added all things users have been asking for.. I think we have by far the best gameplay of any strategy game

[21:49] <MAX2Chris> Their will be a rating next to every player in internet and LAN games.

[21:49] <MAX2_Paul> We are planning on having a ranking system for internet play.. There shouldn't be a problem with you talking about the special abilities on your own web sites.. but please register your sites with us so we can provide a link to it on out site.. MAX2 has the best terrain.. the best units, the best play options.. the most customization.. you name it.. :)

[21:49] <Fletch> How does the spy camera work

[21:50] <MAX2Chris> You can set up to 10 spy cameras (to either follow units you select, or watch over an area of land.) The interface is next to and replaces the unit picture. You can give orders in the spy camera screen.

[21:51] <MAX2_Paul> Yes.. the Spy Cam is one of the greatest features.. you'll have to play with it to see how cool it is..

<CaptComal> From OVERFLOW room:

<CaptComal> [21:45] <MeleKahn> <Thanatos> In Dark Reign, the gameplay was really good, but the sound FX were really bad. They sounded to much like a little arcade game. Will the sfx in Max 2 be better?

<CaptComal> [21:46] <MeleKahn> From me: is there a fast start option? To start a game with only units for a fast game?

[21:51] <MAX2Chris> To answer the overflow question: We are redoing the SFX, they should be cool.

[21:52] <MAX2_Paul> there's the custom game, that allows you to set up a mission however you want.. you can also build your own specific missions with the scenario editor..

[21:53] <GUILE> Will max2 have the grid option? If so, is it going to be square based like the original or is this open for change (hex maybe?)

[21:54] <MAX2_Paul> yes... we still have the grid.. the grid will change size and shape depending on angle you're looking from.. you can adjust the angle from top down to 60 degrees..

[21:54] <MAX2Chris> Also, it will change shape due to the terrain it is over (height is taken into account.)

[21:54] <MAX2_Paul> we also color the grid now so you can see what's walkable and what's not..

<CaptComal> [21:49] <MeleKahn> <Tyrant> <Chris or Paul> Will battle be like red alert/TA, or more dynamic than just point/click and hope you win?

[21:56] <MAX2Chris> One thing about MAX2, you will need combined arms to win. There is no uber-unit.

[21:56] <MAX2_Paul> Depends on the mode you're playing in.. Real time it's sort of like C&C, but there's a lot more strategy and tactics.. and a much greater feeling of realism

[21:57] <MAX2Chris> The line of sight has dramatically changed the game, too. No more stand off and shoot. You now need to use cover.

[21:58] <Max_Commander> Can you affect terrain? For example, being able to destroy or remove a rock or bush that you *know* is over an ore deposit?

[21:59] <MAX2_Paul> you'll be able to destroy trees and bushes.. rocks and actually terrain can be bulldozed if covered with rubble..

[22:00] <Reliant> 2 Questions from the overflow room:

[22:00] <Reliant> 1) <Dantes9th> how can 6 people play on the same size map as MAX1?

[22:01] <MAX2Chris> Everyone is just really friendly in a six player game. GA

[22:02] <MAX2Chris> There tends to be a lower number of units, actually. And the LOS rules make a big difference. GA

[22:00] <Reliant> 2) <Jman> A question: Is 640x480 really still gonna be the Max Resolution? Do you honestly think that is enough, given the competition can do 1600 x 1200?

[22:02] <MAX2_Paul> our resolution is lower.. but none of the other games have our unlimited zoom feature.. or any zoom feature for that matter.. at higher res.. the zoom would make the game way too slow..

[22:03] <MAX2_Paul> Anyway.. with our fully rendered maps and units, in 16 bit color, we still look better than the competition..

[22:02] <Blackhat> Can you play either side? (human or alien) Or will it be limited to the clans, not that that's really all that limited...

[22:03] <MAX2_Paul> Yes.. You'll be able to play as either the human or alien side..

[22:04] <MAX2Chris> Three of the campaigns are human-centric, the fourth is a Sheevat campaign.

[22:04] <MAX2Chris> You can always play human or Sheevat in custom games.


<CaptComal> [21:58] <MeleKahn> Can allied teammate share resources? Fuel, gold etc.?

[22:05] <MAX2_Paul> we still don't have the alliance mode in.. all these things will hopefully be added..

[22:05] <Xander> OK, folks, I know you have a lot more questions, but we have to get these folks back to their computers so you can get your BETA!

[22:05] <Xander> We will be on again next Thursday.. same MAX-time, same MAX-channel!!!!! Thank you all for coming!

[22:05] <Meghan_Interplay> 4Thanks for coming. Remember, these chats will be weekly and we will try to be better organized next time. :)

[22:06] <MAX2Chris> G'bye all! Thank you for attending...

[22:06] * JFinite waves to the crowd

[22:06] <Xander> You were all great, and there were many excellent questions. See you next week!

[22:06] <MAX2_Paul> Thanks everyone... see you next week..

[22:06] * Xander bows gratefully to all the patient people

[22:06] <Meghan_Interplay> 4I will be making this room unmoderated, use it as you will :)

[22:06] <JFinite> take care you MAX fanatics!

[22:06] <Meghan_Interplay> 4I know, I know, if you can get in. This channel is always here on

[22:06] <Xander> Please feel free to stay and discuss what you've learned. MAX 2 will be the BEST game you have ever played, bar none.

[22:07] <Xander> I know - I've seen it <grin>

[22:07] *** MAX2_Paul has quit IRC (Leaving)

[22:07] *** Meghan_Interplay sets mode: -m

[22:08] *** MeleKahn ( has joined #interplay

[22:08] <Xander> Thanks for coming all. We'll be here again next Thursday at 6pm PSDT

[22:10] *** MAX2Chris has quit IRC (Leaving)

[22:11] <Xander> Mr. Finite, will we be posting a transcript of tonight's session anywhere on I-play's site?

[22:11] <Meghan_Interplay> Justice, we will post the transcript tomorrow :)

[22:12] <JFinite> I believe the boss man said something about it

[22:12] <Xander> Do you know the URL where we will post it?

[22:12] *** revrend ( has joined #interplay

[22:12] <JFinite> nope

[22:12] <JFinite> On the MAX 2 site I suppose though

[22:12] <Xander> :)

[22:12] <JFinite> probably a button off the main page

[22:12] <Meghan_Interplay> It will be posted at the Max2 site at

[22:13] * Xander pats Mr. Finite on the back and says "Thanks, man. You saved my but!"

[22:13] <Xander> I don't know J, I haven't found a use for them yet!

[22:13] <Xander> ipweb, you still listening?

[22:13] <Meghan_Interplay> 4Special thanks to CaptComal, Avatar, Reliant, MeleKahn, and Max_Commander.. and to anyone else I missed!!!

[22:14] <JFinite> The beta files will be available within the next couple of days. You will receive an email with details if you have been accepted as a beta tester.

[22:14] <Xander> na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye!

[22:14] <MeleKahn> Chat Transcript will be posted on the MAX2 website:

[22:14] <MeleKahn> Email will come tomorrow for BETA Download location

If you find any errors please report them to so they can be corrected. Thanks.
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