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Last update: July 21, 1998 [Unit Info Main Menu] [Clans] Auto-updated: July 21, 1998
Human:  [Starting] [Ground] [Air] [Water] [Large Buildings] [Small Buildings] [Other]
Sheevat: [Starting] [Ground] [Air] [Water] [Large Buildings] [Small Buildings] [Other]
Strategy Central: [Art of War] [Single Player] [Multiplayer] [Missions]

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Here is a Link List for places on the web that have Previews of MAX2, Reviews of MAX2 or Articles about MAX2.


MAX2 Review in Games Domain by Marc Reissig


MAX2 Preview in GamerzEdge

MAX2: A Beta Testing Journal - Part 1 by Jason Levine in Games Domain Review

MAX2: A Beta Testing Journal - Part 2 by Jason Levine in Games Domain Review

MAX2 Preview in Gamelink

Paul Kellner Interview in Gamehut

Focus on MAX2 by Kryptonite in GameStats

Beta Review by Phrantic in Planet-X

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And if you missed the original M.A.X. ... here is a link for that:

M.A.X. Review by PC Gamer (Editors Choice)

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