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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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Trey Watkins

Lead Designer

Victorious as an Opponent

One Step Behind - Battle Report
(as reported by Joseph at Activision)

Our Lead Game Designer, Trey Watkins, challenged me to a one-on-one game after several rounds of eight player gaming in which my team always seemed to come out victorious over his. He was hoping to pay me back for his teams series of defeats. We picked a familiar map, so each of us knew the terrain features well. I was playing the righteous Freedom Guard while Trey was playing the forces of the vile Imperium. Freedom Guard units are best suited to hit-and-run attacks and ambushes, so I was going to try to use these tactics to their fullest.

The game started and I quickly tried to scout and secure the water resources in the no-man’s land between our bases. Trey got there first and quickly built some defensive structures to protect the vital resources. I couldn’t let him have undisputed access to such important map positions, so I launched an all out attack against one such area. It was a hard fight, but after taking heavy losses I secured the area for myself. I then launched a massive infantry ground assault on his main base. I approached this base from terrain that only infantry could traverse, but was thwarted by a combination of the infantry killing Plasma Tanks and Guardians. He seemed amazingly prepared for such a line of attack?!

Trey quickly used the mighty Imperium tanks to good effect by hitting my base and withdrawing before my slower infantry could reach him. About the time I thought that I should start upgrading my production facilities to produce Triple Rail Hover Tanks that could start knocking out his damnable Plasma Tanks, he start coming at me with Tachion Tanks. Only through well laid ambushes was I able to protect my base from being completely overrun.

The only way I could effect a solid attack was to build Artillery. This would prevent his tanks from coming through the choke points protecting my base, and I could start to project power across the map. That was about the time he first started shelling me! Each time I thought about a method to bring the battle to him, he forced me back on the defensive again. My last chance was to rush his base with lightly armored Skirmish Tanks in the hopes he was virtually undefended and would pull back his tanks to give me some breathing room. No dice. His defenses were adequate to thwart my attack. I was left with few options. I was taking my remaining forces and hoping to use a Phase Runner to tunnel them into his base when an overwhelming force of Tachion and Plasma Tanks smashed my last line of defenses. It was too late to even launch my last ditch desperation attack. I was one step behind again! The only sure fire method of defeating an opponent in the Dark Reign universe, is to take the initiative BEFORE your opponent does.

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