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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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9. The Cure

Step by Step Walk Through

Example #1

I beat it by setting up lazer turrets around the next-to-dead HQ they give you as a default. Had to conserve the small amount of cash you get so don't try fixing the HQ yet. Instead, get your well dug, and your power up and an assembly plant after setting up about 5 or 6 turrets. The whole time your getting pounded by artillery from the north and the south. Don't waste man power looking for more water the one to the east of your base is all I could secure. I didn't even notice the timer at the bottom of the screen until there was about 1/2 hour left on it (I have no idea what it started at). I'd been at it about 1 1/2 hours I'd guess. In between attacks, I was able to upgrade the HQ to it's second level. Then I was able to build those accelerator towers. That seemed to be the turning point because now the enemy was being cut down fast enough that the artillery could only get off one shot. After 5 accelerator towers, I upgraded my assembly plant, then my training facility, then built my own artillery. With three artillery units, I was able to start attacking south. Once the south is cleared out it is an easy task to build temporal gates to remove the Dr.


When you first start repair your HQ immediatly then build a power plant water plant (the water hole is off to the right of your HQ). you will be attacked almost immediately by raiders and one helstorm artillery unit. Ignore the Artillery it won't cause too much damage. Just keep repairing. Use bions to fight the raiders and the skirmish tanks and spider bikes that come from above and to the left of your HQ. As soon as you have built the first four buildings mentioned then you should upgrade your HQ immediatly and build three or four nuetron accelerators, one to the left of your HQ and one above and to the right were the raiders keep coming from. Build the last one slightly to the left of your water plant. Build lots of Bions and take them down the small channel that the raiders are coming from destroy the 2 laser turrets and the 2 heavy rail platforms first. Then take out the artillery (don't worry to much about base defense your NPAs should be able to handle it) there is also a training facility down by were the artillery was take it out the of world platform is also located down here. Now finish upgrading everything as much as you can and build a temporal gate. Transport some Tacyon tanks and artillery into the crater were karoch and the reasearch facility are located. once the crater is clear of freedom gaurd soldiers and the 2 hrp are destroyed transport a constuction rig into the crater and build another temporal gate in the crater. Now transport karoch and a few tanks out of the crater to the off world platform and you have finished the mission.

Credits: Dark Lord, Robinhood

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