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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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9. The Cure
Freedom Guard

Step by Step Walk Through

Example #1:

1) transport one or two morphed scouts just above the rocks N of the right water hole (set them too far south and artillery will get you ). With scouts there, you will get LOS on at least the two laser turrets. Use artillery to take out the turrets and then the neutron accelerator around the waterhole. Finally, bring in skirmish tanks to take out the circling drone.

2) Get those hover transports into the waterhole as fast as you can. Once you have enough cash, build a new water launchpad close (but not too close) to the waterhole. Scout out the other artillery around the area. The best way to do this is to move a transport just out of LOS and then release a scout (your scout won't be spotted and the scout has longer LOS). Take it out. There's also rearming deck in the NE corner that's worth taking out.

3) Just as soon as you accomplish step 2, move your artillery to the mountain ring N or the waterhole, and commence pounding the choke point between the rocks and trees below the waterhole. This will take out any bions coming up the choke point, and also some tanks that linger there. Put a couple of laser turrets around the water hole to harass any tanks and draw tank and artillery fire away from your freighters (there a grand each, so you don't want to lose any).

4) put your armor N of the rocks so they don't get damaged by artillery hitting your turrets. When enemy tanks penetrate, move in, destroy them, and move out. Having a mechanic nearby helps fix the armor between engagements.

5) save up a reserve force as your cash builds. When you have enough to spare, set out for the other waterhole. Bring your artillery over when you get LOS on his defenses there, and take them out. Hold the waterhole and destroy his freighters. You will be counterattacked, but if you hold, his forces will dwindle and you can start another launchpad and not get hassled to much. At that point, you will have a two-to-one cash flow advantage, and the rest is a walk-over.

6) phase transport seem to be inoperative in the basecamp area (I'm not the only one who's noticed this). I didn't need them, but it takes longer to destroy his base without them.

Example #2

Level 9 took me hours to complete. I started over about 6 or 7 times cuz I kept getting over ran by the enemy. Early in the game put a lot of effort into defense mainly from the ground and some from the air. I finally beet the level by concentrating on the water down the right side of where the Dr. is being held. Take scouts and position them along the right and use artillery to take out any stationary defenses and eyes he has in the area. He uses artillery to pound your position if don't take out everything there. Once you have this done you can use your scouts, very carefully to snuff out stationary defenses along the top. All along getting your Headquarters upgraded and completing your phase runner (very important). There is a spot midway into his base and toward the middle where he has artillery inside a circular mountain range. Use your phase runner loaded with triple rail tanks to find and destroy them. You will take the pressure of your water at the middle of the map if you do this. Turn your attention now to the DR. In the valley of the mountains. Get a bird over it and take out the defenses there and the research facility. Then take a Phase runner loaded with one maybe two construction units and build another Phase runner inside this area. With this done take the DR. to the very lower right corner of the map. You should be able to tell where the portal is and drop him off there and the game should be over. This is not the way I finally beat this level however, It wasn't until I then went down the left side, using morphed scouts and artillery protected by triple rail tanks, to take out his defenses on the left. This is tricky because they are well hidden. But it is doable. I then began to attack his base from the bottom left to right and eventually took him out. This added what I'd estimate to be 2 1/2 hours of battle. Don't dilly dadle along the way because he gets impatient and will all of the sudden send and attack force like you've never seen. Thus my 6 or 7 restarts.

Credits: Deadeye, RobinHood

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