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Last Updated on Sunday, May 24, 1998

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8. The Desiccator

Step by Step Walk Through


Level eight begins with Freedom Guard ravishing your base, so I loaded what troops I had in the two transports and sent them towards the water to the west of the base. They did not attack me or the desiccator since freedom guard was too busy destroying my base. I sold the two power supply buildings to get the free Construction Rigs and loaded them into the other transport waiting. With the plasma tank and the little weak scout runner as protection and the exterminator I sent them to the rest of the stuff I had hiding on the island with the water hole.

Now after Freedom Guard is done with your base, (and they do not reserve mercy in doing so), they will attack the two transports which are collecting taleon, let them die for there is nothing you can do. Once Freedom Guard thinks that they have wiped you out, they will send their troops down towards the camera towers to knock them out. Let them destroy them and the other tower as well. Then freedom Guard will send their men back to the base, at least I think so for they are gone.

Now after waiting, take the transport with the two Construction Rigs and build your base back up again. you only have 5000 credits so spending wisley is the key to winning. I built a power plant, a headquarters, assembly, and training facility and upgraded all three. Do not upgrade the headquarters a second time, for wasting money is not good.

Once my base was up I constructed four shredders and three tachion tanks and grouped them together as a team. I then sold the base and loaded the construction rigs into the transport. Send the transport back over to the water spring on the island. Now you have a army with which you can send the Desiccator to its location. Send the shredders south with the tachion tanks to clear out the ambush waiting for you. They have suicide troops ready to kill themselves to kill you. The shredders will kill them first and any other inconvienince will be wiped out by the tachion tanks. Send your desiccator to the river south east of the map and wait till it gets there, it is extremely slow (more power Mr. Scotty!!!). Once the desiccator reaches the water, send your team in front of the desiccator.

Now staying on the river, head west unil you reach land. There may be a guy there, but his death is soon a history. Then send the desiccator to the guy who is waiting for it. A brief message will occur and you will be given the reinforcements you need. (Cheap this guy is) put the rigs inside the transport and send all units to the water spring south of where your base was. Rebuild your base as fast as you can, starting with a water launchpad so you can start rolling in the dough. Once the the credits start, build a power plant, headqaurters, assembly plant and anything else you may need if you see fit. Once you build enough forces up, and dont forget to protect your base, send them to the Freedom Gaurd base to the west. Destroy anything that moves. NO MERCY, NO GLORY. But they will attack hard and feirce, so don't give up. Saving alot is also a key to winning because the Freedom Gaurd has had time to build their strong weapons to use against you. Good Luck. You're going to need it.


(A) To get the transport to the redevous point use the water ways. When you start, there is a small strip of shore land that you can use to get the trasport over water. It is located at the end of the small inlet below your taleon source. Once on the water start to go down the stream and stay to the side of the stream your base is on. A short ways down the stream will curve. Keep straight and go onto the land you will see a water hole with a camera tower beside it. Keep going straight down the edge of the stream but make sure you are on land. As soon as you see the roadway follow it down. A short way down you will see the corner of a rock cliff. Stop at the corner. Move the cursor diagonally from that point about 5 inches on the screen. Click --- the transport may get shot once or twice by the heavy rail platform but it shouldn't die if you've done everything else right. Once past that point look for a land strip through the water. There will be a shore line there. Get back onto the water and go down a short distance. Then go to the bottom corner that is now nearest you click on your units there and the transport will go to them. You have just met the first objective.

(B) BUILD YOUR BASE. Load all the units without hover capability into the two hover transports. Get to the water as soon as posible. (you can destroy the camera towers if you want but don't take too long.) As soon as you are on the water, follow it down to the bottom of the map. Once at the map bottom, follow it all the way across the map. At the very end there will be a small space no more than one unit wide to get up onto land. It is located at the corner of the bend in the waterway that is there. Go straight back up to the location of your old base that was destroyed. Build your HQ slightly above the water hole. Then build a water plant directly beside the water hole. Build your power generator at the top of the inlet near the taleon. Build another water plant at the very tip of the inlet. Build plasma towers to defend your base for a short time. Now build a Training Facility and an Assembly Plant above your HQ. Upgrade everything as soon as possible. Build lots of Construction Rigs and another Power Generator. There is a small channel of water below your water hole and crossing that a small strip of land. The FG units without hover will attack accross there. Their Rail Hover Tanks will attack by coming up the channel and out directly beside the land strip. They usually will not attack until out of the channel and onto land. Build at least 4 neutron particle accelerators to handle these two places. Build a few more along the bank of the channel and around the entrance to the channel. Back the NPAs with S.C.A.R.A.Bs along the channel edge and behind the NPAs guarding the land strip and channel opening. Build Hover Freighters as soon as you upgrade your Assembly Plant. Use 2 to get water to the second water plant by the channel opening from the water hole in the swampy area in the middle of the pond. When you have enough tachion tanks, send about 6 to gaurd this. The FG doesn't attack this site till late in the scenario and never in large numbers.

Credits: Brinner, Dark Lord

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