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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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7. Subterfuge

Step by Step Walk Through


(1) Your Infiltrators do NOT have to have a line of sight to the enemy in order to morph into them, and there is no restriction on the range of the morph.
(2) With this in mind, you should put your infiltrators in the middle of the forest where the wreck is. Use your Invader to spot an enemy infantry unit, and morph the inf's into it. (Group all the Infiltrators so you can morph them all at once.)
(3)Make the Invader run away quick before it gets damaged.
(4)You do not have to steal the plans for any enemy UNITS, only STRUCTURES. If you have STRUCTURE plans, enemy UNIT plans are "Free" with them.
(5)The Invader should park itself in the forest directly north of the enemy base. There are 2 bikes there, so watch out.
(6)The help is wrong: If YOU eject your own Infiltrator he will not morph back into himself.
(7)Two complications:
(i)If all your Infiltrators are inside something (e.g. all in the transport), the mission will end in failure. This is a BIG FAT BUG!
(ii)After awhile of posing as the enemy, the F-G forces will discover that your Infiltrators are enemies, and will start whaling on them unexpectedly. You SHOULD have enough time to accomplish the infiltration... just watch out. My solution is to keep one Infie back at base and just send 3 with the transport.
(8)Advice: Grab the Assembly Plant, Repair Station and Training Facility first. If you can, snaffle the Heavy Rail Platform too.
(9) The water is to the west of your base.
(10) After you've grabbed all the stuff, make the guy who got the Rail Plat leg it back to base, so you don't run into the bug (see earlier). Load the other 3 into the 'Vader and run!
(11) You can still go back for more, I think, if you "remorph" your infiltrators to reset the Discovery timer (see (7) part (ii).). I recommend getting a Hospital, and (if available) a Phasing Facility.
(12) Once you're all done, just send an army of Triple Rails and Skirmishers and whale on the enemy!


First, send your rig over to the northeast corner where you will find a spring and build a water launch pad. As soon as you can afford it build a hover freighter to quickly cover the rough ground around it. The enemy won't discover this for some time so initial defenses are unneccessary.

In the mean time, make your infiltrators a group. Keep them where they are and move your transport toward the outskirts of the enemy infantry in the southeast corner of the map. As soon as you see them, select your group of infiltrators, press I, then morph into that unit. Quickly retreat with your transport back to your base. Don't put your infiltrators in the transport as for some reason if you do this you instantly fail the mission.

Now walk your infiltrators down to the southwest corner of the map just north of the jungle there. You can send them south into the enemy base for their infiltration. You can do it one at a time to minimize risk but that will cost you time. Just save your game and bring them all down at once. The most important building to infiltrate is the headquarters, since there you will learn to build FG buildings and thereby get most of the units you need. Not to mention when an infiltrator is in the HQ it is a good time to take a look at what is in the enemy's LOS.

Each infiltrator should make two trips. In the mean time start building your base. The enemy won't know about you for a long time so just lay off on the turrets and air defense sites. Build two training facilities and two or three assembly plants. What you want is a big mixed group. Build a bunch of martyrs for your initial rush, and lots of tanks and skirmish tanks. Most of your infantry should be mercs or martyrs.

At around thirty to twenty minutes left the enemy will start to walk in on you and will eventually assault you. You want to pre-empt this. Take your martyrs down to the southeast corner which is the least well defended. Blast in with martyrs then move in your skirmish tanks and infantry. You can take down the turrets or just cruise past them. Use your triple-rails carefully because you want alot of them to survive. Follow the road south then west with your force, a few martyrs in front saved for the occasional ambush..

Quickly follow the road into the city. Your base should be cremated about now but don't bother to defend. If you have a few skirmish tanks and 6-9 triple rails when you hit the city you should have no problem. Take out the taelon power generators in the south side first to slow down the enemy. Then cream, one by one, the civilian buildings, moving north.

Some buildings are defended by turrets. You can either take them out from out of range with the triple rails or just keep out of range while you blast the buildings. If you have a martyr or two left, keep them at the choke point on the southwest side of the city / south east side of the adjacent enemy base where units coming to civvie rescue can be blasted before they harrass your units that are demolishing the city.

Once you finish off the buildings, you have completed your mission.

Credits: ender, Sparrowhawk

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