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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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6. Infiltration on Malik

Step by Step Walk Through

Example #1

The key to this mission is in the start of the game where you have to establish your base. First off, destroy the two bridges (the one in the north and the south) that is located where your hover research facility is. Then sell all the turrets around the hover facility to get three free construction rigs. You should also be upgrading your headquarters while doing all this.

The Freedom Guard will make early attacks, so build Plasma tanks (not Tachions - just as yet) and also bions to defend against their attack. Build laser turrets especially in the east side of your base. This is where most of their attacks will come from.

Right now you should be running out of credits and one water spring is not enough. If you have played the Freedom Guard version of this mision before, you should know that in the top right hand corner of the map is another water spring. Get a transport and load it with a construction rig. Bring it to the isolated island and build a water launch pad there (you should find a spot, but if you can't then get some bions to destroy some plants, making room for the launch pad). This island is very helpful for the mission and since the Freedom Guard cant get to it, it makes it that much better.

Right now, you should just be concentrating on defending. Build a repair station or even a field hospital if you want. Having two training facilities is recommended

As you get more and more credits, start building Tachion Tanks. They are not so great by themselves but if you place a whole line of Tachions in the entrance of your base and place them on low independence and pursuit range, this will create an undefeatable defense. The Tachions will destroy anything that comes toward it before it even gets close enough to fire.

If things have gone well, you shouldn't have to worry about defense now, and now you can actually think about attacking. You know that bridge that the computer uses to come to your base from the east? Well you should concentrate on nailing that first. With a group of Tachions, it should be easy. Time it right so that there are no troops when you attack, and take out the turrets that block the bridge, then the bridge itself. By now, any Freedom Guard attacks can be dealt with easily.

Attack the Freedom Guard base as you please. If you attack from the bottom first and succeed then you should be able to use another water spring that is situated there. It should just be a matter of cleaning up the Freedom Guard base now with the number of Tachions that you will be attacking with. Have fun.

Example #2

First off, as soon as you start, begin upgrading to higher HQ. Then immediately start pumping out as many plasma tanks as you can. Maybe even some Bions or Guardians. (note: the goal at this point is to defend the area long enough to leave and still have enough credits left to build a water launch pad.) As quickly as you can, take the small group of units near the Hover research building and send them north to destroy the north bridge, DEFEND YOURSELF WHEN ENEMY UNITS ATTACK OR YOU WON'T LAST LONG. (Once the bridge is destroyed, destroy the southeast bridge, then start destroying the western bridge, but not completely.)

Now as soon as the HQ upgrades, get a construction rig out of it. When the rig is done get it to the 'island' that you are making (destroying bridges) by taking it across the west bridge and KEEP IT SAFE AT ALL COSTS! Once the rig is safely across, FINISH DESTROYING THE WEST BRIDGE. Now you have an island. :)

Now I can't remember what it takes, but you need to build a HOVER FREIGHTER. (I believe it involves upgrading the Training Facility & the Assembly Plant) If so, make sure to upgrade these buildings after starting the rig. AS SOON AS YOU CAN START BUILDING THE HOVER FREIGHTER, DO IT! DEFEND THE INITIAL IMPERIUM BASE UNTIL YOU CAN GET THE HOVER FREIGHTER BUILT. (This could very well wipe out every unit you have, but try to keep a few plasma tanks on the 'island.' As soon as the Hover Freighter emerges from being built (and your city is almost entirely destroyed), get that sucker to the center of your island, straight across the river.

Now you ask, "Okay, I'm here on an island with a handful of plasma tanks, one construction rig, a hover freighter, a tin cup full of cash, and I'm surrounded by some really upset Freedom Guard gentlemen... did you bring me here to mock my death?"

Nope, there is hope if: (you have at least one of those Hover Facility Defence Turrets still intact and enough cash to build a water launch pad.)

If you have the above down, demolish the remaining turrets on your island for some cash and some more rigs. Then build a water launch pad.

Now take the plasma tanks that are left (Note: if you only escaped with the hover freighter and the rig, take the hover freighter and be VERY careful) and hover across the river just above where the west bridge used to be (I think there is a rock in the water). Go up that little ramp and across the main land heading left and slightly up (avoid the two Freedom Guard laser turrets).

You sould go through some trees and find the ocean. (You're Island is in another island). Now go north to the top left corner of the map, then hug the top edge and go east until you reach the top right corner of the map. There is a little patch of land there and it has a fresh water spring. (save the game, if you haven't) Select your hover freighter and set up a patrol path between the water launch pad and the fresh water spring... monitor it for one cycle, then go get a sandwich.

There should be little resistance along the small portion of land that you have to cross to the left of your island. (Don't atract attention with military aid to you freighter) It should survive long enough to turn 1000 credits into 16,000 credits.

(Once the enemy finally destroys your freighter, do this:) Build a new HQ, Assembly Plant, Training Facility, and upgrade to build another Hover Freighter. Send it on it's merry way, just like the first. In fact, make five hover freighters and get them all going. The cash is rolling in, now rebuild a small army, then large army, and go get em.

(Note: There is a small island to the southeast, if you can get enough Tachion Tanks built to take it over and destroy its two bridges, it has a water supply on it.)

Credits: Nivram, T.L.Sowers

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