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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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5. Kendrick Water Assault

Step by Step Walk Through

Start off by making two training facilities, one on each side of your base. Once done, keep on making bions, because they are very effective against any Skirmish or Spider Bike attacks early on. Build a few tanks if you want, but save your money early on until you get a water launch pad going. It is also handy to get a repair station up and running early in the mission too.

There is a water spring on the east of the map. The computer attacks the least from this side, so get your water launch pad built there as soon as you have amassed enough units to secure that area.

Now you should concentrate on building some Plasma tanks (forget Tachions early on) to strenghten your defense and to prepare yourself in making your next Launch pad. Build it to the west this time, and once that is done, secure that area as well.

Build a second repair station if you want, so that you could have one in both sides of your base and place the damage tolerance setting in your tanks to 'low'.

Credits should be coming in at a steady pace now. Prepare your next army and build a third water launch pad, north of your base. Do the exact same thing as with the first two, and concentrate in securing this area, as the computer likes attacking this area the most.

The hardest part of the mission is getting those launch pads going, so if you succeed in building them, the rest of the mission should be easy. Build a second assembly plant, and start building those Tachions. With a large army of Tachion tanks and Bions, thrasing the enemy base should be easy. Just make sure that the Water Extraction Compound doesn't get destroyed though, and you can prevent that from happening by destroying the computer's assembly plant as soon as possible.

Credits: Nivram

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