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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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5. Kendrick Water Assault
Freedom Guard

Step by Step Walk Through


This one is easy if you take to heart the ideal of a delaying action. Don't try to stand up to the Tachion Tanks for eternity just knock off the first few with the units given and you'll speed out of there as you didn't waste money on Expensive units. That said, this is how I _should have_ completed the mission:

First off, sell the western Water Launch Pad as it is too far from the springs, as well as the Phasing Facility or even the Assembily plant and HQ, as you won't be needing these :-). The important thing is to get 3 Constuction Rigs from the buildings you sold in order to build Water Launchpads right next to the three springs in the north (the north east spring is covered by the base starting Water Launchpad initially). next step is to divert the two freighters collecting taelon as well as the 2 from the Water Launchpads and send them over to the spring in the North east corner to get the water rolling right away.

As the Buildings are being torn down and freighters enroute, grab all of the infantry/bikes hanging all about and head them up to the spring north of center map. If you want, have the guys hanging around in the south eastern corner stay a bit and take out the freighter that visits the spring they are guarding (make sure tho that they don't go chasing after the thing!),it takes two passes to kill it so I don't know if its really worthwhile... plus it might trigger an attack eariler - I didn't attack the thing so dunno...

Roger that, you should soon have the first of the Construction Rigs from the buildings you sold and enough credits to build a new Water Launchpad near the spring where you sent your troops (funny how that works)and then the other Construction Rig to the spring thats just south west of your base. The third and final Water Launchpad should be right next to the NE spring that currently is being visited by the 4 initial freighters. You could skip the third Water Launchpad and just keep the 4 trucks rolling, don't know if its worth the 2500 credits to speed the process and free the freighters so that each Water Launchpad has two trucks servicing it, you decide what works best for you. After the 3 Water Launchpads are paid for and are building order up 10 Mercs first and 7 raiders after and have them exit to the center spring. By this time, Imps should start to roll onto the scene so split your Infantry/bikes into two even groups (raiders, bikes and mercs need to be present in each group), and send one half to the western spring. these guys will take out a lot of imps before biting the bullet so you can pretty much ignore them. As for the second group, Group them under a formation and be ready to switch back and forth from the center to the NE springs to deal hot death to any foolish Tachion Tanks (it still amazes me how these riff raff FGers can take out a monster tank like the Tachion) Don't worry too much about leaving a spring exposed too long waiting for your bargin basement task force to arrive, the Water Launchpads and freighters can take _masssive_ damage and still keep ticking plus you only need to do this juggling act until the mercs and raiders show up in numbers to defend the center spring.

If you built a third Water Launchpad near the NE spring, send the excess freighters one each to the remaining springs you are defending so as to maximize your cash flow (leaving one extra truck to play with as you see fit - remember they take unbelievable amounts of damage so be creative:-). If any imps should get through to your main base, they normally play with the turrets guarding the entrances so you need not worry overly. Well thats it! Sit back and watch the fun, so long as you are collecting water, from at least two springs you are there - if one of your Water Launchpad gets overrun sell the bad boy and have the imps chase the trucks (what fun). In my game the western WLP had all it defenders killed off (wasn't watching so I'm not sure how much was thrown in their direction for them to buckle) so I sold the thing grabbed the cash and the game was over. The mision ended so quickly that I didn't even sell any buildings other than the turret, and 2 Water Launchpads that I sold initially to get the 3 Construction Rigs (Hey, I didn't do it right when I played the mission myself ok? :-).


Couldn't believe it, won this easily! Realized I couldn't fight them in the trenches so sent ALL troops into the hills and towards the enemy base. Someone said they had a couple of Spider Bikes sitting on a ledge occupying the attention of a huge number of tanks and won mainly because of that. Well I hardly saw any tanks, except when the Imps found a way to shoot one of my guys. Maybe they were milling around near my guys on the edge, but I never saw them. Not sure how the AI works this one; maybe the cameras tell it that there are troops in the hills and so the AI keeps sends plains-restricted tanks to get 'em.

I soon had all 4 four water trucks work the well on the top right. I sold the Phase building, Assembly Plant, Training Facility early. I sent their Rigs into the far right corner as a backup measure in case I needed to build a WaterLPad if all the buildings got wiped out. I kept shuffling troops around in the hills near edges, just to let the AI know I was still there. Important point though: set them to low independence and low pursuit - I lost a few troops because of their bloody-mindedness. Sold up some turrets and sent a couple of rigs down into enemy territory (hill top route) as extra diversion!

A tank showed up eventually, shot at the turret in front of my HQ. I put the spanner on the turret, my first outlay, and sold my HQ and one of my power supplies! The money was racking up. Then a Shredder turned up at my water supply and another tank at the turret - now the only turret left! Figured I didn't have much time. I needed 7 more water deliveries before I was finished! I sold my last power supply, a water shipment launched, and I was short by less than a 1000 credits! I sold the last thing I owned - my Water Launch Pad - and mission complete. It seems the Imps AI can be easily distracted. I guess this mission must be about using the terrain to your advantage - I just wish I could have seen what I did.

To DWA - It would be good to confirm that simply your presence behind enemy (camera-surveilanced) lines would keep the AI distracted. A real player would crush you in this scenario - real fast.

Example #3

The first thing is to have a plan. Your units start spread across the map, near every single water hold there is. It seems rather tempting to try to defend all of those, but it's also impossible. There is no way you can win with all your units spread out so much. However, since the object of the mission is to build up a lot of cash,k you don't want to just be using one or two water springs. I find that three is the best way to go. There is one to the far right, another a bit southwest of that one, and a third that is far west and the southernmost of them all. Although the tird may seem to stick out a bit, it isn't really that far from an existing Water Launchpad and it is an easily defensible position. Besides, the computer will attack the one in the center most. So those are the three water springs you want.

OK, now you have a plan. Now how does one implement it, you ask. The very first thing you want to do is withdraw your units to your base so they're not so spread out. Also, as you do this you should have them scout around a bit so you get a feel for the terrain. There are two exceptions: 2 groups each consisting of a spider bike and 2 raiders are near the enemy's base. The computer will send a water transport to the location of each of these groups. You won't have enough firepower with those few units to destroy the freighters as they fill themselves up the first time, but don't pursue them into the enemy's base. Doing so will get your units killed. Just destroy the freighters as they come back for a second load, then withdraw as plasma tanks will follow. You should place most of your units near the center water spring, as it is the one most commonly attacked and is midway between the other two which makes it easier to send units off to other springs in times of need. Also, there is a group of raiders and mercenaries around another spring just to the south of the center spring you are using. Have them phase and then periodically unphase just for a second. The computer will often group their units in that area before they attack, and this tactic not only gives you useful intelligence as your units will be able to squeeze off a shot before they phase again and can inflict light casualties against the computer's units.

From this point on I'll be more general. (I kind of have to be). Some people have said that laser turrets are useless. Well they are when alone, so don't use them alone. Laser turrets take a beating before being destoryed, and they can be repaired while under attack as well. Use this to your advantage. Build at least one laser turret by each spring, but you probably won't need any more than that. The computer opponent will attack the laser turret at first and then you can have your tanks come in and destroy the enemy while they're busy shooting at the turret. Another extremely effective tactic is to place some mercenaries in front of the turret and phase them. (Make sure their independence is on LOW, trust me). The computer's tanks will come up to the turret and begin shotting at it. That's when you unphase your mercenaries behind them and blow them to bits. Tank Hunter tanks are also extremely effective. They are not a good choice for offensive operations because of their specialized nature, but when being defensive you can pick your fights. If the computer attacks with infantry (which it doesn't do a lot of in this mission), then don't send in your tank hunters. If it attacks with tanks though, then send in the tank hunters and it won't stand a chance. Intelligence is also important, so build a lot of scouts and spread them across the map by the computer's favorite attack routes so you have warning in advance.

Example #4

First Move all units to by the water hole to the right to draw the Imps away.

Next sale your laser turrets, and take teh construction rigs to the first of the two water hole on the south west side of your base. build a water launchpad in the canyon. And build a HQ Up on the Canyon. Bring all your guys over and put them on the canyon ridge. by you launchpad. Next sell of a few of your main base buildings and grab the construction rigs. Next build a power plant. and then you will need to put about 6 turrets in the canyon opening leading to where your water pad is. After you get those built sit back. Because between the 6 turrets, and your group of guys on the canyon wall. The Enemy tank force will be blown away easily. And soon they will just stop sending tanks. And then all you have to do is watch the credits grow to 30,000. Mission Successfull.

Credits: Peter Kelly, Liquidated, UnHoly Ram, Upsilon

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