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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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4. Teron Occupation

Step by Step Walk Through

You start in the NW corner. The first water spring is South of you so that should be your first move, head for the water spring. Then, clear as many spots as you can by blasting some civilian buildings out of the way. Get an Assembly Plant up as soon as you can and scout the map with a few scout tanks. Try and get two Assembly Plants if possible. After you have a Headquarters up and an Assembly Plant, send about four Construction Rigs and an escort east, there is another water spring. Set up a Water Launchpad there and some defenses. Now you should have a steady flow of money. Another good idea is to build a bunch of shredders and set them to Guard because the Freedom Guard sends alot of infantry. Next build an assault force and find the training facility the Freedom Guard has south of your first water spring and get rid of it! I think there is another one, but not sure (if so blow it away too). Finally build a large enough force to take out the bridge to the east of the water spring and then the one to the south. The faster you take out the bridges the better.

Credits: Chronomancer

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