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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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3. Prison Break
Freedom Guard

Step by Step Walk Through

Example #1

1) To win use the hints/tips given on this site.

2) Make sure that the turrets and skirmish tanks are always there. Then building extra tanks and raiders, (mercenaries are waste of money I think).

3) Have at least a hundred units of the combined tanks and raiders then send them manually into the enemy, destroy the plasma turrents at the top of the base.

4) Rush in and then select "search & destroy", Look out for Jab Radec in the prisons, sent him back to base during the frenzy.

5) After the crowd has clear at the enemies base, send 5 medics with Radec to the back of the enemies base which is all the way down of the map (middle, south)

6) Using radec's ultra cool gun, trying not to get hit at all, kill all units near first, then kill the turrets at the 'gate' of the base's bottom, slowly clear into the base, sure win tactic!

That's the only way i know of, coz swarming the enemy seems useless.

Example #2

At the start, move north and dispatch the Scout runner. Further north, kill some infantry and enter the fenced area to liberate some Mercs and Medics. Again, go north and destroy all enemies. Enter fenced area to get tanks and mechanics. Now go east and do the same to enemies there. Note taelon at the south of this area (easily missed out) and water and northeast. Liberate the rigs and frieghter. Build a HQ, power generator. and Water Launchpad. Make sure you spread out your base, especially production facilities. Build more construction rigs and build all prodution facilities away from the front. Build ALOT of turrets to the south and a little at the east and west. Now you can concentrate on production. You should have two power generators. Make sure you have alot of money and repair your turrets constantly. There is a secret passageway among the cliffs near the taelon. Guard it. Infantry love to use it. Create an assortment of spider bikes, skirmish tanks and mercs. Maybe about 7 of each is enough since your goal is to harass the base. Wait for an attack on your base... wait till its over and use your units, along with the ones you had liberated and go south. You will encounter a strike force on your way down. Destroy it. Continue. When you reach the base, do not bother with the walls and continue along it until you reach the turrets. Destroy those and units with it. If you still have some troops left, go east, outside the base and you will encopunter a Water Launchpad. Attack it. Continue creating the assortment and keep on harrasing the base till all production facilities, units and turrets are destroyed. Note that there are two assembly plants and training facilities. Also, I found that Jed Radec is pretty good when it comes to attacking buildings. He can destroy a building faster then two skirmish tanks. Around the base are various units. They are to be killed as well. Once all enemy objects are gone, you win. Have patience. Ii took a long time to finish this mission.

Credits: Gabriel, PcX

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