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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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1. Raid on Alcine
Freedom Guard

Step by Step Walk Through

Since this is your first mission, I will give you a safe approach that also will familiarize you with a few of the "features" of Dark Reign.


As soon as the game starts I recommend setting the game speed to slow ... maybe only 1/4 maximum or less. To do this click on MENU at the top right of your screen ... then find the game speed bar (it has a running man at its left side). Click on the bar so the bar shrinks and is only about 1/4 of the maximum length.


First you will need 5 Construction Rigs (only 5, no more ... one goal is to save up 8,000 credits so don't waste your money). Bring up the BUILD panel (click on the BUILD button at the top of the interface panel on the right side of the screen). Click on the first icon (Construction Rig) in the list FIVE TIMES. It will immediately start making ONE of them ... and queue up 4 more (you should see the number 4 in the corner of the icon box).

Your first Construction Rig should have been created by now. DEFENSE! The first thing to build is a Laser Turret just above your Power Generator on the road that comes into your base from the north.

Your second Construction Rig should build an Assembly Plant just above your Water Launchpad, but to the left of the road (don't build over the road or you block the fast path your Freighters need). Your third Construction Rig should build a Training Facility directly above your Assembly Plant.

Your fourth Construction Rig should build a Laser Turret next to your Water Spring on its right (protect your Freighters). Your last Construction Rig builds a Laser Turret to the right of your Headquarters (HQ) blocking the path into your base.

Now that you are making the needed buildings, you should double the speed that Water is being hauled (after all, you must build up 8,000 extra credits to win the mission). Select the Freighter that is hauling Taelon to the Power Generator (it is a waste ... you have enough power already, no need to mine Taelon in this mission). With the Freighter selected, put your cursor over your Water Spring ... you should see a swirling blue arrow going in a circle (meaning round trip order at the Water Spring). Click on the Water Spring and the Freighter will automatically load up water and take it to your Water Launchpad (you do not have to tell it to go to the pad). SPECIAL NOTE: make sure the Freighter makes at least two trips with Taelon before changing over to hauling water. If you waited until your 5 Construction Rigs were created and have been given their building orders, this will not be a problem ... it will have made at least two trips in that period of time.

OK, you now will be hauling water twice as fast (two Freighters rather than just one) and it didn't cost you a penny more.

Your 3 Laser Turrets will provide your base with all the protection you are likely to need in this first mission. Do NOT build more than three or you will need more power than the Power Generator has available!

Credits should be rolling in now with two Freighters hauling water.

Once your Training Center is built, click on the RAIDER icon 5 times (it will start making one immediately and queue up 4 more ... you will see the number 4 in the corner of the Raider box).

Once your Assembly Plant is built, click on the SPIDER BIKE icon 5 times (it will start making one immediately and queue up 4 more ... you will see the number 4 in the corner of the BIKE box).

While your buildings are creating your attack force, change their EXIT points. The EXIT point is where a unit will move to as soon as it has been built. If you do not set this, the unit just sits next to the building. Since we will be moving to the north for our attack, it would be nice if all the units moved into position automatically for us. So, set the EXIT point for both Assembly Plant and Training Center to be just below your Laser Turret at the north of your base. To set the EXIT point, first click once on the building, then hit the HOME key on your keyboard, then click on the spot on the map that you want the units to immediately move to after they are created.

Don't move your attack force outside of your base until you have all 5 of both Spider Bikes and Raiders. While you are waiting you will likely be attacked from the north (your Laser Turret will take out the enemy there) as well as from the side near your Water Spring. Your Laser Turret by the Water Spring may fire at the enemy units, but it is possible that the attacking infantry may be hiding behind trees so that the Turret does not see them. In that case grab whatever units you have already created and attack the enemy units by your Water Spring (don't go out past there though). You also might be attacked at the bottom near your Headquarters, but the Laser Turret will likely hold the enemy off there as well (if not, send down your troops).

Remember ... you need to save up credits to accumlate 8,000 extra credits, so don't make too many units! Once you have built 5 Spider Bikes and 5 Raiders that is enough for your attack force. You may wish to start building 2 more of each while you are gone on your attacking spree if you want to feel safe. Just click twice on the Bike icon in the BUILD menu and twice on the Raider icon in that same BUILD menu. Then go attack!

Grab your 10 units and head up the road north out of your base. A short ways up there will be a bridge. Have your units cross the bridge going to the east. Gang up and destroy any enemy units you encounter on this route. Just after the bridge is an enemy Camera Tower. Destroy it. Then head east down the road. About halfway across the map you will hit a fenced in area. There should be 3 or 4 enemy infantry inside the area. Destroy them one at a time. Don't bother shooting at the camera tower or the Water Launchpad or even the enemy Freighters. You only have to destroy the infantry and scout vehicles!

Once you have destroyed all the enemy infantry inside the fenced area, send all your units back west to the crossroad just after the bridge you crossed. Once they are all there, select the all, then click on ORDERS (or type "O" on your keyboard. Then click on SEARCH & DESTROY. The units will now run all over the map looking for the enemy "stragglers" who are hiding in the forrest. As they find an enemy unit, they will attack it until it is destroyed.

While you have been having fun shooting the enemy, your credits should have been building up and should be over 8,000 by now (or soon!). Once your attacking units have hunted out the enemy and destroyed them, the mission will end successfully! Piece of cake!

Credits: CaptComal

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