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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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12. Death Blow
Freedom Guard

Step by Step Walk Through

This is a super tricky scenario, harder than mission 13. Staying alive is a major problem.

First stage -- survive, defend

This is the hardest part, and of course is ongoing. Build alot of infantry because you will need units quick. Put up two or three platforms around the spring on the north side of your base. Build tons of infantry and skirmish tanks. Build a camera tower or a laser turret out further north, and make some effort to defend it. The further out north and east a structure is on the main road, the more likely it will take the rift. So build something cheap, keep it up, and keep an eye on it. Just under the rocks surrounding the second northern spring is a good location, if you have it far enough east. After it's rifted repeat. Flak jacks get killed quickly so use air defense sites, three or four in your base will work fine. Keep just a few martyrs around in case your defenses are overrun. You will eventually also want a repair station, a second assembly plant, and maybe a field hospital. Make sure to keep about 4-5 construction rigs around to rebuild; you will need to often, especially after rifts. Remember that without 2-3 platforms around the northern spring that you are dead.

To stay alive you need to get some artillery going. Make about 10-20 of them and keep them on the north west corner of your base, away from the action. Make them attack ground in choke points, but watch your infantry if you do this.

Second stage -- more water

There is a second spring surrounded by rocks just north of you. Build an attack force of infantry, skirmish tanks ( keep it cheap! ) and sky bikes, and move in. If you build one platform, a local assembly plant, and keep sky bikes and outriders around, you should be able to keep this spring operational. At this stage make about 5-8 hover freighters and keep them handy because the enemy will rush in and stop at nothing to kill your water freighters. If you are caught with your pants down take a freighter from your power plant and put it on water.

Third stage -- strategic assaults

Strategic assault #1: The rift

Your first mission will be to eliminate the rift being used against you. The rift is on the white team which has only two things: a rift generator and a power plant. It is the power plant that you want to waste, then the rifts will stop, since the rift is a pretty hefty piece of equipment and is better protected. Build about 20-30 outriders. Move along the southern edge of the scenario, between the enemy bions and air defense site, moving east. Ignore them as you pass. If you move between them you will be perfectly positioned to pull this off. You'll come upon a small enemy outpost that has the rift in it. Move to the north east part of this base, just north of the white power plant where no air defense sites can hit you. Don't waste ammo on anything else, not there or on the way. Nuke the power plant. If you lose all of your outriders it's still worth it.

Strategic assault #2: The SCARABs

There are two sites from which SCARABs will harass you. The first is with the group of bions you passed while assaulting the rift. Move in, kill the SCARABs, then run. The other is in the north west corner of the scenario. Take these out and your infantry will last longer. I recommend outriders and sky bikes as the most efficient method. Don't bother attacking the bions though.

Strategic assault #3: Imperium water

There is a vulnerable enemy spring in the central north edge of the map, past a mountain range and sitting on an island. Phase run in some tanks and bring in outriders to attack the enemy freighter. He will not rebuild one, so hit the freighter and ignore the rest. Enemy attacks will be somewhat less frequent now.

Fourth stage -- earthquakes

Now you have the upper hand. Don't waste money on assaulting enemy structures, he is very good at maintenance in this scenario and you will waste too much of your resources. He is also a crafty counter-attacker, so save your conventional forces for defense where you have the advantage. Build 10 shockwaves. Move them (all at once, if you're daring!) Around your northern most spring and hug the northern rock face as you move east toward the enemy. Accompany with sky bikes to take out the occasional cyclone harrassment and to provide good LOS. Rip the enemy base to shreds.

Fifth stage -- clean up

Make a group of about 20-30 units consisting of skirmish tanks and spider bikes. Accompany with sky bikes and one or two shockwaves. Make sure to wreck the re-arming station and lauch pad in the far eastern corner of the base you just wrecked. Just south of that there is an outpost with a lauchpad that one shockwave will clean up nicely. Don't forget that there is an enemy outpost in the far northwest.

Credits: Ender

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