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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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11. Last Stand

Step by Step Walk Through

You need artillery quickly. Build HQ, Power, Water, Assembly Plant, Training Facility. Upgrade quickly so you get artillery. Meanwhile build more power, put 2 neutron accelerators by NW entrance, 2 near SE entrance. Use Bions to keep out stuff from north middle. You need 10 artillery pieces ASAP. Target the artillery in the middle of the NW road as far as your neuron accelerators can see. Build a few more artillery, then split all artillery into 2 groups. Target each group on the NW road, spread out slightly. This will keep ALL units, including the shock tanks, out of your base. Now build 2 more neutron accelerators near the North Middle entrance. This will keep everything out. Build another Assembly Plant, rift, rearm pad, etc.. Now you can build up and go on the assault. Use outriders in big groups to go north and get the RED team. Get the NW corner first and get hospital and water, then go SE to get hospital and water. Scout for more Hospitals and kill them. Don't kill BLUE buildings unless you have to, when ALL hospitals are gone, the BLUE team will change sides and help you!

Credits: Aeronut

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