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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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11. Last Stand
Freedom Guard

Step by Step Walk Through


Step 1: Pause the game right where you're loading the level

Step 2: Unpack you HD, Training facility, and Medic building

Step 3: Re-establish base at the top middle, but don't put the HD too close to the water. Put it a bit away from all the other buildings.

Step 4: Quickly build Water launch pad, another Training facility and scouts!!!!!!

Step 5: Continue to build scouts and morph them to become trees. And start to line them up as so to block any imperium armies coming through. Start lining them up from the center, then line to the left.

Step 6:When the line from the center to the left is complete, line the rest to the right!!! And do it quick!!

Step 7: Build assembly plant and build artillery. 2 assembly plant would be good.

Step 8: Use artillery to destroy any shredders you find. There is only one shredder that I've found. It is near the water hole of the imperium, surrounded by trees.

Step 9: The water hole on the middle right of the map would be a little harder to mine.

Step 10: Build units that shot air and line them up behind your line of morphed scouts. This should protect you from incoming Sky fortresses and Rift Creators!! When the sky fortress see any buildings of yours, a rift creator will appear at that building of yours the computer sees first!!

Step 11: Build phase facility and infiltrator!!!


If you want 11th level to be a challenge don't read this!!!!

Here is what I did ... it works every time....

Here is what you do: First pack up your base and move to the top right ....NOT top center.... Then build water launch pad .. then build assembly plant then power plant ... then upgrade HQ, then upgrade training center ... build three infiltrators send them to the bottom left base, (make sure you morph them into an enemy soldier first), place one between his HQ's and training center .. Then unmorph him ... YES unmorph him ... the computer will start a rift right there and it will take his HQ and training facility out. He will not be able to build anymore units. Put thesecond infiltrator in the middle between-- the assembly plant and the far right rift maker and water launch pad. Then unmorph him again. This will cause a second rift to take place ... If you did this right so far, he will have no HQ, no training facility, and no Assemply plant. That means whatever troops he has, thats all he gets! With the third infiltrator, place him at the base of the last rift maker this will take care of any more rifts .... don't unmorph this guy .... when the computer is able to make another rift it will do so right where your guy is standing. (make sure he is next to the base of the rift maker. After this you might have a little skirmish, but nothing you won't be able to handle.

Credits: Stimpy, The Ultimate One

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