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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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10. Siege of Indra

Step by Step Walk Through

Example #1

First of all, gather all your units, exclude the two transports and create a single tactical group (say 1). You'll need them to hold of any attacks while you're building the foundations of your base. Produce 3 ConKits, first for a Power Generator right beside the taelon mine, second fer a Training Facility (i placed mine directly below the HQ), third for the Assembly plant (mine's left of the Training Fac) and lastly you can build more for the Power Generators (i had 4 in total).

After your training fac and assembly plant are up, upgrade your HQ, don't do any scouting first, we don't want a horde of hellstorms and triple rails chargin at ya base. Build Neutron Accelerators round the perimeter of your base (i had 7 of them) and if you like, Air Defense as well (never got to use this building). After which set up your temporal gate, a rearming deck and a repair center.

The strategy and offense starts here, the hellstorms hitting your base comes from 3 directions, west of your base, south and south west. The west and south forces assemble on plateaus, i used 4 sky fortresses for each sides' offense. Therefore you clear out the plateaus using a squadron of sky fortresses (remember to fry one air defense at a time and send the critical ones to repair) which usually takes 3 of these behemoths, the fourth one is used to eliminate either Skirmish tanks or the Hellstorms. After you cleared these two sides, build another squadron of Sky Forts and three mobile air defense, it's for the south-west, clear the land using the Sky Forts first, then sweep the two outriders with ya air defense (or cyclones if you prefer).

You've cleared those pest stationed all over, now apply the same "slow advancing flanks" on their base.


This scenario is a blast as the IMPs because you get to build a huge assault force then crush the FG.

You start out with all of the water credits you'll get, so don't bother trying to find a water hole. Build no more than one or two turrets to the west and to the south as you'll need all of the offence capability that you can muster.

Build re-arming decks early as you will need air defense to keep off harassing artillery that will come from the south. Enemy infantry will swarm in from the west. With just a few cyclones and sky fortresses you should do fine.

Build a bunch of bions, both kinds of tanks, (but mostly tachion) and most importantly, about 12-22 artillery. The artillery are your key to winning the game.

Once you spend all of your money, it is time to move out. Make a group of plasma tanks for quick recon. Make a two other groups of tanks, one of all tachions and one mixed. Make one of all sky fortresses. Set the cyclone's independence to high and then group them with the artillery, which will help defend. Always be ready to fold up your SCARABs if the enemy gets too close.

The enemy is in three main stations around you. To the south east, to the west, and the main base in the south west. Move a little west with your sky fortresses to clean up any incoming enemy squads. Not so far that the air defense site hits you. Move in the plasma tanks first to harrass, then hit hard with the other tanks. The artillery aren't necessary at this point. Once you clean up there, move south west to the ridge overlooking the plains. Move your infantry on top of the ridge, the artillery behind them, and the tanks flanking to the west. The enemy will swarm you but from this position you should take minimal casualties. Don't be too alarmed if they pick off all of your bions.

Now move further south into the plains toward the road into the enemy base. Keep your tanks on the front and side of your artillery. Now take out those turrets and air defense sites one by one with the artillery. In most cases it is possible to bring your sky fortress just close enough to see a target and not get reamed by anti-aircraft fire. Don't waste anything killing the air defense sites. They are the main impediment to your getting LOS for the artillery. If you have to assault one, make sure you destroy it or you have lost all of those precious units for nothing. The site will be repaired and you're back to square one less some units. Sometimes a tank can get LOS on some of the defense buildings.

When you have cleared the ridges over the road, move down your tachion tanks to where the road opens into the enemy base. Just far enough to get LOS then start blasting with the artillery again. Take out power first, and destroying remaining turrets will be easier. From this point on it's just a straightforward assault and clean up. Happy hunting.

Credits: ender, Maverick

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